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  • the quesadilla kid
    14 contributions
    I was a bit sceptical at first, as I’m not the biggest fun of water-sports. I was completely wrong. This was one of the most fun experiences of my life! The boat trip was fun, the staff were extremely helpful and nice, and the prices were good! Would definitely recommend.
    Written August 10, 2021
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  • Anne G
    Vancouver Island, Canada3 contributions
    We had a wonderful time kayaking in the summer camp. We had so much fun with the other kids and amazing teachers! There were seals swimming around us. Thank you very much to EJ and the whole team
    Written September 1, 2023
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  • Trek68713940213
    1 contribution
    Service and products were great. We bought a new cargo box with lifetime warranty, with excellent quality and price. Uzzi was attentive and gave us time to think and consider the options for used or new. He helped us mount and set up the box and try different ones. It was a busy Sunday, and he was attending to everyone without rushing anyone. Would highly recommend AO if you are renting paddleboards, since we saw people returning and renting on the day we were there. The boards looked good quality. The location is a little difficult to find, but I think it would be easy enough to locate with a generic flag, windsock, or other landmark.
    Written July 9, 2023
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  • The Guy Who
    2 contributions
    Great experience, humpback whale came right up against the boat, hung around for over a half hour. Very exciting. Captain Bruce did a great job staying in the right location, and Pastel, our guide provided lots of interesting information throughout
    the trip. Would definitely recommend.
    Written July 24, 2019
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  • Nloza
    Surrey, Canada139 contributions
    So we recently moved to the Lower Mainland, and we wanted to do something different for New Years Eve, and my husband found Magic Yacht Charters. It was a themed cruise, which was really cool. We dressed up in our finest, drove down, and found parking, which was very easy to find!! We walked down to the boat, and arrived, and then waited, and waited, waited and waited! It took FOREVER to get through security! We were watching the people go down to the boat, which we finally realized that they were only letting on a few people at a time, because the event staff did not have things set up and streamlined......They could have had things set up WAY better!!! Instead of having the ticket check and the coat check in the same spot and have more of a coat check, there was a whole area that could have been used. Then once we got upstairs it was PACKED and it took us half an hour to finally get a drink!! Two bartenders for all of these people!! Please look at Vallarta Adventures to advice for having one bar for a crowd!! Instead of a whole bunch of mixed drinks, have 3 choices, beer, tequila, and maybe a rum punch, and a cash only bar!! The debit thing really slows things down. Other than that, it was a good time, and great views.
    Written January 1, 2020
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  • James P
    Vancouver, Canada1 contribution
    Captain Rod seemed like a nice guy and our group had a good time on the boat. Weather was good and the three hours flew by. My main complaint would be that he told me on the phone that the total cost would be $1300. I asked very specifically. However, once I arrived, he charged me over $300 extra for a tip. And he charged me before we even started the boat ride so it obviously was not a tip based on performance. Personally I would just like to be told exactly what I will be charged and not have any surprise fees once I’ve arrived with the group. Apart from that, it was a fun cruise.
    Written June 17, 2018
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  • Barbara Mellin
    Comox, Canada31 contributions
    CONTIGO ( booked through NWCC) may have been a quality vessel at one time, but now has some serious shortcomings for charter customers to be aware of.
    Such as:
    No ability to discern freshwater level.
    Broken compass mount.
    Holding tank level gauge inoperative.
    The temperature gauge for the starboard engine located on the command bridge is unserviceable and needs replacing.
    Efoy energy was not adequate for making toast daily- the level dropped drastically after two mornings. Not quite as amazing as advertised ;=). We used it solely to charge 3 phones and a camera. It took hours without getting full charges.
    The two small three-legged stools up under the seats on command bridge were far too small and unstable.
    We never did locate binoculars or a blender.(as promised)
    A hose nozzle could not be located for cleaning.

    There is considerable obsolete, non-functioning equipment still on board that should be removed.

    The following (added to the above) had us questioning the value for monies spent.

    • Upon departure it was evident that most of the galley storage was already occupied with food from either the owners or previous charters. We feel this should have been removed. We ended up having to utilize the aft single bed for our food storage, making meal preps arduous with up and down into the aft cabin for supplies. The main cabinet in the galley was so full, there wasn’t room for one more item.

    • Anchoring was a challenge trying to control the windless. (It was all or nothing!)
    • The radio worked poorly initially but seemed to work after the second day. (We could receive but not transmit- Not sure what that was about)
    • The very first night we discovered that the BBQ, and grill pan were too filthy to use, and the drip pan was completely full. The gas cannister on it was left empty. Not a huge deal, but certainly not appropriate. (It took us a good portion of the next day cleaning it to be able to use it.)

    • Kitchen utensils were in pretty poor condition as well. (All three cutting boards need to be replaced – no amount of cleaning and scrubbing could remove the odours. This is not what we expected to find. I think it would be hard to argue that things found in this condition would not be considered standard.

    • Imagine our embarrassment when the next night, after cleaning the grill and inviting some friends to join us for dinner, we discovered after a search, that there were only four dinner knives (one with a bent tip and one being a non-serrated butter knife?) No steak knives could be found.

    • The doorknobs on the cabins were so wobbly, we were afraid to use them.

    • The lower utility drawer in the galley has a very large crack on top that needs repair before someone injures a hand.

    • We put a battery in the salon clock to have it function. (A simple fix, but one that could/should have been done prior to our arrival.) If there had been only one or two little similar inconveniences, this note would have been unnecessary.
    • Aft head shower drain was inoperable. We hand bailed it after the first attempt and went without showers. My husband worked on it and was able to repair it on Saturday (31st July) of the charter. Beyond disappointing for a $700+/night charter.
    • My sister coming out of the forward head, cut her heel on a split piece of wood on the door. We left the piece of teak for it to be addressed.

    • Paddles on the dingy do NOT match - making it difficult to row in a straight line. Not what one needs when trying to get out a shoreline!
    • Numerous small repairs, and cleaning were done in the short time we had the boat (such as loose screws tightened, curtains repaired where they were off the sliders, the aft storage compartment above the swim grid was cleaned, organized and the drain unplugged.)

    • From the very first day upon getting underway, we could smell sewage when walking past the aft head on deck, and also noticed it in the aft cabin. The heads seemed to work for the first 4 days. After that, it was noted that when flushed, the waste was pumping out directly into the water! From both the front AND aft heads.
    We noticed that the holding tank gauge was damaged, and not operating to show how much was in the tank, so we pulled anchor, went out and discharged the holding tank (that did not seem full) without incident. From that point forward, each day we had the same issue. Waste from the heads was being discharged directly into the water next to the boat.
    This was the final issue that had us realize that the charter was not providing us with a holiday, but rather continuous disappointment and work. The comment over morning coffee became, “What are we going to find broken or be fixing today?”
    We spent over a year planning this getaway. Words cannot come close to convey our disappointment in feeling our concerns regarding the vessel’s overall seaworthiness and safety for ourselves, our guests and the environment demanded we cut our holiday in half, and return CONTIGO to Powell River.
    In over forty years of boating? Honestly- this was this was the first time we ever felt that the vacation needed to be terminated.
    We discharged the holding tank on our return voyage. We left the vessel tidy, clean (inside and out), and ship laundry used was placed in the V berth. The single bed in the aft cabin was never slept in as we had to stow food in baskets there. CONTIGO was re-fueled to the departure level, filled with water, secured, and was left ready for its’ return to Vancouver.
    The company feels there is no need for refunding/compensating us for the time lost. It was an utterly disappointing experience. We are not looking to cheat anyone out of money. Just do the right thing, and acknowledge your false advertising that this was a "great boat in excellent condition " and negotiate a fair refund for the nights we lost.
    I have included some pictures below, but will NOT offer pictures of the human waste floating in the water around the boat as it is too offensive. (We apologize to the marine life may have harmed.)
    Written August 16, 2021
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
  • Escape-overseas
    Stevenage, UK1,757 contributions
    Whilst sitting on the bank enjoying a beer we watched these strange craft sail by and realised they were floating barbecues. What a great way to spend a sunny afternoon in Vancouver - sail along False Creek and enjoy a barbeque with family or friends. It's definitely on my list for our 'next time visit'.
    Written September 5, 2016
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.