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  • A masterpiece. Four hours of food, wine, creative food presentation, great atmosphere and a dining experience we will always remember.
Cuisines: French
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  • Upscale imaginative dining
  • Fantastic!
Cuisines: American
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  • I would not dine anywhere else again in Niagara Falls. Simply Outstanding!
  • Amazing
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  • Gourmet dining at its high
  • Stunning views
Cuisines: French, Fusion
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  • World class food and great service
  • Wonderful food, warm welcoming ambiance
Cuisines: French, Bistro
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  • Exceeded every single expectation!
  • Best restaurant in BC
Cuisines: Seafood
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  • Away from town centre - worth the journey
  • Im from NYC and the food was amazing
Cuisines: Italian
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  • Charlottetown you have a beauty
  • Exceptional
Cuisines: Contemporary
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  • Impeccable service, incredible food
  • Vancouverites and Visitors GO!!
Cuisines: Indian
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  • Michelin 2 Star Meal
  • The best of the best
Cuisines: French
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