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8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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Very good

April Fairgray
3 contributions
Absolutely Amazing
Sep. 2021 • Couples
Truly amazing!

I'm a larger woman(about 260lb) and I was able to go for the Explorer Tour! It was so amazing!

I am claustrophobic and our Guide Scott, really helped me through! I had no issues "fitting" through anything on that part, and the tour goes through the family and Explorer levels of the caves!

Scott was an amazing guide! He stuck with the group, was very knowledgeable, and super entertaining! Really a stand up guy! Loves what he does! And you can tell! :)

I went with my Wife and 2 other women, we are a handful sometimes as a group, but Scott was a truly awesome guide! Can't stress that enough! As I was terrified going in! And he help each and everyone of up through safely!

As for the road up to the caves!it's beautiful and a fun drive up! It's a forestry road. For some people who don't know what that It means NOT PAVED! beautiful drive up! I had no issues at all in my 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan up or down. So maybe, try not criticizing Cody Caves for it... As it IS. A LOGGING ROAD! call them and complain if you must hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣

I plan on cutting down on some things and going back for the Adventure tour! Would 100% go again! And if it's something you want to try, I believe this is the perfect spot! They really are truly amazing people! And Awesome Caves!

Thank you so much for being the highlight of our trip!
Written September 22, 2021
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7 contributions
Loved the tour and Scott is awesome!
Aug. 2021
Loved every second of the 6-hour adventure tour we had with Scott. He is very knowledgeable and tentative. We all had so much fun! It's the highlight of our trip. We kept telling friends about it.

If you are considering the adventure tour, you need to be fit and like adventures, such as repelling down a waterfall and craw through very narrow passages. They provided durable overalls, gloves, headlamps, etc. Clear instructions on what to wear, what to bring, and what to expect.

If you are scare of water in a cave and being in dark, or claustrophobic, you shouldn't go for the tour. Or take the short and easy family tour.
Written September 17, 2021
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Captain Adventure
Calgary, Canada2 contributions
Great Experience!
Sep. 2021 • Couples
My wife and I did the Explorer Tour which was about 5 hours in total. Our guide, Scott, was friendly, knowledgeable and looked out for our safety. He made sure we were comfortable and had a great time. We learned a lot and would recommend this experience to anyone looking to do something fun and invigorating.
Written September 5, 2021
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Angela F
3 contributions
Worst experience with the guide Scott and owner lee. Awful people I do not recommend.
Jul. 2021 • Family
Be honest about the difficulty level, be honest that the guides don’t care at all about the customers, he left the group, someone fell they didn’t even know. Worst experience ever and absolutely disgusted with lee the owner. All he wants is the money. They lied and we were very clear about the physical fitness of all of us. They say oh don’t worry if you book with us we will make sure to help and take time we need. That did not happen. They are very dishonest. It is not easy by no means, nor a family trail at all. Very unhappy very unhappy
Written July 7, 2021
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4 contributions
Tour Guide - Orion! Amazing, trustworthy, safe, knowledgeable, and PASSIONATE.
Jun. 2021 • Couples
What an amazing experience! This morning my boyfriend and I went on the Adventure Tour with Orion and I have to say, it was incredible.
I don't review many places after leaving - but I am currently sitting on the ferry a few hours after our tour, headed back to our campsite near Kootenay Bay, and all I can think about is how awe-struck I am feeling following our cave tour at Cody Caves.

Orion was friendly, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and SAFE. It was amazing to listen to him talk about the cave, you can really tell that he is passionate about them. This made for an incredibly immersive experience.

This was the first time we have ever done anything like this, and I can't wait until the next. I look forward to trying the Explorer tour, and maybe even a winter tour one day.

We learned SO MUCH!! It was just awesome.

The tour was relatively strenuous, so I would recommend being quite fit to go. If you bike, hike, or do intermediate workouts etc on a semi regular basis you should be absolutely fine. Orion did mention the mental aspect of getting through the tighter spaces was the most difficult part, which I can absolutely see that being the case. After he explained how important breathing through whatever bought of anxiety or nerves may pass through your mind, any and all fear went out the window (or cave opening I guess)

Orion is a volunteer firefighter/search and rescue in Kaslo, BC. This made me feel so incredibly safe. The safety measures taken throughout the tour were fantastic, absolutely commendable.

I would highly recommend wearing rubber boots, my boyfriend had water resistant hiking boots on, and although his feet didn't get THAT wet, I thought it was much more fun to be able to muck about wherever I wanted without having to worry about my feet getting wet.

Also glad we had an SUV as the logging road is quite steep and rocky (obviously). No problems in our Honda C-RV, but as we drove up we were definitely happy to not be in my Mazda 3.

Orion made a good point about halfway through the trip... Drinking coffee is NOT a good idea since once you're in the cave, peeing proves to be quite difficult. We were totally fine through the trip, but I can see how that could make life uncomfortable.

And finally, you're hiking through a forrest for a while... so give yourself a good soak with bug spray before you get up. The mosquitos right outside the cave are very excited to smell people! XD

Overall amazing experience that I would highly recommend. Cannot wait to come back to show my best friend!!!
Written June 8, 2021
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Julie D
Port Coquitlam, Canada2 contributions
Amazing Adventure
Aug. 2020 • Couples
It was an amazing experience. We did the explorer 6 hour tour with Steve and it was great. I was initially concerned with my fitness level, size and confidence (I'm on the chubby side but can do 5-10km hikes). But our guide was fantastic - he took it easy, explained everything thoroughly, and was there for every step. It's an adventure that will give a little adrenaline and pride in overcoming fear... With a little help from a professional.
Written October 4, 2020
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Murray B
British Columbia, Canada5 contributions
Cody Cave Adventure Tours
Aug. 2020 • Friends
There are a great many to enjoy this spectacular planet we call home but I think the Cody Cave Adventure Tour was, for me, high up on the list ! Our tour guide, Lee, was great ! He was knowledgeable, safe, very experienced and highly professional ! Our tour was indeed an adventure: it was not just a little stroll in a cavern. Our group was over 4 hours in the underground but it seemed like half that time ! Many thanks to Lee, Stephano and the team at Cody Cave Adventure Tours for an epic experience !
Written August 12, 2020
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Burnaby, Canada556 contributions
Shout out to Ron and his team!
Jul. 2020
This was our Kaslo highlight. Be warned that the logging road going UP the mountain/hill is STEEP and in our VW golf doing it for the first time took about 45 mins going up. In total, give yourself at least 1 hour, 15 mins from Kaslo to the parking lot. Going down was much easier and smoother, I guess cuz of momentum?

Come prepared for 4C temperatures and bring clothes that you don't mind getting muddy. Bring a change of shoes and socks cuz you will get your feet wet. We learned a lot about the history of the caves on this tour, and it was very professionally done. Excellent!
Written August 6, 2020
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Michael P
2 contributions
Best undergrond cave tour ever.
Jul. 2020 • Family
I took my 2 teenage boys (16 & 18) on the adventure tour July 2020. We had such an amazing time learning about and crawling around in the caves. Stephen and Lee were amazing. We always felt safe and are trying to book another tour with them.
I highly recommend the tour for anyone who has the curiosity to get underground and explore the hidden world below our feet.
Written August 3, 2020
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Vancouver, Canada1,277 contributions
Nice cave tour
Aug. 2019
Our family of four went to the family cave tour in August. We enjoyed the trip ( family tour ) but thought it was rather short for the entry price.

The drive was quite tricky, steep and with gravel road. Once we were there the guide gave us a briefing. They provide the helmet and glove. The hike up the cave was moderate, to keep up the fast pace of the group one needs to be of average fitness. The walk inside the cave was not as adventurous as we thought, perhaps the water level was low in end of August. The guide explained the cave quite well but we were disappointed the tour itself wasn’t as adventurous as we had hoped. There were two longer tours that likely will be more adventurous but there were too expensive for a group of four for us.
Written September 4, 2019
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