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  • Elizabeth G
    Alberta, Canada1 contribution
    The helicopter flight to the mountaintop was very smooth and felt effortless.
    The view of the Okanagan Lake is breathtaking. Make sure you bring your camera!

    It was very invigorating rolling my yoga mat out on the ground atop the mountain.
    I really enjoyed the yoga instruction by Sarah. She has a beautiful spirit about her. Sarah impressed me with how skillfully she taught our group, all three of us at a different level of experience. After our yoga session, we took some photos and then enjoyed a wine and cheese picnic, taking in some more of the stunning views and the fresh mountain air.

    What a wonderful new experience. I highly recommend this activity if you are in the Okanagan area.
    Written July 7, 2015
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  • vincenta926
    Seattle, WA176 contributions
    1. Clean and well maintained. They have everyone remove their shoes prior to entering the space. The Men's locker room was clean and smelled fresh.

    2. The studio space took some getting used to since it is not a perfect square or rectangular shape. The room felt warm but not extremely hot. The ski lights added a nice touch to a studio that I have never seen. It brought great energy.

    3. I did not catch her name but the instructor was great. I always enjoy going to different studios when I travel to see how other instructors teach. She wore glasses, had a few piercings, great smile, and I believe she had dreads. She taught a 50/50 class of intense poses followed up with more Yin style stretching. Her sequences were long and almost to the point where I was worried that she would forget to mirror it on the other side but she did great! Her articulation of poses and body alignment was very helpful.

    4. My girlfriend rented a mat and was told to just leave it on the floor after class and that the instructors would put them away. Nice touch of service!

    I am looking forward to coming back on my next visit to Kelowna
    Written September 5, 2018
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  • Miranda L
    2 contributions
    Really enjoyed the yin classes I attended - the temperature wasn't too hot but warm enought to increase movement, the space had ambience, and the teacher was friendly. The two other staff/volunteers(?) were young and definitely seemed like they wanted to be somewhere else. Additionally, as a larger women, I found the 2 classes I attended weren't especially body-type friendly and variations weren't offered. Perhaps anomalies? Fortunately, I know my own. I can forgive definitely this.

    Where things go downhill for me?

    Day 1 (Mar 15) - asked about an offer [10 classes for $79], was told it was no longer available and was referred to [2 weeks Unlimited for $39]. Awesome. Attended 2 additional classes and, unfortunately, tweaked my back for the last week.
    Day 14 (Mar 28) - Tried to make it to a class on the last day of my 2 weeks but could NOT find parking after 15 minutes of looking. :/
    Day 15 (Mar 29)- They let me attend the class the day after (awesome) but were unsure on whether I would have to pay (less awesome) so they requested that I email them to let them know what happened.

    So I did. I told them the above, and very openly let them know about my chronic condition and that because of it, finances and my available, are unfortunately tight. That said, because of it, I very much benefit from the warmth of the studio. I very amicably asked if there might be some potential for karma yoga. They let me know that "unfortunately [they] do not have a karma position that will accommodate [my] limited availability." (Hmm..damn.) Sarah suggested I get a 10 card pass instead and to keep an eye out on social media for deals. OK. Fair enough.

    A few days later, on social media, I noticed that there WAS an offer for [10 classes for $79]. I emailed again asking if they would be willing to make an exception and allow me to purchase this offer considering it may have been a small error made by the employee and given my situation. Sarah let me know that the offer only started March 28th so I do not qualify.

    I still don't know how I saw the ad to be able to ask about it before the 28th but c'est la vie. What has lead to my decision not to return? The company (co-owner included) demonstrate a surprising lack of flexibility (pun intended) for a bunch of yogis. They had an opportunity to either make me a major promoter of the company as I would have been hooked and told everyone, or a detractor. They made their decision so I write this review.
    Written April 6, 2018
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
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