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Harris Ranch Trail to Drift Creek

Hike downhill through an old growth forest to a camp site and Drift Creek.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 5.8 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  This is a really nice hike through old growth trees. You start at the top and hike all downhill to an old homestead meadow, place to ... more »

Tips:  7.0 miles east of Waldport on Highway 34, turn north on Forest Road 3446 (Risley Creek Road). After 4.2 miles, fork left onto Forest ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Harris Ranch Trailhead

Parking is free in this gravel roundabout. The trailhead is near the big boulders on the right.

2. Walking Along the Old Road

First part of this trail (.8 miles) is along the old road now overgrown.

3. Entering Drift Creek Wilderness

At this point you reach the old trailhead, and no longer an overgrown road.

4. Skunk Cabbage

Western Skunk Cabbage, also called Yellow Skunk Cabbage or Swamp Lantern, is a plant found in swamps and wet woods, along streams and in other wet areas of the Pacific Northwest, where it is one of the few native species in the arum family. The plant is called Skunk Cabbage because of the distinctive "skunky" odor that it emits. This odor will... More

5. Old Growth Trees

Towering Sitka spruce and western hemlock that sometimes reach seven feet in diameter shade the Coast Range's largest rainforest stand of old growth. Soaked by as much as 120 inches of annual rainfall, moss and ferns as thick as six inches cushion the ground along numerous streams shadowed by overhanging big leaf maples. Roosevelt elk and black... More

6. Meadow & Campground

The meadow is an old homestead now being reclaimed by nature. You will find a flat area by the creek where you can set up camp.

Remember to camp at least 100 feet away from the stream. Camp stove use is recommended.

7. Drift Creek

Drift Creek is a prolific spawning ground for Chinook and Coho salmon, steelhead and cutthroat trout.