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Things to Do in Black Diamond

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  • Marc
    Niagara Falls, Canada8 contributions
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    This was a bucket list trip that I'd been looking forward to for many years and it truly exceeded my expectations. Dewy and his team of Wranglers, Pablo, Bryan and Reagan and camp cook and teamster Kelly were well seasoned at their jobs which brought me/us all a sense of comfort and safety. The food was delicious and plentiful. The scenery was simply fabulous and hard to put into words; pictures don't do it justice. There were too many jaw-dropping views to single any one of them out. The day we got all the way up to Paradise Pass was pretty special though and was certainly one of the highlights of this trip. As special as it was to meet and ride with the legendary Dewy Matthews, the true stars of the ride are the horses that he has raised and trained for the Anchor D clients to use. They are amazing animals, especially the awesome Flint that I was paired with for 7 days. I loved everything about this fun and sometimes challenging trip and hope to make it an annual trip now. I suggest that anyone with some riding experience and an adventurous spirit try it too, it's worth every penny.
    Written September 4, 2023
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  • N W
    Calgary, Canada17 contributions
    3.0 of 5 bubbles
    Once I had googled this natural area ,and printed off a crude map, I felt more at ease climbing through the barb wire fence ,which is the only way in from the road.

    To my right 10 meters away was a big no tressing sign on a fence which is one of the borders you can clearly make out.

    I hike and snowshoe alone, so I was anxious to check out this little visited area.

    I started off on my vintage snow shoes through the tangle of fallen trees and bushes of all sorts and sizes, no trails are there to follow , so I kept to the areas between trees and bushes that had fewer shrubs sticking up through the foot or 2 deep snow .

    I took many a headlong tumble when my snowshoes caught on a hidden obstacle just inches under the snow , picture tripping when your going forward but your foot stays behind .
    There were animal ,tracks everywhere but I didnt see any , this was in the middle of February 2020 .
    Im first thoughts were to go straight north to the river ,but after crossing several old creek channels about 4-5 feet deep and struggling up through the drifted snow in them I decided to head back the way I came ,and near my entry point where my car was parked I headed due west inside the barbwire fence that borders the area for a ways and has no mature trees , it's mainly open but for small vegetation..
    The trouble with that was ,so many small spruce trees, bushes ,and hidded tufts of grass made it a bit of a chellenge. I soon got the hang of dodging most of that by seeking snow that seemed to be mostly level .

    After a while the fence ended in a left turn ,and continued to border the feild that was next to the natural area. .
    There was no fence straight ahead so I continued on , the thing was the open area ended where the fence headed south, and I was in a tangle of brush of all kinds.
    There are many old strean beds that have to be crosed , most are about 5 - 10 feet wide and 1 - 5 feet deep . This was becomng fun by now ,and I had to laugh at myself each tiime I had to untangle myself from a hung up snowshoe ,or pull myself out of a snowy tumble.
    I wound up heading in a more northenly direction and eventually got to what must be the Sheep river downstrean from where Three Point Creek enters .
    I followed it a ways but from the 2013 flood the bank is strewn with dead trees in many places. To venture out on the ice on the river was not my idea of a wise thing to do .
    After clinbing over deadfall along the river bank I decided to headsouth east and get back to the fence line I had followed earlier , again I crossed several stream beds that had cut there way a few feet into the ground . One had water running in it , Luckily it was onyt about 5 feet wide and 3 inches deep .

    I found my way back to the fence line and got to my car quite exhausted, but happy to have found this place with so few people visiting .

    The snow wasnt fresh but I only saw one set of footprints throught my travels.

    The snow characteristics changed so often one minute I'd be on a hard crust ,then a minute later 2 feet deep powder. other places the snow was only a few inches deep . This was in the bush mostly , but in the open ,with the shrubs collecting snow around them it was never certain what I'd find .
    The whole area has absolutely no man made facilities, no picnic benches, no fire pits , no toilets ,no paths .
    I plan on going back as soon as the temperature drops again. Todat it was +7 C ,not good for snowshoeing .
    Written February 20, 2020
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  • Ben B
    Calgary, Canada14,162 contributions
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    If you're touring in the area, be sure to stop here. They offer high quality art in many different styles, with a bit of abstract but mainly more conventional, with a good selection of larger and smaller works, all with a local flair. Their book selection is not huge, but extremely thoughtful and appropriate for the area. Then there are the cards, ceramics, scarves, and many other beautiful gift ideas. The staff here are friendly and very welcoming. It was fun to see the sign on their washroom, saying "Yes you CAN use our washroom!"
    Written April 18, 2019
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  • Hvnahoot
    Saint Thomas, Canada363 contributions
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    Loved this beautiful brewery in a really cool town that had a very western theme of buildings and business.
    The staff at the brewery were very friendly and made us feel welcome. Tried a few of their brews. Really like the R &R Raspberry rhubarb, the caesar and they have some great non alcohol options as well. They have a great brew list that is fun and delicious.
    We also enjoyed a yummy lunch on the patio. We highly recommend their poutine and pulled pork!
    Written July 24, 2023
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  • Thomas G
    Calgary, Canada2 contributions
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    After visiting Cu Nim to cross something off the bucket list, I became enthralled by the uniqueness of soaring. A great opportunity for those looking for a new experience. Great instructors and committed volunteers dedicated to visitor experience. Don’t forget a camera!
    Written August 12, 2018
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