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The Beatles - Love - Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas
Love is a feast for the senses, a spectacular show full of amazing performances, gorgeous costumes and some incredible choreography.
Fantastic show where singing along is encouraged, and the classic tunes are just the perfect cherry on top for the incredible performances.
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O - Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas
A magnificent flying acrobats and kaleidoscope of lights water show created through the outstanding efforts and performances of world-leading and passionate-about-their-work artists, artisans, energetic and techni...
Amazing performances and the production quality was superb!
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Paranormal - The Mindreading Magic Show Las Vegas
May he continue to bring wonderful performances to all audiences from all over the world.
As many others I am a skeptic and although I know is always a trick behind any of those performances and usually I can envisage how is done , this one was out of ordinary.
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Wayne Newton: Up Close and Personal Las Vegas
With archival footage, live performances, and a very intimate room, this show is a dream for Wayne fans.
My little sister has always been a Barry Manilow fan and spent tons of money on his performances in Vegas over the years!
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Aussie Heat Las Vegas
Having an entertainment and live performances background, I look at shows from different perspectives.
I was surprised to be asked if I wanted to go on stage for one of the performances so it seems to be random selection of audience members.
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Raiding The Rock Vault Las Vegas
It's a well-presented History of Rock, featuring vintage photos on the big screen of live concert performances by all the greats, along with interesting rock trivia.
Andrew Freeman, Mark Boals, and Paul Shortino all put in great performances but I was particularly impressed with Stephanie Calvert of Starship.
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Tenors of Rock Las Vegas
These guys have some serious talent, 4 singers with amazing voices kept us singing and laughing for the night with some powerful performances & terrific energy.
The show was really outstanding and full of great performances and familiar tunes.
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ALL SHOOK UP - Tribute to the King Las Vegas
went to show expecting usual tribute act, nice surprise brilliant tribute act only a small theatre but nice atmosphere everyone seemed to be really enjoying show and the performances were top class from band and c...
The three piece band cranked it up and Elvis took us back to the 50s and 60s with some great performances of the songs we wanted to hear.
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The Miss Behave Gameshow Las Vegas
We had so much FUN along with the entire audience!!! Fast paced, Awesome performances and everyone in room participates!!
... every show on and off the strip, I highly recommend this for 21 and above, especially if you're looking to laugh yourself silly, let loose a little bit and enjoy a very quick witted entertaining LIVE performance.
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The Bronx Wanderers Las Vegas
Was very surprised by the performance of this group....rather small venue for their talent, however, a tremendous show.....very high energy, great music and overall great performances.....truly fine musicians and...
High energy performances and fantastic music!
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Human Nature: Jukebox Las Vegas
From the moment the show started it was a flood of memories, lots of smiles and even a few tears, The performances were touching and entertaining The band was worthy of praise as well,especially the bassist, Blaze.
And kudos to the 2 dancers and the Jukebox band for equally incredible performances!
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Piff the Magic Dragon Las Vegas
... and laughed for an hour.......this show is truly close up magic and comedy.......lot's of audience participation, some seriously good tricks and a wicked sense of humour honed from performances at comedy clubs.
Mr. Piffles, Piff’s magic performing chihuahua and Miss Jade, Piff’s smokin’ hot assistant are also great during the performance.
1 Way to experience it
Magic of Seth Grabel Las Vegas
He uses members of the audience in his performances and is extremely family friendly!!! Will definitely see his show again!!!! AWESOME PERFORMANCE!!!!
Awesome Magical Performance
The Righteous Brothers Las Vegas
The concerts were very personal in a small theatre and the content and performances were absolutely brilliant.
Great music, great performances and showmanship.
1 Way to experience it
Carrot Top Las Vegas
I highly recommend catching one of his performances.
The entire performance is exceptionally well choreographed with the jokes, video, lights and sound perfectly in time with each other.
1 Way to experience it
Le Reve - The Dream Las Vegas
All I can say is go see this! Truly fantastic and incredible I was in complete awe! Stunning performances from all and beautifully conceived.
You can see performers and scuba people underwater ensuring safety and air for the performers which adds to the excitement but the story, incredible stunts and performances and drama are absolutely spectacular and...
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Boyz II Men Las Vegas
We were BLOWN away with their performance!!! Their voices were on point, engaged the crowd and got us turnt up, and the humor they have for their journey was humbling.
If you want to see a great show that has great singing and a fabulous performance, GO AND SEE BOYZ II MEN.
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Elton John - The Million Dollar Piano Las Vegas
We enjoyed every minute of this show and count it as one of the highlights of Las Vegas performances.
What a gift to live in this age of music and to have seen one of the all time greats (through the years and last night) live here in Vegas playing his stunning Million Dollar Piano (a live performance marvel all i...
Mat Franco: Magic Reinvented Nightly Las Vegas
We watched Mat Franco's performances on America's Got Talent and thought "WOW", so we bought tickets to his show in Vegas.
Mark my words - Mat Franco will be a legend of magic and performance and you'll want to tell your Grandkids that you saw him live!
1 Way to experience it
Mac King Comedy Magic Show Las Vegas
In between all of these performances he'll wow you with card magic and have you in tears with his comedy magic (the cloak of invisibility) Honestly I haven't laughed so much for a couple of hours in years.
His talent is only surpassed by his gentleness when interacting with his live furry friends during the performance.
1 Way to experience it
The Magic of Jen Kramer Las Vegas
We were very impressed with her performances, and finally seeing her live was fantastic.
Excellent performance!
1 Way to experience it
Mike Hammer - Comedy & Magic Show Las Vegas
His lightning fast wit and on point sense of humor make the show feel fresh and alive every performance.
What an amazing performance!
2 Ways to experience it
Alibi Las Vegas Las Vegas
This is a show, (not a show, an act, an event, performance art, improv?), worth every penny at full price.
A great way to enjoy a different kind of performance
Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis Las Vegas
He is hysterical and every show is like a new performance since it’s all audience participation.
Like all comedy acts and many others, he will try to sell you DVDs of the act, and of other performances, but it is not too pushy.
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The Mentalist Las Vegas
Gerry interacts with the audience well and my mind is still blown from some of his performances.
Gerry you made a believer out of me! Amazing performance, I will highly recommend the show to anyone visiting Las Vegas.
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Hypnosis Unleashed Starring Kevin Lepine Las Vegas
My wife said it was a great show, Kevin was fun and respectful and edgy and kind the entire performance.
For all the skeptics out there... come to watch this amazing performance.
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Sexxy Las Vegas
Girls dance topless, great performances, very entertaining and the crowds pretty decent too.
All the ladies in our group LOVED the performances, and the guys were blown away, too.
1 Way to experience it
Jeff Civillico: Comedy in Action Las Vegas
We laughed a ton at this performance, and Jeff was very approachable and engaging after the show.
Jeff Civillico gives a highly entertaining performance.
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Mystere by Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas
Great funny interesting show ... the performers were spectacular loved how they interacted with the audience as well with the big baby and the performances and acrobatics just unbelievably amazing ... I also have...
Amazing performances from talented performers, many times you will simply shake your head in amazement at what the performers can accomplish.
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Absinthe Las Vegas
Add to the stunning performances= a masterful "Ring Master" and lots of Adult humor and you have an evening of fun fulfilling entertainment.
The show combines comedy with amazing acrobatic and artistic performances for an all-around entertaining experience.
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