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Montreal Food Tour

Montreal offers visitors a diverse feast of flavors and boasts the most chefs per capita in North America.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 6 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Offering anything from five-star restaurants to cozy eateries and Parisian-style bistros, Montreal is gaining fans worldwide as a... more »

Tips:  Because Montreal is a French-speaking city, most restaurants use French as their primary language, and not all offer English-speaking ... more »

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Points of Interest

Start your food tour at one of the best breakfast and lunch spots in Old Montreal, Olive et Gourmando serves fresh, buttery croissants and homemade granola for breakfast, and a wickedly delicious menu for lunch that consists of Panini-style sandwiches, including the Cubain made with braised pork, homemade mayo (chipotle peppers, pickles, lime and ... More

Stop here for a history lesson on Canada's maple syrup industry. The maple museum connected to this store chronicles the country's maple history and includes maple syrup products from today and yesteryear.

If you manage to work up an appetite after the history lesson, you're in luck. Canadian Maple Delights puts Canada's prized maple syrup in... More

If there is one iconic place to stop on a food tour of Montreal it is Schwartz’s. Known for its smoked meats, this classic diner, now partly owned by Celine Dion, packs a long line at lunch with regulars who stop in for a smoked pork or turkey sandwich, served with a sour pickle on the side. Don’t have time to stay and eat? No problem. Schwartz’s ... More

4. Milano Fruiterie

Operating since 1954, Milano Fruiterie is a Little Italy tasting experience known for its meats, baked goods, pastas and condiments reminiscent of the "Old Country."

Speciality products you can sample or have shipped to your home include imported balsamic vinegars—including a 20-year aged type that's over $1,000. Equally impressive is the... More

For an authentic food market experience in Montreal, visit the Jean-Talon Market on Henri-Julien Street, the largest food market in North America. And be sure to arrive hungry as nearly every stand and restaurant at the market has a tasting station.

At the market you will not only find fresh fruits and vegetables all are on grand display but... More

Many say Montreal’s bagels are better than New York City’s. That’s a big claim to make, and one that might not be so far off. The reason? Places like St-Viateur Bagel make their doughy creations with honey water giving the bagels a sweet taste, and the bagels in Montreal are smaller than the giant-sized ones in Manhattan.

These Canadian bagels... More

7. Appetite for Cookbooks

Take a break from eating and browse the hundreds of cookbooks for sale at Appetite for Cookbooks owned by Chef Jonathan Cheung. Cookbooks from most all time periods and chefs line the store's shelves, including works from Gail Simmons (judge on Bravo TV's Top Chef), Molto Batali, Jamie Oliver and Alain Ducasse. Weekly cooking classes are also... More

8. Les Touilleurs

You can also break up your eating stops by spending time shopping for cooking utensils at Les Touilleurs where cooking accessories and appliances are not only available for purchase but also beautifully displayed-just browsing the store can be fun.

The store also offers cooking workshops, and everyday has a recipe written on a large slate board ... More

If you have room for dessert after dinner at Restaurant Europea, head to Croissanterie Figaro on rue Hutchison for a chocolate mousse you won't soon forget. It's made with espresso-soaked layers and a thick helping of ganache. Like carrot cake? This restaurant's take on a carrot-inspired dessert will impress with flavors of real carrot, walnut and... More

For a special occasion, one dining experience not to pass up when in Montreal is Restaurant Europea, part of the exclusive Relais & Châteaux chain. People not only come here for the five-star food, including a maple bark stewed pan-seared foie gras caramelized on a river stone with ice wine with cloudberry canele, but also for the “experience.... More

They say there is a rivalry in Canada on which city can make the best poutine, a dish that is almost a guaranteed heart attack made with fries, cheese curds and gravy. Montreal is rather confident in its poutine abilities and one place that is a must for this dish is La Banquise in Montreal’s Plateau District.

This 24/7 joint offers not just... More