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San Pedro Valley County Park, Pacifica

Enjoy the many trails in the unspoilt hills and valleys of this great Pacifica park.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.3 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Pacifica’s reputation for fog may be well deserved, but the little coastal town on the San Francisco peninsula still basks in the sun ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Hazelnut Trail

Certainly one of the best trails in the park, the Hazelnut Trail is named for the California Hazelnut which can be found throughout the park.

Beginning at the parking lot, we recommend either choosing the 4.6 mile Hazelnut Trail Loop beginning on Weiler Ranch Trail, or combining with the Valley View trail for a total of 5.8 miles.

On a clockwise... More

2. Plaskon Nature Trail

A short, sheltered and self-guided nature trail located behind the visitor center.

3. Brooks Creek Trail

A 2.3 mile loop trail up Brooks Creek Trail, past Brooks falls and returning along Montara Mountain Trail is a great way to experience the park.

Pick up the Brooks Creek trailhead located near the restrooms and follow it uphill through a forest of eucalyptus. At a fork in the trail, take the uphill direction and you'll soon be clear of the forest... More

4. Brooks Falls (Seasonal)

Out of season you won't even notice that its there, but in winter and spring a constant stream of water at Brooks Falls cascades 175ft down the hillside in three individual tiers.

5. Valley View Trail

Pick up the Valley View trail at the 4-way intersection with Weiler Ranch Trail and head for the Southern facing slope of the Middle Fork valley, passing through a couple of switchbacks in eucalyptus forest before breaking out onto open hillside and coastal scrub. The trail zig-zags its way 400ft back down the hill before rejoining Weiler Ranch... More

6. Montara Mountain Trail

Arguably the best trail in the park, the Montara Mountain Trail begins by the park entrance at an elevation of 200ft and leads to the 1,898ft summit of Montara Mountain's North Peak.

Passing through eucalyptus forest, the trail continues past the junction with Brooks Creek Trail and rises high into the hills revealing increasingly impressive... More

7. Weiler Ranch Trail

The Weiler Ranch Trail cuts a level route straight through the park, beginning at Oddstad Blvd at the park boundary and passing through areas of flat grassland parallel to the creek.

Use Weiler Ranch to access both Hazlenut and Valley View trails, or take advantage of a great paved running trail which features mile-markers throughout.

8. Old Trout Road

Short wide path which connects with Brooks Creek trail. This path got its name from the trout farm which used to be based in this valley, and you can still identify the outline of the now-infilled tanks to your right as you walk past.

9. Visitor Center

10. Park Entrance Station

11. Restrooms

12. Picnic Tables

13. Picnic Tables

14. Valley View Trail (End)

15. Hazlenut Trail (End)

16. Weiler Ranch Trail (End)

17. Montara Mountain Trail (End)

The Montara Mountain Trail ends at the boundary of San Pedro Valley County Park, but the road to the summit of North Peak continues for another 1.1 miles. Bear left here and head up the wide partly-paved road to the summit.

18. Brooks Creek Trail (End)

If you're taking the 2.3 mile loop trail of Brooks Creek, turn right here and return along the Montara Mountain Trail. Not before taking breather at the bench and admiring the view however.

19. Old Trout Road (End)

20. Plaskon Nature Trail (End)