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Lockdown is Ottawa's premier live room escape experience! How it works: You and your team are locked in a mysterious room. Now you must put your deductive problem solving skills to the test and see if you can escape before time runs out (45 minutes). Does your team have what it takes? Each escape room can lock up 2 to 6 people, though we think 4 to 6 works best. Bring your family and friends and be prepared to get Locked Down! Now with two locations! Parkdale Escape Rooms: 'Area 51' and 'Toys' Ogilvie Escape Rooms: 'The Visitors' and 'Save the Rave'
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Very good

Ottawa, Canada18 contributions
Fun Escape!
Nov. 2019
I had the opportunity to be one of the first lucky ones test out the newly released Hockey Fans Unite escape room at Lockdown. The puzzles are fun yet challenging. The room itself is very visually appealing. Definitely recommended!
Written November 27, 2019
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Joe R
41 contributions
Too bad
Oct. 2019
Lockdown has expanded (a good thing) but there are some very easily fixable things that really keep them from a good recommendation. First, their older rooms need face-lifts. We did "Trudeau Towers" last night and while it's a very well crafted room, many of the puzzle pieces are in desperate need of fixing. Permanent marker is smeared and unclear on two of the clues (marbles and tape measure), one of the door panels doesn't quite open when it should (the GM had to let us know it was unlocked), and one puzzle (key maze) is broken (the back door fell off and key just fell out so no need to even do the puzzle). But the worst of all with Lockdown last night was the employees. When we arrived the person who signed us in was texting and playing on his cell phone the whole time. We were supposed to start at 9PM and a few minutes after 9 he is still playing on his cell phone. He called upstairs on our room when he heard me loudly complain to my group. When we successfully escaped, there were no employees to greet us when we came out of the room. We weren't really sure what to do, so we started just walking around the hallway calling out to any employee who could hear us. After 5 minutes someone showed up (not our GM). We said "Um... we escaped". He told us to hold on while he went to go find someone else then returned and told us what our escape time was. As we were leaving, there was a room where the employees were all just sitting around talking. One of our party had to use the washroom and when he asked was told to be quick since they were closing up for the night. NOT COOL. Think of the difference between the service you'd get at a nice sit down restaurant and the service you'd get from a teenager at a fast food restaurant; our experience last night was fast food. There are enough escape rooms venues in Ottawa that no one should have to experience that level of service
Written October 20, 2019
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Julie S
Thompson, Canada111 contributions
Jun. 2019 • Friends
His was our first escape room and it was awesome! I brought my parents who are in their 60’s and my best friend..... everyone had a great time!!! Thank you so much for this experience! We will for sure return!
Written June 14, 2019
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Ottawa, Canada76 contributions
Time Team Trilogy: Chapters 1, 2 and 3 -- Nice concept, but falls short in execution.
Dec. 2018 • Family
This was our fourth/fifth visit to Lockdown Ottawa. With the completion of the Time Team Trilogy, we have finished 7 escape rooms at Lockdown, and a total somewhere over 50-60 escape rooms in various cities. As such, we probably expect more out of an escape room, and it takes more to impress us, as we have seen some really amazing escape rooms. (See the detailed room review - without spoilers below).

Lockdown has a new lobby in the basement. It is reminiscent of the one that Jigsaw has. There are three rows of tables, with hard plastic chairs. (Though I think there is a small cushioned cluster area.) So it could accommodate four or more groups of people. The stairs really resonate when people run up and down them, and unfortunately really makes quite a headache-inducing racket in the basement waiting area. So, though they have games for you to play while you wait in the lobby, if you're prone to headaches, don't get there too early. (I much prefer their old cozy waiting area with the memory foam cushion, and blackboards.)

Time Time Trilogy just didn't meet the high standards of fun, flow and execution we've come to expect out of Lockdown Ottawa escape rooms.

Facility: Main floor entrance, one flight of stairs down to the lobby, two flights of stairs up to the escape room playing area. No elevator. Clean, spacious, grey dungeon-like underground lobby/waiting area. Friendly staff. Snacks available for a fee.

Room Size: Small-sized single room. Not claustrophobic, but definitely felt crowded even with our team of three. Especially with the linear flow of the puzzles, we felt like the team had to move around like a "beehive", which probably added to the sense of crowdedness. There were some puzzles where there was only room for one or two team members to see/work on the puzzle. The other team member had to stand aside and just wait. A team of four or more may feel overcrowded. So make sure you like being close to your team members.

Lighting level: Dim, but not dark. I found the lighting to be a bit dim for my liking. Both the dim lighting and the glare from what lighting was present made it hard to see the numbers on the combo locks. No flashlights were provided.

Decor/Theme/Atmosphere: Adequate. Good idea for the theme/story line, but could be "beefed" up to be a bit more over-the-top/fun.

Puzzle style: locks, keys, observation, logic, some hands-on puzzles, no math puzzles

Puzzle quality: Puzzles were just okay, nothing too spectacular. The puzzles could be tweaked to be less ambiguous. The tech-based puzzles did NOT work smoothly and were really quite finicky! We managed to crash the system twice, which required a reboot/restart. User interface was less than optimal... required many hands which then made it difficult to actual see the interface & required many re-entries due to its finickiness.

Difficulty level: Moderate. Suitable for families with kids/teenagers. Finished all three chapters within the time allotted.

Other: No jump scares. Nothing scary. New "tech" hint system - cool in concept, but didn't provide information that we didn't already discover and had to then use the handset to get a hint. No "cheesy" acting before entering the room... which oddly, we kind of missed :0< .. maybe that's what made these rooms less "fun" than the other ones we've done at Lockdown.
Written December 31, 2018
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Hi StLiMi, Thank you so much for your detailed review. We assure you that we read your review when you posted it and would just like you to know that we appreciate your feedback. We have taken into account all yours and other guests suggestions and comments in the early stages of the room, and have made updates to ensure a more smooth, and more importantly fun, experience for everyone. We really do hope to see you again at our location when we introduce more rooms! Regards, Lockdown Ottawa
Written April 14, 2019
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Halifax Regional Municipality, Canada1 contribution
Staff were unprofessional - very disappointing
Jul. 2018 • Couples
We visited the CarnEvil room, which in itself was very well done. Unfortunately though, we started (unknowingly) trying to unlock a piece that wasn't part of the game (and wasn't labelled as such). A staff member burst into the room and literally started screaming at us about how we were breaking a mechanism. His overreaction completely ruined the whole experience. A simple "please stop what you are doing - that is not part of the game" would have been a much better response. If you'd like to be treated respectfully, spend your money somewhere else!
Written July 31, 2018
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4 contributions
Great Challenge
Feb. 2018 • Friends
We did the Trudeau Towers escape room as a group of 5. We were able to solve it in about 30 minutes. It was a fun theme and quite challenging. Will definitely be back to try another room.
Written March 3, 2018
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Ottawa, Canada76 contributions
"CarnEvil"- Awesome and super fun!!!!
Jan. 2018 • Family
What a nice whimsical theme! The whole experience was amazing. The acting of the staff during the introduction always adds so much to the room. The room atmosphere & soundtrack really add to the feel. The puzzles are fun. We were really excited to see an element of a previous escape room that we really enjoyed show up in this room (in a slightly different form). It was quite a lot of fun! The room is not too small. The lighting level is good. (Magnifying glass with light, and flashlight are provided!) No jump scares during the escape room. A nicely put together room! (Oh yes, they have lockers for your stuff in while you play your room, and they're huge!) Also, we were pretty impressed with how flawless the room was considering it is a relatively new offering! (Escape room number 40 completed with time to spare.)
Written March 3, 2018
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Jordyn T
Gananoque, Canada47 contributions
Great time!
Feb. 2018 • Couples
We did Trudeau Towers with just 2 people (we usually go with a group) and it was so fun! We are from the Kingston area and were just in Ottawa for a mini vacation so we thought we’d check it out. The place we go in Kingston do private bookings and Lockdown does as well which was ultimately why we chose them. We had so much fun, the room was great and for just the two of us we did surprisingly well and got to the very last clue before we ran out of time. Looking forward to coming back to do the other rooms!
Written February 20, 2018
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Francine L
Ottawa, Canada572 contributions
Great fun!!
Jan. 2018 • Friends
This was my first escape room and we had a blast!! We did the Trudeau Towers and didn't quite make it out but had a blast!! The staff is very friendly and organized. Great family time!! Give it a try!!
Written January 1, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Ottawa, Canada76 contributions
"Fun Themes": The Visitors, Trudeau Towers, The Rave
Aug. 2017
Lockdown's rooms usually have a fun theme to them, the puzzles are moderately challenging but usually not frustrating. A good place to go solve some puzzles with friends, and have some fun. We played all three rooms in the summer. Since then, one of the rooms has been closed and a new one "CarnEvil" opened in October. Reviews for the rooms we've done (without spoilers) can be found below. We look forward to playing CarnEvil in the near future!

Summary of the rooms: 1. The Visitors - fun props (5 stars). 2. Trudeau Towers - very realistic, but lots of running back and forth (4.5 stars). 3. The Rave - lots of silly fun (5 stars). 4. "CarnEvil" - newly opened October 2017 - we still need to do this one!

For our summer vacation this year (July/Aug), our family of three decided on a stay-cation and did a bunch of Escape Rooms in Ottawa. We completed 15 "escapes" in 10 days, and had a blast! While discussing our vacation with family/friends, I was asked to rank the rooms in terms of which were our favourites; this is difficulty as each "room" had different elements that were cool or unique. I'll review them chronologically and try my best not to give too many details that will spoil the fun of the puzzles/room. (The overall ranking was based on the gestalt of atmosphere, puzzle quality and fun factor. The lower the number the more we liked it. eg. Rank 1 out of 15, means this was our favourite. Rank 15 of 15, means this was our least favourite.)

Lockdown Ottawa Escape Room - The Visitors (5 stars)
This was the third escape room we did on vacation. The light was slightly dim initially, but was much better as the room progressed. The room decor was very good, and added to the theme of the room nicely. There was a good combination of puzzles. I really did like the mechanical element used in this room. My only concern would be how hygienic the gas masks were. However, it was a fun room, and would be suitable for families with children. Thank you to the staff for their theatrics! Our team of three managed to complete the room with 15 minutes to spare. Rank 7 out of 15.

Lockdown Ottawa - Trudeau Towers (4.5 stars)
This was the tenth escape room we did on vacation. The "room" by nature of the setting was a bit small, but not too claustrophobic. The lighting varied: initially dark for a minute or so for setting, then brighter, then darker in a different section. (I didn't like the section that was dark/low ceilinged... bumped my head on the door frame :o9, nor the number of times the puzzles required us to go through the low passageway.) The passageway was padded. The small LED light provided was bright and if angled correctly could light the passage without needing to be constantly held. (Thank you!) The puzzles were varied, and some were very fun! (The room does not have a countdown timer; I usually prefer to have one, even if I don't look at it often.) Our team of three escaped with about 18 minutes to spare. Rank 11 out of 15.

Lockdown Ottawa - Save the Rave - (5 stars)
My husband & I did this escape room in early July while my daughter was at a escape-room birthday party elsewhere. We loved the room! It was fun & colourful. The room was a good size. The room, though a bit dim, didn't seem dark, likely because of the fun, bright colours on the wall. Flashlights were provided when needed. The puzzles were fun & intuitive. There was one which we thought was particularly hilariously fun! This room is definitely suited for families with kids, first-time escape roomers, or birthday parties. We managed to complete the room without any hints in about 20 minutes (about 25 minutes to spare). We liked this room so much that we were planning on bringing our daughter back with some of her friends. Unfortunately it is now closed & replaced with "CarnEvil".
Written November 30, 2017
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