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San Francisco Walking Tour: Japantown

Great finds abound in this cool Asian enclave.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 0.2 miles
Duration: Unknown

Overview :  At the heart of Japantown is the Japan Center, a blocks-long mall that features a branch of the Japan’s largest bookstore, a specialty... more »

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Points of Interest

Part of a group of Robert Redford-owned cinemas, the Kabuki location offers excellent independent and international fare. Booze is available from one of the cinema’s two bars at over 21 shows, and reserved seating saves you from having to elbow for space. It’s well worth the few extra bucks admission for the pleasure of being treated like grown... More

2. Dosa

The second location of this popular South Indian spot is great for a date night—especially when paired with a show at the Sundance Kabuki Cinema right across the street. Be sure to try one of their spice-infused cocktails with anything from their Michelin Guide-recommended menu comprised mostly of organic and sustainable ingredients.

... More

3. New People

Opened by VIZ Media founder Seiji Horibuchi in 2009, this four-story funhouse offers art, edification, and commerce for newbies and devotees of Japanese culture. The sleek building in Japantown, with a glass façade and loft-like open spaces, is a fitting showcase for its mod anime cinema, art gallery, café, retail shop, and Harajuku fashion... More

The only US outlet of a Japanese confection chain offers boxed goodies like the best selling Harajuku Mochi Chocolate (mini sweet rice cakes with a chocolate ganache-type filling and coated with coco powder) along side smiling candy-colored baubles.

1737 Post St. #345
San Francisco, CA, 94115
United States

(415) 346... More

5. Pika Pika

This wonderful collection of Japanese photo booths captures customers diving out of a washing machine, covered in confetti, or popping out of a bouquet of flowers. Before the machine spits out sticker page of the shenanigans, make sure to add after-effects like props and writing.

1581 Webster St. STE 225
San Francisco, CA,... More