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  • A masterpiece. Four hours of food, wine, creative food presentation, great atmosphere and a dining experience we will always remember.
Cuisines: French
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  • Outstanding Food & Great New Ambiance
  • Service at its best
Cuisines: American
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  • Absolutely amazing!
  • Worth the price !!!!
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  • Scaramouche never lets you down
  • Good view and good food; niche location
Cuisines: French, Fusion
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  • Best Coq au vin this side of the Atlantic
  • Excellent Restaurant for a special night out
Cuisines: French, Bistro
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  • Easily one of my top 5 dinning experiences
  • Yum
Cuisines: Seafood
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  • The Del Giacco"s Anniversary meal
  • Casa Mia Fantastic Time and Great Food!
Cuisines: Italian
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  • So sad you closed but our loss is Winnipeg's gain
  • Great place, but now closed!
Cuisines: Contemporary
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  • The Best Indian Food with a very intimate, vibrant atmosphere
  • Great Indian Food with a Twist
Cuisines: Indian
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  • Romantic, classic, epic.
  • beyond expectations!
Cuisines: French
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