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Fly Tiwi

1 review
Headquarters: 7 Murphy Road Darwin International Airport, Darwin, Northern Territory Australia (08) 8928 9300 Website
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  • Legroom
    Seat Comfort
  • Customer Service
    Value for Money
  • Check-in and Boarding
  • Food and Beverage
    In-flight entertainment (WiFi, TV, films)
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About Fly Tiwi
Australian carrier Fly Tiwi (FT) is based in Darwin, Northern Territories, and flies to nine destinations. These include the Tiwi, South Goulburn and Croker islands. Founded in 2008, the airline is wholly owned by Hardy Aviation group, which is Australia's largest general aviation company, and uses Hardy Aviation’s fleet of 25 aircraft. These include three Fairchild Metros, five Cessna 441 Conquests and five Cessna 404 Titans.
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