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  • Fabulous hotel with wonderful staff. The location is reassuringly remote and the beach stretches endlessly beside a rhythmical shore line. Heavenly.
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  • Probably the best choice in northern Zanzibar
  • A Must!
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  • Terrific beach hotel with a very warm welcome
  • Zeta Tours reviews Baraza
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  • Exotic and Natural Lodge right next to the world's most famous crater
  • I cannot fault this lodge! 10/10
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  • A Jewel in a magnificent setting
  • Superb beach, very good hotel !
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  • Great hotel, the best in the area, come to Ras Nungwi and stay away from Mchanga Beach Lodge!
  • The location is magnificent, the hotel and spa is lovely and the management and staff are extremely friendly.
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  • Relaxation pure
  • We want to go back!
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  • Beautiful Property and Accommodations
  • Amazing time at a beautiful resort!
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  • Incredibly beautiful piece of paradise
  • A week in paradise!!!
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