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Oregon Coast Trail - Cape Waldport to Cape Perpetua

Take the beautiful Oregon Coast Trail from Cape Perpetua first through a beautiful coastal forest then along the beach.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 15 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Start off at the Whispering Spruce Trail at the top of the head of land at Cape Perpetua State Park and follow Amanda's Trail down to ... more »

Tips:  Follow Rte. 101 south from Waldport about 13 miles until you come to Cape Perpetua. You'll want to take the first left just before... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Whispering Spruce Trailhead Cape Perpetua

Here you will park and start your descent north down Amanda's Trail toward 101 and Yachats. You will need a northwest forest parking pass which you can pick up at the interpretive center at the Cape Perpetua Headquarters. If you have time, take a stroll down the path for some spectacular views of Cape Perpetua below or check out my other guide... More

2. Amanda's Trail Junction

Head right on Amanda's Trail

3. Viewpoint

A viewpoint down some power lines towards the coast to the north.

4. Trail Junction

Here Amanda's trail will bring you by the road. It is just another entrance to the trail you can take.

5. Trail

A photo of what the trail looks through the woods here. This is the toughest part of the trail, getting to the head of North Cape Creek upward along this ridge, especially if it is muddy. We were on bikes and had to carry our bikes on our backs most of the way up the ridge, definitely not rideable.

6. North Cape Creek

You've made it to the creek crossing. You will find a lot of skunk cabbage here. From here it is downhill to the coast. Enjoy!

7. Trail Descent Photos

Trail Photos on the way down. The trail down from North Cape Creek is in far better conditions and great for mountain biking. It will make the crappy ascent to the creek worth it.

8. Bridge & Amanda's Memorial Shrine

Stop here on the bridge and look around for a 4' tall statue and sign describing who the trail was named after.

9. Bottom of Amanda's Trail

Here you've reached the bottom of Amanda's Trail but the Oregon Coast Trail continues north along the highway just a short ways down this forest road. Look for it entering the woods to the right with a sign.

10. Bench & Viewpoint

Here you will find a bench with a wonderful view to the coastline below.

11. In and out of woods

Here you will exit the woods at this property then enter the woods again on the northern side. (right side of road still).

12. On 101

Here you will exit the woods and start your ride north on 101 towards Yachats.

View of the river below from the bridge on 101. You may be able to ford the river below from the Yachats State Wayside. We checked it out as you can see from the track but decided to take the easier bridge across.

14. Ocean View Drive

Take a left here.

15. Yachats State Park

There is a great viewpoint from a deck here to check out.

16. 804 Trail & Smelt Sands State Park

Turn left here to follow this trail through a brief neighborhood then behind a resort along the beach through Smelt Sands State Park.

17. Smelt Sands State Park

Follow the path north from here along the rocky coast. This is a popular path for people in this community.

18. Onto the Beach

Here you will descend from the 804 trail to the beach and bike/hike north for a long time along the sand. The easiest biking is close to the waters edge where the sand is more firm.

19. Cove

Here is a cool cove in the rocky shore where you can eat some food out of the wind if it's blasting on the beach. Hopefully you will be walking/biking with the wind :)

20. Beach View

View along the beach. This was approaching high tide for reference.

21. Beach View 2

Try to bike along the darkest sand near the water where it is more firm.

22. Seal Views

Here you will probably see some seals. If it is low tide you will be able to ride to the Waldport Interpretive Center along the beach. As you can see from the track we tried but it was exactly high tide and we had to turn around and back track to the Governor Patterson Memorial State Recreation Site Parking area.

Exit the beach here to jump on 101 for a short distance to Waldport.

24. Maple Street

Head left onto Maple Street to get off the main highway. The south end here is where you would come off the beach if it was low tide.

25. Waldport Visitor Center and Beach Access

Here at the south end of the bridge you will find the Waldport Visitor Center and Access to the beach where you can continue on the Oregon Coast Trail but only if it is low tide.

26. Waldport Bridge

Head north over the bridge on the right side. Look for seabirds.

27. Bayside Drive

Take a left onto Bayside Drive and follow it down hill around a corner.

28. Westward Ho

Take a right on Westward Ho Drive to the Bay Shore Beach Club.

29. Bayshore Beach Club

Here is the end of the ride. If you are continuing north on the Oregon Coast Trail you will access the beach here to continue your trip northward.