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Mala Fatra Ridge and Velky Krivan

Fabulous Lesser Fatra Ridge Hiking Including its Highest Peak of Velky Krivan
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 11.806 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  Hike through Lesser Fatra Ridge through Velky Krivan, Maly Krivan and Suchy peak and enjoy fantastic views on the surrounding mountain... more »

Tips:  Options:
1.Shorten the trip significantly (to 2.6 km) and make it easy by dropping POI 4 to POI 7. Once you reach Velky Krivan (POI 3)... more »

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Points of Interest

1. 1 Cableway Chleb Upper Station (1477 m)

Get by bus to Chata Vratna and take the cableway to get to Cableway Chleb Upper Station which will be your trailhead.

Next POI (Snilovske Sedlo) is 160 m. Head S upwards.

2. 2 Snilovske Sedlo

Snilovske Sedlo (Snilov Saddle) is an important marked crossroads. Enjoy first beautiful panoramatic views. No time to dilly-dally.

Next POI (Velky Krivan) is 1.1 km. Head SWW uphill. Ascend gently until Turnoff Velky Krivan. Then ascend steeply through rocky trail to Velky Krivan.

3. 3 Velky Krivan (1708 m)

Velky Krivan peak is the highest peak of Lesser Fatra Mountains. The peak offers spectacular panoramic views on the surrounding mountain ranges. Spend significant time here in identifying what you see.

Next POI is 3.8 km. Go back to Turnoff Velky Krivan and from there move first NWW and then SW until you arrive at Maly Krivan peak. All the way, ... More

4. 4 Maly Krivan

This is your second excellent viewpoint. Enjoy other viewing angles including the view of Velky Krivan.

Next POI (Suchy) is 3.8 km principally SW. Start W and continue experiencing a fantastic ridge hiking until you come to Suchy peak.

5. 5 Suchy

Suchy peak (Dry peak) is another splendid viewpoint. The summit area is rather small but for panoramic views perfect.

Next POI is 6.2 km principally W. From now on you will descend and slowly emerge into the forest trail. Continue hiking until you see the ruins of an old castle.

6. 6 Old Ruins

Examine the ruins and enjoy excellent views on Vah river deep down below.

The trip destination is 4.3 km. Head W, first through the forest, then on the meadows and along Vah river. Enjoy the view of Strecno castle. Cross the bridge and arrive at the parking lot in Strecno village.

7. 7 Strecno (370 m)

Strecno is the end of your trip.

8. Turnoff Velky Krivan

From this spot undertake a small return trip (all about 730 m) to the top of Velky Krivan.

9. Chata Vratna

Use a cableway transport from Chata Vratna (Vratna hut) to get comfortably to Chleb Upper Station.