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The Bigelows via the Fire Warden Trail

This is a guide for the Fire Warden Trail route up to 2 AMC 4,000 footer peaks. West (4,145') & Avery (4,088).
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 9.8 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview :  Trailhead(s) are located in Stratton Maine off the Stratton Brook Pond Road (on the right hand side off 16/27 coming from Kingfield.

... more »

Tips:  The Appalachian Mountain Club makes a nice map that covers the Rangeley/Stratton Region(includingBigelow Range), Gulf Hagas &... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Stratton Brook Crossing

Just beyond the last parking spot directly after the trail begins there is a brook crossing. It can be crossed in some seasons w/o boots removal where others may have to remove boots.

This is the only major stream crossing heading up the Fire Warden's Trail -although it does get a little wet wheelin' with minor run-offs & bog bridges etc. ... More

2. The way up AKA where the Fire Warden meets the AT

The first couple miles are a pretty easy grade amongst a mix of beautiful deciduous trees. There are a few bog bridges over mud and small run off water crossings. Careful as they are slick.

After 1.6 miles the Fire Warden Trail splits. You can continue on the Fire Warden Trail for another 3.0 miles up to the col between West Peak &... More

3. Spring Box

There is a small spring box protecting a flow of water along the trail if you keep heading towards the col.

Picture Courtesy of bikehikeskifish on http://www.viewsfromthetop.com/forums/showthread.php?t=36914

4. Avery

To the right you can head up to Avery just .4 miles away. From here are excellent views of the rest of the Bigelow Reserve, Sugarloaf, Flagstaff Lake and on a clear day even Ktaadn! There is a stone building if you keep heading east down the range just a bit.

5. Stone Fire Tower

Picture courtesy of http://www.serialhiking.com/fire-towers.html

6. Bigelow West Peak

If you hang a left and head west at the col you'll reach West Peak just .3 miles along. Again - excellent views - see if you can find the Crockers.

At this point you can retrace your steps down the Fire Warden Trail or you can continue West .8 miles to Horns Pond Trail and then down Horns Pond Trail for 2.5 miles & passed the Horns Pond... More