St. Peter's Bay is the at head of a seven mile bay. It is close to the Dunes National Park, with has some of the most interesting scenery in PEI. There is no camping at the Dunes, but a campground is located in near the village on the trail. The bicycling is superior and you can rent a bike nearby and cycle seven miles to Morell along the trail. There are also lots of backroads to explore, most with little traffic. There are quiet beaches located at Cable Head, a few minutes drive from the bay.

There are several types of accomodation in the area, including summer cottages on the beach, typically rented by the month or week. There are some good restaurants in St. Peter's. Spend the day at the beach, golf at the Links at Crowbush, dine at nearby Inn at Bay Fortune, drive the backroads and generally soak up the island spirit and enjoy the beauty of grazing cows, green fields amd blue water. The sunsets are wonderful too!

 A community Blueberry Festival is held every year in August.

Dine on mussels and lobster cooked over a campfire while the sun goes down.

The "Bay" is one half hour from Charlottetown Airport, forty minutes from the ferry and ninety minutes from the bridge.