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Tales from Iceland Reykjavik
This museum is absolutely wonderful for both fans and non-fans of traditional museums!
This on the other hand brings museums up to date, showing clips from foreigners experiences with this amazing country and history of Iceland as a nation.
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Herring Era Museum Siglufjordur
The Herring Era Museum chronicles the fascinating, boom-bust history of the herring fishery and I have to say, it is one of the very best industrial heritage museums I have ever visited (and wherever I go, I make...
One of the most interesting museums I have ever seen!
Hveragerdi - Stone and Mineral Museum Hveragerdi
It turns out that we were headed to a museum featuring gem stones, exquisite rocks, fossils and beautiful handmade crafts for show and for sale!
... to end up at the museum--we stumbled in on accident--and ended up getting a personalized tour through Iceland's wild, tumultuous geological history, as well the history of the brand new and budding museum itself.
Eldheimar Vestmannaeyjar
Smaller museums, but very well done, and allows you to connect what you are seeing on the island with the history.
I thoroughly enjoyed this museums exhibit on the 1973 volcano.
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Arbaer Open Air Museum Reykjavik
It is one of the nicest museums to stroll through in the summer and visit one house after another from different time periods in the Icelandic history- it gives you an excellent idea of how Icelanders lived and su...
We are from Williamsburg, Virginia where the concept of open air museums was invented, but this is more fun than Williamsburg by far
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The Old Farmhouse Laufas Akureyri
We took a day tour on our recent visit to Akureyri, and our first stop was the Laufas museum.
If you are interesed in icelandic history, this is a great museum to see how we lived just few decates ago.
Lava Centre Hvolsvollur
One of the best interactive museums my wife and I have bee too, we loved it.
We enjoyed the interactive models and found it very interesting, although like everything else in Iceland, compared to British museums and visitor attractions, the entrance fee was very expensive.
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Skogar Museum Skogar
This was the museum which made all of the more 'curated' museums we saw in Reykjavik make sense We'd seen the histories of the "Settlement Period" (late 10th century) and the history and importance of the cod fish...
The site contains many regional folk artifacts as well as numerous museums and historical buildings.
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The Husavik Whale Museum Husavik
We are from New England that has a great whaling history, and this is one of the best whaling museums we have visited.
Located in Húsavík, the Whale Capital of Europe, this museum has many different (and real) skeletons of whales on display, and great knowledge both on the biology of whales and the history of whaling.
National Museum of Iceland Reykjavik
one of the most organized museums i have ever been to and one of the tidy and clean one, they really cherish every piece they have, which show their love towards their wonderful country
This museum is new and it provides one of the best series of exhibits I've seen, as good or better than many of the Smithsonian museums in our hometown, Washington, DC.
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Perlan Reykjavik
Natural history and geology are some of my favorite types of museums, so I enjoyed this visit!
Decided to visit Perlan to close off a day of visiting museums.
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The Settlement Exhibition Reykjavik
It is one of the best cultural museums I have been to and is fantastically done to be informative for all levels of engagement--the museum is definitely what you make of it.
As my wife Lynne spent a substantial part of her working life employed as the Guernsey Museum's Education Officer and as we had together visited museums and historical exhibitions all over the world we just had to...
The Icelandic Punk Museum Reykjavik
A great experience and really a flagship for other punk museums to follow worldwide.
So it was great to find this entertaining and informative museum about mainly the history of Icelandic punk and the UK bands that visited and played in Reykjavik.
Saeheimar Aquarium Vestmannaeyjar
Although this museum is fairly small they have a great selection of natural history exhibits including an aquarium and some rescued puffins who now call the museum home.
Yes, it is an interesting three-room museum dedicated to local aquatic and birdlife as well as some geology.
Glaumbaer Museum Varmahlid
As with all museums, you need to be ready to take your time and read the explanations.
The museum is set in the old vicarage of Glaumbaer and gives a good introduction into life on Icelandic farms as it was from medival times to the early 20th century.
Einar Jonsson Museum (Listasafn Einars Jonssonar) Reykjavik
Iceland has amazing museums and this one is an absolute jewel.
Inside the museum is also worth a visit, his sculptures are stories and weave in a little bit of Iceland myths with global myths, earth, spirituality and the eternal struggle of flesh and spirit.
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The Settlement Center Borgarnes
Both museums, history and saga, and the audio guides were informative and a nice way to recap all we had learned about Iceland on our drives and hikes.
This museum offers experiential learning experience that allows you to interact with the history that you are learning.As you walk through a darkened winding hall, you progress from one station to the next learnin...
The Cave People Laugarvatn
We learned more, and had more fun than the museums we've visited.
It's a museum dedicated to the people who lived or used this cave in the cliff from the original Viking farmers up to about 100 years ago when a family settled in them.
Aurora Reykjavik Reykjavik
I was a little skeptical because museums aren't really my thing but this was a very modern and interesting museum.
Excellent museum with fantastic multi-media displays, I now understand the Aurora effect and how to view, a must on your visit to Iceland, a very relaxing hour
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Bjarnarhofn Shark Museum Bjarnarhofn
The museum is a run by a family which has their collection of various stuffed sea birds, seals, boats, items associated with Greenland Shark, stones, rocks, etc., The owner/curator through a video explains the pro...
Great Museum and Enthusiastic Curator
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Reykjavik Art Museum Asmundarsafn Reykjavik
The Asmundarsafn Art Museum is part of the complex of Reykjavik art museums.
The $16 ticket grants you admission to two other museums that day downtown, while anyone 67 or older gets in for free.
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Volcano House Reykjavik
After explaining the volcanos and tectonic plates, she gave us recommendations for bars and other museums to visit while in Reykjavik.
Fascinating museum with a very knowledge guide called Maya when we visited, some excellent items on display, the two historical movies really make you sit up and listen to the recent volcanic history of Iceland an...
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Reykjavik Maritime Museum Reykjavik
This and the Settlement Museum both owned and run by the city were the best museums I saw in country and together have great insight into recent and ancient history.
The Reykjavik Maritime Museum is different from most other maritime museums that I have been to.
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The Transportation Museum at Ystafell Husavik
Was stunned by the quality of restorations and the sheer volume of interesting vehicles both in the museum and outside - So much to see! Owner was friendly and happy for us to see everything including the workshop...
Remotely located in the countryside between Husavik and Akureyri this is a true gem of a vintage car museum.
Skriduklaustur Egilsstadir
The museum upstairs is interesting too and we met a really interesting and entertaining young man who was very chatty and informative.
Brilliant museum and historical site
Viking World Keflavik
After traveling around Iceland for 3+ weeks and visiting many museums, I can say this was one of the best........not only do they offer an incredibly well-stocked and tasty breakfast buffet for cheaper than you'll...
Throughout the museum is also information on Viking settlement and exploration and a concise (yet thorough) history of Iceland throughout the ages, as well as an exhibit of a Viking burial ship.
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Culture House Reykjavik
It's a clever idea, well executed - diverse artworks and historical artefacts from across Icelandic history (taken from the collections of the state-owned national museums and art galleries) are arranged thematica...
... the Culture House provides an integrated exhibition drawn from the holdings of the National Museum, National Library and other art galleries and museums, covering different aspects of Icelandic culture and art.
Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft Holmavik
A little different than the museums we were used to, but uniquely iceland.
As it is so small and all the exhibits are in Icelandic, you are provided with a guide book in your particular language or one of your choice, and you work your way around the museum at your own pace.
The Arctic Fox Centre Sudavik
It focuses on the Arctic fox (Vulpus lagopus) which is the only native terrestrial mammal in Iceland.The museum area contained information, stuffed foxes and all sorts of specimens as well as a couple of live sibl...
A couple of live foxes in captivity and a very informative display and museum about the arctic fox.
The Aviation Museum Akureyri
Located next to the Akureyri airport, the museum has a nice selection of beautifully restored aircraft on display, as well as a well documented history of aviation in Iceland.
Fascinating aviation museum with around 30 varied exhibits, many associated with Iceland's own aviation history and almost all in immaculate condition.