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  • Aryn S
    1 contribution
    My partner and I went to Fly Over Hawaii on 11/17 for the 12:45 pm showing! It was a cool experience as I grew up in a small place and so it was very fresh and new for me, would highly recommend. The person who was running it was also doing an amazing job! I don’t know their name but they had long hair (red? I believe). Thanks to all the staff who ran the picture sales and door too! 🖤 you’re all lovely.
    Written November 18, 2022
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  • Kayla M
    1 contribution
    Boat ride was fun, faster than I expected which was great. Elias was funny and informative. Def recommend.
    Written October 16, 2022
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  • Caoimhe D
    2 contributions
    A group of us did this back in September. It was a great group thing to do, we had such good fun. Mainly though, I cannot commend the guides enough. They created a fabulous fun atmosphere and were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Our guide in particular made our trip! We hope to be back next year!
    Written November 6, 2022
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  • Howard F
    Gardena, CA9 contributions
    5 stars just isn’t enough! I’ve been fishing with Lang for 7 years now. Every trip was incredible and produced lifetime memories. It’s gotten to the point where I am bringing friends now, and they all want to go back! On my last trip, we booked 2 boats for four experienced fishermen. Lots of 8 footers were hooked and photographed. You will be amazed that within minutes of leaving the dock, you can be fighting world class trophy sturgeon. And, yes, that’s even if you leave the dock right away…they are right there too! The scenery: ( Trees tugboats, trains, mountains) and most importantly, the guides, will have you wanting to come back for more. I mostly fish with Kolby or Lang, and their intensity and passion will infect you. You’ll feel as if you are fishing with lifelong friends, and that’s just because they are that nice!

    Come at the right time, and you can spend part or all of the day salmon fishing.

    Seriously, if you are on the fence, just give them a call or email, and they will walk you through everything, and you WILL catch fish! Just look at all the 5 star reviews…they are a true reflection of what you will experience.

    See you guys again next year!
    Written November 6, 2022
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  • Ron S
    11 contributions
    Wow! Absolutely amazing. 9 whales, sea lions, and thebestpart is the crew. Whilma, so knowledgable, so enthusiastic and extremely nice with personal attetude.
    Written November 2, 2022
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  • Gary K
    2 contributions
    Absolutely Amazing Experience!! Yves delivered all that and more. Spent the day on the Fraser and had the time of our lives. Spectacular sturgeon and knowledgeable guide. Can't wait to ride with Yves Bisson again.
    Written October 23, 2022
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  • Tim Wolf
    36 contributions
    My wife Vickie and I just returned from our eighth multi day trip with Kevin at Sturgeon Slayers. It is hard to make these reviews different from one another after being with S.S. so many times and experiencing the same unmatched level of service. Consistent results that leave you eagerly anticipating more time on the water fishing for these prehistoric giants. We had a great time this go around but there were a few issues I feel need to be addressed. I hate being a stickler but prospective guests that are utilizing this Tripadvisor platform will for sure benefit knowing about the experience we had.


    We came in November again as we enjoy the fall colors and serenity that this time of year has normally offered us. Prior to coming on our trip Kevin had mentioned that the water level and ambient temperatures were seasonably low. Since that time, we have learned that these water levels have not been experienced in over 111 years!!! The water levels were so low that we were able to park our vehicle in places that were normally under 6ft of water.

    An interesting side note is that this time last year while on our trip with Kevin we were sitting on the leading edge of the landslides and flooding the Hope area experienced. We were literally fishing mere hours before the main landslide let go and the drive out of the Hope area was interesting to say the least.

    A real treat was the addition of a diesel heater that Kevin installed in his boat this year. Circulating heat on demand made the forward cab very comfortable to warm up in when needed. My wife, Vickie, sure enjoyed it.

    Pros – beautiful scenery, warm boat, guide knows how to safely navigate everchanging river conditions

    Cons – Outfitter that could not be bothered to control simple things like water levels and local weather patterns. Low water levels and high winds this year, floods the year prior; I would only expect that something could be done about this on future trips.


    I would like to say the food was a 10/10 but considering the fact Kevin forgot the sauce that went with my hot beef tenderloin lunch option I can only give a hard 9.9 as a rating. Let me elaborate on the Day 1 lunch experience.

    Before anything and albeit me suggesting otherwise due to the many chivalrous traits I exhibit; Kevin was gracious enough to offer his #1 client the freshest plate off the grill. A nice gesture I thought, as he must have seen that I was shivering outside the heated cab watching lines while he attended the tropical party inside with the others under the guise of “having to cook”. The meal did indeed smell incredible, again even from outside, and once the steam cleared from the cabin door opening, a plate emerged in Kevin’s oddly soft and delicate hands. What a treat to have a great meal while basking in the beauty of the mighty Fraser Valley, how could this get any better I thought to myself?......... Let me tell you.

    I was nearly done my meal before I received word on an accompanying sauce that was supposed to pair with the tenderloin entree. Sitting there hearing how much the other two in our party were enjoying their saucy entrees was difficult for me as not only did I feel that I was left out of what I could only now assume was an amazing sauce but again the visual aspects frustrated me as I literally could not see through the sauna like atmosphere that existed inside the forward cab of the boat while I was still outside.

    I would like to say the food on the other two days was better. As my therapist now tells me, when you miss out on certain things it creates a heavier lift to be able to enjoy them in the future. I mean, the sauce was one thing, but Kevin could not seem to pull things together for the optional meals we requested. I will say that the second day was redeeming but the third day was a complete let down.

    At lunchtime on the third day Kevin decided he would place the Weber grill on the dog house outside. Presumably because the weather was warmer that day and furthermore, I sensed he was requesting my guidance as he understandably still felt bad about the tenderloin sauce. I give him an A+ for effort but his timing could not have been more off as not minutes after getting the food going a fish took the bait and we had to postpone lunch. Running a sturgeon boat is not hard in the first place, but honestly what type of guide pencils in a fish strike at a time where he needs to be looking after his guests’ meals?

    As I said the Weber BBQ was in the immediate battle area but fortunately for Kevin, I was able to adapt and effortlessly persevere through these additional, and may I add, unnecessary obstacles. Weaker men would have failed under the pressure, but I think Kevin put it best when he described my performance as God-like and more over, superhuman.

    We landed the fish and only then were we able to address the issue of our now overdue lunch. If it was not for my fishing prowess the food would have been overdone. Being able to control the situation so well allowed me to land the fish at the precise moment the pasta was at a temperature Gordon Ramsay could only dream about. Kevin often tells of how he admires me and that even though he feels he has come so far; he still looks forward to the few days a year he soaks my wisdom in.

    Pros – Meal Prep 4 U meals are outstanding and a welcome option to your trip. Guide demonstrates effective cooking skills and is now under minimal supervision.

    Cons – Still don’t know what the tenderloin sauce tastes like.


    Kevin tries to get me down fishing as much as possible as it gives him good content for his social media outlets. I possess the uncanny ability to produce large fish and Kevin knows I also photograph well so I try to help him out where I can.

    Granted we had some obstacles this trip as the water levels were low, water temps were down, and the wind was howling but I still felt we could have and should have got that virgin 15ft fish I set as the low bar threshold. In future I think I must be clearer with Kevin as having me reel in multiple large fish, not the specific 15ft one I had asked for was simply uncalled for. I have attached a small sample of some of the fish we caught and the look on my face will tell you all you need to know about how I feel about the situation.

    As I have said before its not hard to run a sturgeon boat under these conditions and requests, so I am not sure what the problem was. My arms did hurt at the end of the day, albeit maybe less if I had the energy from the accompanying tenderloin sauce on Day 1. The point I am trying to make is that you will catch fish no matter what the conditions are as Kevin is very good at giving people the illusion that he knows what he’s doing when not under my direct supervision.

    Pros – smiles with fish, did not die on the river, Kevin got good content

    Cons – No 15ft fish and still don’t know what the tenderloin sauce tastes like.


    We always look forward to getting on Kevin’s boat. Top end rods and reels, electronics that would make any fisherman drool, Ultradeck floors, and really everything else necessary to efficiently do what he does best….catch fish.

    Just when you think it could not get any more well equipped something new is surfacing. Be it the new diesel heater this year, his own line of fishing accessories, or the endless YETI products; there is always a new piece of gear to look at and enjoy using.

    I am not saying this as a negative thing, but, I really think Kevin needs to understand that sometimes less is more. Kevin likes to show his guests a good time and having the tools and equipment to do so helps with that; but we must dial this approach back a bit. Again, we don’t mean to be sticklers, but we are living proof that this over-the-top approach Kevin consistently demonstrates tends to have an outcome on a guest’s experience.

    For instance, Kevin’s electronics are obscene and need to be addressed. If we were to dial that back even a bit, we would not be so distracted by the multiple large fish clearly displayed at any given time on the multiple screen locations throughout the boat. Sturgeon Slayers advertises the beauty of the canyon section of the Fraser, but it is hard to enjoy when the light show of Kevin expertly navigating between his Lowrance’s screens is underway. I can liken watching Kevin navigate through the screens on his Lowrance as the craziest illustration of stroboscopic effect you’ve ever seen. Even going to one subtle HDS12 at the back of the boat would be ok as I think he could still carry out his guide duties effectively. He sits at the back of the boat preparing baits thinking this is not a big deal, but it truly is. I mean how are we supposed to be immersed in the beauty of this place with all this ancillary equipment around?

    I know Kevin has thought of this aspect somewhat but his approach to a fix went opposite the way it should have. It came in the form of a hi-tech drone which I am about to address as yet another issue.

    We like to think of ourselves as low maintenance guests but the drone coming out at the end of the day to take pictures of the forthcoming sunset really caught us off guard. For those of you that have met Kevin, you have probably seen the nerd traits he has brought with him from a younger version of himself. The poindexter enthusiasm he showed when the drone came out of the case was inspiring yet worrisome at the same time.

    Not only did our guide ignore the obscene electronics issue mentioned earlier, but he figured he could combat it with more technology to give us the scenic views we wanted to experience. You want a sunset experience? I’ve got something for that Kevin says.

    As the drone took flight, Kevin then had the audacity to offer us a digital copy of the pictures he took while flying his toy around. It is truly unfortunate that even after enduring an experience such as this that the large canvas print of that same sunset now hangs in my living room only to be looked at as a stark reminder of the constant struggle that we endure fishing with Kevin multiple times a year.

    There are a few other things we didn’t necessarily like, but we do not want to come off as difficult or impossible to please. We enjoy seeing Kevin grow under mainly my leadership so I want to give him a chance to become what I think he can….. second to only me. He should really appreciate how patient we have been as another Sturgeon Slayers guide, Jay, has brought forward rave reviews on Tripadvisor.

    I hesitated to say anything to Kevin directly, but I was also absolutely appalled that he has not addressed the obvious issue of finding a fish measuring tape over 10 feet in length. We all know how easy it is to get a 10 ft fish as I think every respectable sturgeon guide should be able to produce at a minimum of two for each day on the water. Having said this I really am let down that he hasn’t found the time to remedy this problem. It was such a drag last year to have to stop at the end of the 10ft tape and start all over again to get to the end of the fish I landed all by myself without any help from Kevin whatsoever. These small details are missing, just like the sauce and paper cups for the coffee.

    I was subtle about the coffee but now that I said it, I must explain. Kevin’s comedic timing, not unlike the food preparation timing mentioned earlier, is off. Time heals all wounds, and at the point the coffee issue came up I was still absorbing the devastating blow of missing out on the special tenderloin sauce. I am not sure if it was a peace offering for feeling understandably horrible for missing out on the tenderloin sauce, but Kevin presented a pristine YETI thermos full to the brim of steaming hot coffee. He opened the thermos and carefully aroma checked the coffee much like the worlds foremost wine connoisseurs would, all the while telling his guests with giddy enthusiasm that they were in for a truly special treat. If I remember correctly there almost seemed to be a glowing halo shining on Kevin’s cheeks from the thermos mouth as if this coffee was manifesting itself as the holiest of holy coffees. The whole group was on the edge of their seats anticipating how amazing a hot cup of coffee would have been, let alone one of this greatness. Take note that “would have been” is the key word in the last sentence.

    Like I have said before, Kevin’s timing is off and the comedic punch line of telling us he had no coffee cups to enjoy this holier than thou liquid gold couldn’t have killed our enthusiasm anymore or came at a worse time. I don’t even drink coffee, but even if I did, I still could only think about how good it may have been.

    Pros – you get to use the best of the best, guide is competent to utilize the on-board equipment to a satisfactory standard, fighting fish makes up for the aforementioned shortcomings.

    Cons – The coffee Mariko made was unable to be experienced. She works hard behind the scenes and her saintly and frankly comical attributes to put up with, let alone marry Kevin go all too unnoticed and without the credit they deserve.

    Therapy costs have gone up, and you guessed it, still no sauce. I mean he could have at least obtained the recipe and shared it so I am still not missing out on the sauce experience that was frankly taken from me. I have a wonderful wife that has not slept since returning from our trip with Kevin as she has been diligently working to try and replicate this previously mentioned sauce for me.


    If you’ve read some of my previous reviews about the fishing adventures we have had with Kevin, you know I hold him in high regard. He’s become a good friend whom my family looks forward to fishing with for many years to come. I cannot count the number of sturgeon we have landed together over the years and I have been truly blessed with what I consider more than my fair share of lifetime fish.

    With the conditions the way they were this trip it seemed as if we were going to be climbing a mountain from ground zero just to even get on the water. Kevin’s knowledge, steadfast dedication, and obsessive desire to show us a good time left us firmly planting feet at the summit by the end of the trip. To combat the satirical nature of my review I must also confess that I look forward to learning more from him about this sturgeon fishing thing I have become obsessed with.

    Thankyou again Kevin and we will see you next summer for whatever adventure is in store for us.

    Tim and Vickie
    Written November 17, 2022
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  • Matthew and Jessica
    Vancouver, Canada15 contributions
    What a fantastic experience !!!

    My awesome fiancé booked an adventure for me and my best man today and what an amazing time we had. The cars were in perfect condition (and sanitized for the covid) , Thom and the team were friendly and informative making sure we were ready to get behind the wheel for a rip up the most beautiful stretch of highway in Canada.

    I was worried thinking it would be a short low speed follow the leader type day but I was sooo wrong. Obviously always staying safe and obeying the traffic laws but given the space and opportunity to really feel the power and handling these amazing machines have to offer.

    We took the Ferrari and the Porsche, both awesome... I would absolutely recommend this adventure for visitors from out of town or locals looking for an adrenaline rush!! I know I will be back for more.

    Thanks for the great day Thom !!
    Written July 19, 2020
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  • Bob C
    1 contribution
    Over the years I have been on several fishing trips to Haida Gwaii Salmon fishing staying 4-5 nights at a time. Nothing compared to the experience I had with Captain Eddie from Pacific Angler. The experience we had was nothing short of amazing. In one 10 hour day my son, friend and I caught 12 King Salmon most of them weighing in at around 19 to 20 lbs. the largest I caught was a Tyee weighing in at 36 lbs 8 ounces. I would highly recommend Pacific Angler their staff and guides are excellent.
    Written September 9, 2022
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  • Graham J
    Brisbane, Australia7 contributions
    Chromer Sport Fishing


    Once in a lifetime


    The 2 half days that I spent with Jon MacArthur and the full day with Yos Gladstone fishing the Squamish River have left me with memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life.... If you are planning a fly-fishing experience in British Columbia there are only two "things" left for you to do....

    Firstly: Launch a search from your favorite browser and watch the video clip so aptly named NOT A SILVERSPOON EXPERIENCE

    Secondly: Contact Yos Gladstone and book your fly-fishing Odyssey.... for a fact certain you will not be disappointed rather you will have the time of your life.

    I simply do not have sufficient command of the English language to find the correct adjectives or superlatives to express my heart felt gratitude and sincere appreciation for Chrome sports hospitality and the unforgettable experience that I had with Yos and Jon in the spectacular Squamish valley fishing one of the most beautiful rivers I have ever seen.... Thank you just seems hopelessly inadequate, and 5 gold stars are just not enough.
    Written November 22, 2022
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  • Keith
    1 contribution
    We have enjoyed adventurous Jet Skiing in other parts of Canada and live outside the Greater Vancouver area. We have we have rented Jet Ski’s annually from Vancouver Water Sports for the last 3 years and always look forward to our annual Sea-Doo Adventures. From the moment we arrive at check-in the staff are friendly, experienced, and efficient and the orientation process is very streamlined with an emphasis on safety for everyone. Once out on the water our adventures are always filled with wonderful, unexpected sites of local marine mammals and stunning scenery that are second to none on the West Coast. Not to mention that intoxicating feeling of ultimate freedom. Thanks to all the staff at Vancouver Water Sports for all your hard work, and we look forward to seeing you all next year!
    Written October 10, 2022
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  • lkmay013
    Florida23 contributions
    Judy is an excellent tour guide! She has a wealth of knowledge about the history of Chinatown and Vancouver. I had such a fun day experiencing the hidden gems of Chinatown. We were able to view many of the clan society clubs including views from a balcony. We visited a second generation tea shop and sampled their tea. We looked at the unique architecture of Chinatown and ended the tour with an exceptional meal of dim sum. Judy was an entertaining and knowledgeable guide. She went out of her way to give me additional advice on things to do, places to go and great dining experiences for the rest of my trip. Her recommendations are spot on. The tour is highly recommended!
    Written November 18, 2022
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  • Jeff H
    1 contribution
    Ryan was great! Our trip to Vancouver was a lot of fun because of him. He enjoys what he’s doing and knows how to troubleshoot. I hope we get him again.
    Written November 22, 2022
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  • Lori C
    2 contributions
    We camped throughout Vancouver Island which was very beautiful. The food was great. What I loved best of all was how it felt impromptu - like not overly organized(rigid). Very pleased.
    Written September 26, 2022
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  • bjebson11
    Surrey, Canada1 contribution
    The flight was to calibrate my wife's 65 th birthday.
    We got engaged 38 years ago by flying in a helicopter and landing on the top of Grouse Mountain.
    The entire staff and Pilot at Sky Helicopters were fantastic.
    The flight over White Rock and above Pitt Lake was picture prefect.
    We would reccomend Sky Helicopters to anyoje that wants to see the sites form the air.
    Written November 8, 2022
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