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Duffy Lake & Red Butte

Hike in to Duffy one of Oregon's great swimming lakes at the base of Three Fingered Jack. Side trip to Red Butte.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 12.7 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Duffy Lake & Red Butte is about 12.7 miles long and located near Marion Forks, Oregon. The trail is great for hiking and normally ... more »

Tips:  To get here drive 76 miles east of Salem on Hwy 22 (or 6 miles north of the Santiam "Y,") the turnoff for the trailhead is... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Trailhead

2. Stream Crossing

3. Trail Junction

Turn left here to hit the best campsites. Go right here to head toward Mowich Lake and Red Butte.

4. Duffy Lake

Duffy Lake is great for swimming. The best view is from a small cove on the West side of the lake

5. Duffy Butte

You can get up here by hiking off trail. Just head up the hill from POI #4.

Views of Three Fingered Jack, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, North & Middle Sister, and Broken Top.

6. Mowich Lake

Another pretty lake and the beginning of the portion of the hike through burned forest.

7. Alice Lake

Tiny Alice lake sits at the base of Red Butte

8. Red Butte

From the top of Red Butte you get an amazing view of Three Fingered Jack and Mt Jefferson.