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Craters of the Moon

Explore exiting ancient volcanic area - remember boots!
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 6.773 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  This guide leads you through parts of a vast lava field. You will drive - or ride your bike - the 7 mile loop drive with some stops.... more »

Tips:  Bring water from visitor center - no water around. Wear boots or solid walking shoes. Bring flashlight if you will visit a cave.

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Points of Interest

1. North Crater Flow Trail

This short paved trail leads through different kinds of lava. Signs are telling the story of the scenery and how the formations has been shaped like they are.

2. 7 mile loop drive

Remember to enjoy the views seen when you drive along the 7 mile loop drive. It's amazing to see how flowers and other plants can grow in the lavafields.

3. Inferno Cone

The hike up Inferno Cone isn't paved - you are walking in loose lava gravel! But it is worth it. Beatifull sights over lavafields to snowcovered mountains. Bend down and take a look at the lava and you can imagine how it once were soft and melted. But remember to leave it - don't bring stuff out of National Parks!

4. Caves Trail

This paved trail isn't a roundtrip, it's more like a T with one cave at the fork, two to the left and one to the right. Near the parkinglot you can get a trailguide with explanations of the making of the caves.

If you plan to go down a cave or two remember to wear boots and bring flashlight.

5. Indian Tunnel

Floating lava made this! The upper layers of lava solidified while the floating lava underneath at last emptied and left a tunnel.

500 feet of walking around and over boulders ends at a manhole exit and the way back isn't paved!