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R-Scape 18 hours of Ogden

6.2 mile trail run Ogden, Utah
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 6.8 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  R-Scape 18 hours of Ogden Race Course is about 6.2 miles long and located near Ogden, Utah. The trail is great for trail running, Mt. ... more »

The best trails, combining the upper/lower Bonneville Shoreline Trail in Ogden, designed by R-Scape, 18 hrs. of Ogden Utah.

If you are looking for a trail run that is both challenging and fun this is the one.
    I have been running the upper/lower Bonneville Shoreline Trail in Ogden for over 3years. Recently a friend told me about a trail race put on by R-Scape, 18 hours of Ogden. I then checked out the race course on-line. I had run both the upper and lower trails many times and though I had run every variation imaginable. I was wrong. It took me a number of runs, referencing the website (with Google earth) and reading others runner’s blogs to get the course down. It is now one of my favorite training run in that area.
    The climb out of Mt. Ogden Park, through the trees, then onto the flat fire-road beneath the golf course is an excellent warm-up. Out the parking lot onto the road. Left thru the gait onto Strongs Canyon/maintenance road just before the Weber Maintenance building. A quick climb 1/4 way up the Strongs Canyon/maintenance road, quick left, over the bridge, and a very fast and engaging descent to Weber state.  Take a right just before the Weber State bus stop. Then comes a climb, then climb, then a climb. This is where you need to dig deep if you want to get up quick. The climb eventually levels out while you follow the ridgeline with little variation in elevation. Waterfall Canyon is the first canyon you cross. Cross the bride, out again. Notice the wooden pipes wrapped in coils, always wondered the history. You will hang a left and run until just before you get to Strongs Canyon. Turn around and backtracked to where Waterfall canyon meets the trail you were just on. Take a hard left and bomb down what I believe they call “The Bobsled” or "Luge". It is a sandy flume shaped descent that you can let loose on. You will then take a left on the trail just above the new water tower until you cross the bride at the midway point in Strongs canyon/Maintenance road. Up the new trail and loop to the right and take a left onto Strongs Canyon/maintenance road the utility road. Left on to a small trail that will then again shoot you across Strongs Canyon/maintenance road and through two iron barriers to discourage motor vehicles. Wind around staying left and you are back to the parking lot that you excited from the fire-road. Back onto the fire-road below the golf course. Back track the way you came from Mt. Ogden Park only stay to the right and follow the trail back to your starting point. Enjoy.

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Tips:  You can Trail Run, Bike, Hike, take your dog.

Summer: Stay hydrated. Have Fun.

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Points of Interest

1. Ogden Park

Start Mt. Ogden Park. Run So. on sidewalk (Taylor ave.), with road to right. Run until the sidewalk crosses the driveway to last parking lot on the south end. There you should find the trailhead which is well marked.

2. Mt. Ogden Bike Trail to 36th Street

Get on to the "Mt. Ogden Bike Trail to 36th Street trail". See Trail Head Marker.

3. Turn Right.

Stay Right. Follow trail up and around.

4. Follow trail up & around. Cross 33rd. St. go straight.

5. Cross road

Cross road (33rd). St. Go straight. Stay on trail. You will follow the trail up and around to right.

6. Onto maintenance Rd.

Stay Righ, On maintenance Rd., cross cement drainage, stay right maintenance Rd.

7. Crossing cement drainage.

8. Maintenance Rd.

Stay on maintenance Rd. until parking lot. Flat, go fast.

9. Run thru parking lot, left at 36th street.

Run thru parking lot, left at 36th street. In 100 ft will get onto Stong Canyon Maintenance Rd. Mile 1

10. Left

Left at Strongs Canyon/Mainten. Rd. Thru gate. Run up Strongs/mainten. Rd. See Sign/Trail Marker.

11. Left.

Left onto Foothill Loop/29th St. See Trailhead sign.

12. Stay Left.

Stay Left. Cross Bridge on Left. Downhill most of the way.

13. Right onto golf path.

Right on golf path, cross bridge, straight, back onto trail left of power pole. Don't go onto trail right of power pole.

14. Right.

Right after White Rock at bottom of trai.

15. At bottom of hill.

At bottom of hill, see trail marker, stay right on trail to 29th street.

16. Straight.

Head to Weber State Dorm (Red Brik, white building) at 29th steet.

17. Start the Climbs.

At Bus Stop, turn right, get onto Waterfall Canyon Trail, straight, climb. See Trail Marker.

18. Left.

Follow Trail Left.

19. Left.

Left, to Taylor Canyon South Trail. See Trailhead Post.

20. Get on trail right.

Right onto trail. To Taylor Canyon South Trail. If you start going down hill, you have missed the turn. This trail will climb for a bit.

21. Right.

Right, straight and then cross another maintenance Rd.

22. Cross Rd.

Cross maintenance Rd. follow trail straight.

23. Stay Right.

Stay Right to Taylor Canyon South. See Trail Marker.

24. Right.

Right at Trail Post, to Scenic Route. Climb, climb, climb. Enjoy the view.

25. Rock outcrop.

Rock outcrop, no trail deviations until Waterfall canyon.

26. Stay Left.

Stay Left, entering Waterfall Canyon, until bridge.

27. Waterfall Canyon.

Waterfall Canyon, cross bridge, straight, follow trail right out of canyon.

28. Turn Left.

At this intersection, turn left toward Strongs canyon. Note: You will return to this point, on trail straight ahead, after turning around before Strongs canyon

29. Strongs canyon turnaround.

Strongs canyon turnaround.Turn around and head back to bobslead.

30. Bomb it.

Left, Bobslead/Luge. Bomb it. Watch out for the one rock in the middle of the trail otherwise go.

31. Left

Left, too middle Strongs canyon bridge.

32. Right

Right, over bridge, right down Strongs Canyon/maintenance Rd.

33. Left

Left, onto short trail across from Foothill loop/29th street.

34. Straight.

Trail Straight across thru blue bars (barriers).

35. Left.

Stay left, trail will end up at parking lot 36th street.

36. Right.

At parking lot, right onto maintenance road to Mt. Ogden Park.You will return back to Mt. Ogden Park following the same road/trails you took to get to the parking lot.

37. Stay to right.

Stay to right of park to return.

38. Follow the fence line.

Follow the fence line, over cement drainage, thru hedge, back to middle of park.