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  • Ecological utopia. You have a majestic view of nature all around you with wonderful walking trails along with a private lake where you can boat, fish and swim.
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  • Great location, character, service with good breakfasts and lots of charm
  • Second time and hope not the last
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  • True pearl in between the pine trees
  • Used sauna and Spa facilities
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  • Great hotel for traveling alone
  • Excellent
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  • Best Holiday Inn of 8 we stayed at cross-Europe
  • Great staff, convenient location
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  • A perfect venue where my customers enjoy going
  • Wonderful hotel
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  • Wonderful hotel and great staff
  • Waow - what a hotel.
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  • Comfortable and well located
  • Best location in Kaunas
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  • Oustanding Customer Service and Accomodations
  • Detailed Review (Should be a 4 Star)
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