There are numerous internal travel options for Norwich visitors. Most travelers do opt to rent a car upon arrival in the area.  (More information about arrival in the area and car rental at the airport is available at .) Travelers will find that, generally, driving around the area is fairly easy, with standard driving rules and speed limits. Travelers can print out a map of all of the locations in Norwich for parking at .

Travelers who are not interested in renting a car during their Norwich vacation can make use of the local bus and train lines, taxi cabs and walking or bicycling to see all that they want to see during their stay.  The local bus line is frequently used for getting around Norwich itself while local trains are often used by travelers seeking to get away from Norwich for day trips in nearby locations. More information about the local bus system is available online at .  

Travelers can walk to various nearby locations and attractions and may enjoy bicycling to other more distant places. Bicycle rental is available and there are bicycle paths throughout much of Norwich. More information about these options is available at (bicycling) and (walking). You can find Norwich walking directions and maps at