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Matilda Bay Stroll

DPaW celebrates and supports Parks Week 2014 and encourages you to get outdoors and enjoy this beautiful reserve.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.243 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  This guide is an introduction to some of the possibilities of the Everytrail application.

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Tips:  Stroll out on the grass, on the sand, or cool your heels in the water; then make your way back along the dual-use path.

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Points of Interest

1. UWA Watersports Centre

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With the mobile app you can view guides and create trips. With the web browser version of Everytrail at www.everytrail.com you can do much more - create and edit guides, including creating guides from trips you've tracked with the mobile app.

2. Toilets

You can add amenities like toilets as minor waypoints - useful for users to know where they are, but nothing more.

You can assign one of a list of types to a waypoint and a symbol appropriate to that type will be used as a marker.

3. Sites for hire

Everytrail for pre-trip information

You can add to links to web pages in your Everytrail guide, but they can only currently
be viewed in the web browser version of Everytrail, not the mobile app. Useful for trip preparation, though. Check www.everytrail.com/matilda-bay-stroll when you get home.

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4. RAAF Roulettes

News to share? How about adding a link to your social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter?

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5. Seat

You've been on your feet for 800m - take the weight off, enjoy the view

OK, we've got lunch laid on, but here's the first of the food options for those who aren't so lucky (or didn't bring a picnic)

7. Barbecues

Worldwide reach. User review capability.

As Aussies, you'd expect this kind of facility in an urban park, and for it to be free of charge, but remember Everytrail has users all around the world who may not know that.

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8. A peaceful haven in the city

Like photos, you can add video you shoot yourself or use content uploaded to Everytrail by other users. And you can add YouTube video.

I've taken all the photos on this guide with an iPhone 3GS as I've tracked the route using the free mobile app. I could blame the limitations of the camera for not getting good footage of the Roulettes, but it... More

9. End of paved path & Shower

If you've been in the water, wash off the salty residue here.

10. Time for a tipple?

More dining options - top end this time at the Matilda Bay Restaurant and Bar.

Check their website for a list of their drinks and prices.

11. Woodland wonderland - 1

How about getting interactive?

You can't fail to have noticed the wide range of trees in the reserve. The next four photos are close-ups of tree trunks - try to guess the species with only the image of the bark before you get to the waypoint and get the full picture.

12. Woodland wonderland - 2

13. Paved path continues - guide ends

This is a dual-use path - look out for cyclists and skaters!

If you've reversed the trip and come on the paved path and can't go on the grass, check the time: you may have to turn around now to get back on time.

14. Woodland wonderland - 3

15. Woodland wonderland - 4

16. Toilets

17. Information & Interpretation panels

Update and improve easily and cheaply.

Everytrail guides will need to be maintained, updated; but the time and cost of doing that, for the author and user is much ls than for physical resources. You make the changes, the user reloads or synchronises the guide.

I'm not suggesting that there won't continue to be a need for signs, but digital... More

18. Toilets

19. Birds


You can add audio to your Everytrail guide. With a bit more time, I could have added a bird identification element to this guide, including photos and audio tracks featuring the bird's calls.

20. End. Start the trip here if you have to use a paved path.


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