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Winter Northcape drive from Ivalo

Fly-Drive: Make a beautiful once in a lifetime mid-winter trip to the Northcape
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 317.521 miles
Duration: Multiple days

Overview :  Make a flight to Lapland, rent a car and drive to the Northcape!

This is magnificent if you like to make a once in a lifetime winter ... more »

Tips:  You may visit Northcape mid-winter as I did mid February 2012. Make a flight by Finnair to Ivalo and drive by rental car to the... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Saariselkä

Wintersport village and location offering some cheap cabins

2. Kaunispää

Wintersport center Saariskelka offers one mountain for a little Alpine skiing. As it is a little elevated it is a windy and very cold place with only one place to hide: the restaurant. The "summit" can be reached easily by car in only a five minutes drive. Beautiful place in winter with al that ice and snow sticking on everything. And a great... More

3. Inari

4. Karasjok

In Karasjok you enter Norwegian Lapland, the Finnmark region. The frozen road E 6 will easily be covered by small bunches of drifting snow near the roads shoulder. Snow plows are doing great work overhere.....

5. Lakselv

Lakselv is the first major town you enter after crossing the northern Norway from Karasjok. Going to the Northcape you will find the Porsanger Fjord right hand. The first part of the Fjord will probably be frozen as you can see on the photo's. Driving the E6 from here will be more curved and scenic the more you near Honningsvag.

6. E6-E69

Some photo's and a movie taken on E6 and E69

7. Skarvbergtunnel

It's just a tunnel.... but take care. This one is special. Take care for the probably closed door at the entrance. Big problems in paradise if you miss that one.....Stop for the red light and the door will open for you. And the same at the exit. Exiting the tunnel will give you a splendid view at the Fjord. One of the included movies, the one with... More

8. Skarsvag

9. Skarsvag Convoy to North Cape full dashcam movies

Two around 15" dash cam videos covering the complete convoy trip to (1/2) and from (2/2) Northcape.

10. Northcape

Northcape is basicly a naked cliff a few hundreds of meters above sea level with a free view to the Northpole. You can enter the actual Northcape passing the Nordkapphallen, the visitors center. It will cost you around 235 NOK. It offers a 15 minutes movie in the theatre, some viewpoints, a small shrine for the King of Thailand...., a huge... More

11. honningsvag

12. Northern Lights

For the best results you need a open view to the North. Around midnight on top of Kaunispää it is the best... but beware it will be very, very cold up there and your batteries will drop down to zero within a few minutes if you don't take care.