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  • Amazing experience
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  • the only hotel I'd stay in in Balestrand
  • Balestrand beauty
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  • Maybe the best rorbuer in Lofoten.
  • Rorbu holiday
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  • What a wonderful place
  • Gorgeous setting
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  • Delicious food and great service
  • The perfect "Base" for fantastic nature, cycling, walking, fishing, local food and nice rooms and pro staff!
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  • Excellent for taking the ferry early in the morning.
  • Top budget hotel
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  • An excellent location
  • Great Value (For Norway)
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  • Great Hotel for overnight traveler
  • Just perfect
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  • Brilliant weekend at Perminalen
  • Good quality, reasonable price
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  • Great find in the center of Oslo
  • Very clean, good location and excellent staff
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