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Piso to Lichnos Beach

From Piso Krioneri Beach in Parga to Lichnos Beach
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 3.107 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  This guide will take you from Parga 5km over the mountain to Lichnos Beach. It's a beautiful trip with lots of stunning views on both ... more »

Tips:  Remember to bring water, that's the single most important thing, especially if you're taking this trip around midday. at least 1.5... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Piso Krioneri Beach

This stony beach is an almost hidden gem in Parga, be sure do take a dip before embarking on the trip, a pair of wet bathing shorts and a wet shirt will keep you nice and cool for the duration of the hike, and when you reach Lichnos Beach on the otherside, I almost guarantee you you'll be dry.

2. View over Piso Krioneri Beach

Right from the get go, when you start up that steep little goat path, you'll be rewarded with a beautiful view over Piso Krioneri Beach.

3. Stunning view and beautiful flowers

Beautiful view over the sea.

4. Small chapel

Here's a small chapel next to the road where you can sit and take a break, you might want to go a bit further though, as there's a much more impressive and beautiful little chapel a bit further up.

5. Lovely view from the Chapel

This small chapel is newly restored and is the perfect place to take a break, there are stone benches with a stunning view over Parga so have a rest and enjoy the view.

6. Take the high road

If you're walking back from Lichnos beach, take the high road to your left.

7. Dead end

It's tempting to go down this road, maybe there's a super secret beach down there otherwise only reachable by boat? Sorry nope, it's an old path to the olive trees, defunct and no longer in use, and the only thing you'll find down here are huge spiders and lot's of thorns.

8. Dead end

This is one of the first full views of Lichnos Beach you'll be treated to when hiking across this hill.

10. Path to main road

Here the path continues on to the main road to and from Lichnos Beach, but if you dare, take the road with the closed gate (the fence is downtrodden next to the gate) and enjoy the olive grove and beautiful view of Lichnos Beach. Step carefully though, at one point almost at the beach, there's a slight landslide.

11. Landslide

Be careful, the picture doesn't do this justice, but there's a very slow landslide in action around here, with some large pieces of the path in the process of breaking off the mountain. It's possible to cross them though, but take care.

Me and my lovely fiancée had lunch here and it was average tourist food, not really bad, but not fantastic either.

Parga's most beautiful beach in my opinion, and the sweeter the reward it is to thow off your backpack and your shoes and jump straight in the cooling water after a grueling hike across the mountain.

14. Shop

Somewhere here next to the camp ground, there's a small shop where you can stock up on extra water and a few other things.

15. Shop

Before your hike, be sure you have plenty of water, you'll easily drink 1.5liters per person in the heat. There's a cheap shop here where you can stock up on extra water and snacks. There's also a bakery adjecent to the shop for baked goodies.