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Rockingham Lakes Regional Park

Limestone coast, lakes and thrombolites

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
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Overview :  Prehistoric species, rare plants, seasonal lakes, underwater snorkel adventures and land yacht sailing – there is something for... more »

Tips:  • Keep your dog on a lead, unless in a designated dog exercise area. No pets are allowed in nature reserves.
• Leave everything as you... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Cape Peron

Cape Peron has rugged limestone cliffs with sandy beaches and offshore beaches, while its northern shore is more sheltered. It is popular for sightseeing, fishing, walking, diving, swimming and picnicking.

Point Peron and Mushroom Rocks are interesting snorkelling sites in the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. The limestone has been carved into... More

2. Lake Richmond

A boardwalk at scenic Lake Richmond allows visitors to view a critically endangered thrombolite community, which extends over three hectares.

The dome-shaped thrombolites of Lake Richmond are built by microorganisms that resemble the earliest life on Earth—a factor which has helped scientists unravel the secrets of how life began on the planet. ... More

3. Port Kennedy Scientific Park

Port Kennedy Scientific Park protects wildlife associated with the Holocene dunes — reasonably young dunes of about 7,000 years that harbour wetlands of international importance and threatened ecological communities.

4. Lake Cooloongup

Lakes Cooloongup is a shallow, saline lake that was once connected to the ocean.

Cooloongup means place of children (cooloongur) in the Nyoongar dialect as the Waugal laid her eggs here after creating the lake in the Dreamtime.

The land bordering the lake is sparsely vegetated but tuart woodlands occur further from the lake’s shores.
Parking... More

5. Lake Walyungup

Lake Walyungup, a 430ha salt lake about 8.6km south-east of Rockingham, is popular with landsailors.

A shallow saline lake that was once connected to the ocean, Lake Walyungup is 3.5m at its deepest point. The name Walyungup means place where Nyoongars talk. It is visible from adjoining roads and the Perth–Mandurah Railway.

The site of a... More

6. Paganoni Swamps

Paganoni Swamps in Karnup is bounded by Paganoni Road to the north, Kwinana Freeway to the east, Southern Metro Rail to the west and the city boundaries of Rockingham and Mandurah to the south.

It is one of few intact vegetation communities in the metropolitan area with swamp and uplands, inhabited by threatened species such as chuditch and... More