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Red Cone - Radical Hill &The Swan - Alpine Adventures

This is actually 3 trails ran together for a full day of adventure.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 22.2 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Trail Ratings:
Red Cone - 5
Radical Hill - 6
Swan - 4
I would clasify as a class 5 if you plan to do Radical Hill and not take the... more »

5: Road surfaces are rutted, rocky and sandy with steps not exceeding 14". Water not exceeding 12" with some mud... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Metal Gate

If this gate is shut the trail is closed.... no exceptions and do not try to go around. This trail is open July - September.

2. Tundra Plains

Now at the altitude of 11,650 ft you will pop out of the tree line and enter a whole different type of terrain. Stick to the trail the grasses are fragile at this altitude.

3. Red Cone

This is the highest point on this trip. Yep 12,801 ft!!!!!! How sweet is that there is a steel sign at the top great photo opportunity.

4. Red Cone Descent

CAUTION!!! Very Steep and loose descent. Keep it in 4lo and take it easy.

5. Webster Pass

Elevation 12,114 feet

This gem of a pass is framed by Red Cone Peak on one side and Handcart peak on the other. From here heading north you will continue on towards radical hill.

6. Radical Hill Bypass

Radical Hill can have its challenges and it will vary year to year. If you choose not to do it (not for the new wheeler) there is a bypass. Head north at this intersection and you can follow the route to rejoin the trail at the top of Radical Hill.

7. Rocky Draw

There is a short section that seems to have some boulders that move around a bit. Some years this is a breeze others it takes some planning and spotting.

DO NOT go over the steeper trail up over the hill with out the boulders. This is an illegal route the NFS has tried to shut down many times. If you cant make it through the boulders take the ... More

8. Tricky Switchback

This is the part of the trail that gives this trip a higher rating.... some years the ruts are small but I have seen them almost 3 feet deep. Good spotting and driving skills are needed for this little surprise right before the top. This pic is just before the switchback.

9. Amazing View

There are two really nice spots to get some great pics up on this ridge. Both of them have the trail tracing the ridge and on a clear day you can see forever.

10. View

This seceond view point is every bit as amazing as the first. Be sure to at least stop at one and take it in.

11. Dredge Tailings

These piles of rock are from the old boat dredges that run up and down the base of the valley up until the mid 1940s.

12. Mountain Goats

We always seem to see some mountain goats on this trip but they always seem to be on this hillside. Look for the oddball patches of white.

13. Creek

This creek runs next to the trail for a bit if you look down you will see some small waterfalls scattered up and down the valley.

14. Montezuma

The town of Montezuma consists largely of historical buildings and houses lining unpaved streets at the end of the paved county road that ascends the Snake River/Webster Pass from Keystone near the west side of Loveland Pass.