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Out Here Travel is a road trip adventure company that will help you experience the natural wonders, national parks, cultural cities across central & eastern Canada. Our trips take you to spectacular destinations for wildlife viewing, adrenaline sports, hiking and more - treating you like an adult and spending amble time so that you can enjoy the experience. The trips are flexible, budget friendly, and most importantly, authentically Canadian.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Very good

Lydia R
1 contribution
Sep. 2019
I have been living and working in Canada on an IEC and it was the end of my work visa and I wanted to see as much of this beautiful country as I could. I considered driving there from BC but decided it was a bit far for me on my own, I thought about flying over and taking the train or hiring a car but looked at the expenses of it and it was just going to cost so much without factoring in anything to do. I had also looked at East Coast trips and couldn't find anything that was just doing Canada while giving a good opportunity to really see everything besides the major cities.
I stumbled across Out Here travel through a third party agent and had a look at the website and thought it suited me for exactly what I was after.
Small group travel
Stress free
Going to off the beaten path places of Eastern Canada
Great reviews
Unique experiences
I would absolutely recommend Out Here travel for anyone wanting to travel the East Coast of Canada as it was easy, Canada is enormous so there is always so much more driving than you think there is going to be. Because someone else is driving for you which means you can nap, catch up with emails or facebook, watch movies or listen to the music of the area as provided by Jared.

The trip that I did was The Big One and it was great to be able to see so much of Eastern Canada in one trip. My favourite place that we visited was probably Tadoussac, we had an amazing whale watching experience and trekked some sand dunes and it was just an adorable, relaxing town. The hostel we stayed in had communal dinners and some fun outdoor team building type activities so it was chilled out and relaxed. The bucket list item for me was seeing Hopewell rocks in New Brunswick with the 14m tides and loved Quebec city. Heading out in Fall (September trip) was a great time to go to avoid a lot of the crowds and to see some of the amazing fall foliage with its array of colours.

I can absolutely recommend this trip as it is easy, stress free, a good balance of time with new friends and time alone, unique experiences and accommodations (including a jail!) great value for money and quick responses (I booked 2 weeks before departing)
Written December 2, 2019
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2 contributions
Sep. 2019
I heartily recommend anyone considering the Big One tour with Out Here to anyone considering exploring Eastern Canada. It’s 26 days of amazing scenery, great activities and idyllic locations. It really is not an experience you could recreate by yourself.

The tour has something for everyone, we visited cities like Montreal, Halifax & Quebec City. But the real joy of the trip is in the great outdoors in places like Algonquin Park, Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island.

It’s really a tour for adventurous 18-39 age group and we had an excellent group of people from all over the world, led by our ever cheerful and knowledgeable tour guide Jared. We had some brilliant experiences together and made some great friendships.

There is plenty to see and do with kayaking, rafting, whale watching, outdoor climbing all on offer and must do’s. I have so many great memories from this trip and I would 100% recommend.
Written October 22, 2019
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Lil' Kiwi
7 contributions
Oct. 2019 • Solo
I took part in The Big One, a 26 day adventure going from Toronto, all the way up the coast to Cape Breton and back again.

Although this was my first "tour bus" trip as soon as it started I knew it wasn't going to be a boring touristy trip.
During the day, we'd be on the road to the next activity such as hiking, white water rafting, via feratta (climbing the side of a waterfall), sea kayaking, and we even got to give surfing a go which wasn't an original plan on the trip.

The accomodation was also real cool, from a rustic lodge for the whole group to a jail hostel in downtown Ottawa, there was a lot of variety and new experiences.

When we first got on the bus, although it was early in the morning Jared aka Jazza our driver/guide/friend was already full of energy getting us hyped up for the first stop in Algonquin Park.
As the trip went on he definitely seemed to become more our friend than our tour guide, but still kept his professionalism when it was needed.

If you're an outdoorsy person and like the idea of going with the flow I highly recommend booking a trip!
Written October 18, 2019
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7 contributions
Aug. 2019 • Solo
I DID 15 days with outheretravel and the trip was the best way to see the East Coast 🇨🇦 from whale watching (Humpbacks,finwhale,blue Whale) that were inches away from the boat to white water rafting on the Ottawa river, great company/crew to do it with, really recommend these activities with the trip. We covered an lot in the 2 weeks plus.

Our guide Janelle was awesome as Well, informative of everything we were doing that day and days afterwards in the places we were staying/visiting plus entertaining the group on the bus with movies for the longer drives and music from the region as well. Also approachable in asking questions with anything to do in the places visited.

I only did the 15 days as I was travelling the rest of the East Coast with an mate but I recommend the 26 days tour if you by yourself but 15 days was great as well.
Written October 17, 2019
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Julien Riguelle
1 contribution
Sep. 2019
I hardly recommend the Big One Trip! 26 days of :
- breathtaking landscapes,
- outdoor activities (hiking, rafting, kayaking, canoeing, stargazing, surfing in the atlantic, whale watching, ...),
- really nice accomodations (lodge in the forest, yourte on Saint-Laurent shore, well-located hostels in cities center, ...),
- flexible activities depending on the group daily mood,
- culinary experiences (Lobster, Oysters, Mossels, Poutine, Montreal Smoked Meat, etc),
- international group of people with the same interests,
- a dynamic and carefull guide,
- a comfy and pleasant tour bus.

Special mention for the great ottawa river rafting day and the incredible landscape of Cap Breton Highlands (where the mountains meet the ocean).

If you're looking for a great discovery of canadian East Coast, a perfect mix between outdoor activities and cities wandering/pubcrawling, an unforgettable group adventure, visit of unique not well known places, ... don't hesitate for one second more.. This trip is made for you!
Written October 10, 2019
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1 contribution
Sep. 2019
If you're looking to experience Canada in a rustic, cool environment, then this is the tour for you! Absolutely loved the small bus we travelled in and each hostel was a new rustic experience. Jared was super fun and would always recommend the best sites to visit and see in the local area. If your are looking to experience Eastern Canada with a small group of young, adventurous people then this is the tour for you! Although be prepared that you have days of your own, as well as group excursions. So research the places you want to go to before, would recommend the galleries in Ottawa as they where incredible, especially if you want to know about Canada's history!
Written October 6, 2019
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Jesper K.
1 contribution
Sep. 2019
I joined Out Here in Quebec City, since I had to opt for the trip called "Almost Big One" (which means I missed Ontario). It was amazing. Just before that, I'd had a pretty lonely journey by myself for 3 weeks, and when it was finally time to join the group in Quebec, I was overwhelmed with how friendly and welcoming everyone was. They had already developed inside jokes, and seemed to be getting along like friends who'd known each other for years. I quickly ended up being adopted by the group, and soon I felt like I had known them for a long time as well. The social aspect of this journey is one that fills a lot, and it was what meant the most to me out of everything on this journey. And even in spite of that, I was blown away by many of the things we saw. We got so close to whales that they could blow water on us, we stumbled upon a moose and her two calves in tow (we were less than 10 meters away because they were so close to the trail!), and we also survived Hurricane Dorian together! So many more things happened on this 21 day long journey, and they were all made so much better by the fact that I was in good company!

Speaking of good company, there is also the question of our tour guide! My group was blessed with Janelle, a wonderful person who made this trip so much better! She knew her stuff about all the things we saw, and always had a fun fact to throw out there when we passed something interesting! She even made "the lighthouse game", in which we had to call out all the lighthouses we could see from the bus, with the winner recieving a prize! And the best thing? She didn't feel like that much of a tour guide, more like another friend (who knew how to drive a bus) on this wonderful journey across Quebec and The Maritimes!

It's also both a challenging and relaxing trip. You will be challenged by some of the hikes (if you choose to go on them), but we also went to a spa one afternoon to unwind from a very long hike. But remember, every activity is optional, and you can do what you want wherever the bus takes you!

All in all I would HIGHLY recommend this trip for anyone who wants to travel, but knows that they don't want to do it alone. You will be in good company! I made so many good memories on this trip, and all I can say is thank you, Out Here and Team Beaver! You made my trip to Canada 10 times better!
Written October 2, 2019
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London, UK3 contributions
Aug. 2019
This trip was nothing short of amazing! It managed to include the must-see tourist spots as well as smaller, niche yet incredible places which I would never have gotten to see without this tour! Jared, the owner, you can see has put a lot of thought into getting the most out of 26 days because every day was filled with so many different adventures and activities. What I loved especially was how it had a ‘choose your own adventure’ kind of vibe and this is what made it the best organised tour I have been on (this was my 5th tour like this). Having that flexibility and malleability to each group makes you feel like they really do care about you getting the most out of your trip as it felt like there was a personal touch to it which bigger companies don’t give. Janelle, my tour guide, only exacerbated this feeling- for example, one day she drove me and one other girl to this spa (which was only $17!!) just because we fancied it.
If you are sitting there considering doing this tour, just book it because you won’t regret it. I had one of the best months of my life with 'out here' and I couldn’t recommend them enough to take you through East Canada! Happy Travels!
Written September 2, 2019
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3 contributions
Aug. 2019 • Solo
I had the best summer on this trip!
I recommend doing the big one tour to get the full experience! Janelle our tour guide was amazing and fed us with all the information we needed. I made friends for a lifetime and went back home with a lot of awesome memories. I wish the trip would have kept going.
The only downside was that I didn't know much about tipping and taxes in Canada so definitely inform yourself before visiting, since it can really affect your budget. Also we were eating out a lot in the beginning of the trip. It depends on the group but I would've appreciated to do more groupmeals.
My favorite part was cape breton and the hikes!
All I can say is that you will not regret doing this trip!
Thanks to Janelle and everyone who made this trip so memorable!

Go Team Terrance!!
Written August 27, 2019
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1 contribution
Aug. 2019
Travelling with Out Here was an amazing experience and I’m really glad I decided to do the Central/Maritimes 13/14 Days trip with them. Every day of the trip was filled with activities and you get a sense of Canada through experience, not just sight-seeing. White water rafting was the best – I don’t know how to swim but they were supportive enough to help me trust my life jacket and I made it to the end. Quebec City was just magical and I’d love to visit again during the Fall/Winter. Whale watching and kayaking were fun and the hikes were beautiful. All the activities are worth doing and they allow you to go at your own pace. I’m glad I did all of them! Our guide made sure we made stops to enjoy the scenery, even if we were on a tight schedule. Overall the experience was outstanding and especially for someone who is new to adventure tours, this company was a really good place to start with. Information about expenses and itinerary were provided early on and Jared was really good about responding to inquiries/concerns within a reasonable time. My guide, Janelle, was wonderful! She made sure we were informed about the places we were visiting, made sure we got there on time and was very accommodating for bathroom breaks when we were on the road. She also introduced Terrance which helped create a very unique sense of bonding. If you’re looking for an authentic Canadian experience of the Maritimes, definitely check them out!
Written August 23, 2019
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