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  • This is a beautiful spot with modern and crisp architecture. Personnel, especially at reception, are friendly and ready to help. All rooms share an exceptional sea view.
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  • Very nice rooms, staff, great location!
  • Excellent hotel with great location i Aqaba
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  • Awesome Views and Atmosphere! Definitely Recommend!
  • Amazing - can I just stay there forever?
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  • Fantastic stay, great staff, beautiful facilities
  • Magical Venue for Royal Weddings
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  • Wonderful Hotel on Wonderful Land
  • A wonderful country!
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  • thoroughly recommend this hotel
  • Need to Stay Longer Next Time
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  • Perfect stay for us, fantastic breakfast
  • Great setting just outside Aqaba
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  • Immersion and relaxation at the Dead Sea
  • Good location, great ameneties
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  • amazing weekend for a local tourist
  • Weekend should be mentioned
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