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Ahu Tongariki
Ancient Ruins, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Cerro Santa Lucia
Points of Interest & Landmarks
Rano Raraku
Ancient Ruins, Volcanoes, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Ahu Akivi
Points of Interest & Landmarks
Parque del Estrecho de Magallanes
Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Parks
Ahu Vinapu
Ancient Ruins, Historic Sites
Historic Sites, Geologic Formations, Bodies of Water
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Sky Costanera Santiago
If you´re in Santiago during winter and it rains, make sure you visit Sky Costanera as soon as rain stops for an amazing view of the city and the Andes (during winter pollution is too high and visibility will be v...
The view from 61st and 62nd floors offers a mind blowing experience with amazing views of the city and little bit of Andes mountains.. was there during sunset and it just enhanced the experience a bit more.
6 Ways to experience it
Patio Bellavista Santiago
The side streets outside the complex too make for a wonderful evenings exploring and finding new sites and venues.
Good food fun good views
2 Ways to experience it
Cerro Santa Lucia Santiago
The best park in the heart of town with awesome statues and a view of the city once you get to the top which is super enjoyable Recommended: you'll find a green kiosk at top, stop by and enjoy a delicious and refr...
This is the founding site of Santiago in 1541... in the 1800s it was trasnformed into a beautiful park with a grand entrance and beautiful water fountains and statues... a must to visit if in downtown area
21 Ways to experience it
Ahu Tongariki Easter Island
Take your time at this site - best to visit during the day and return for sunrise, two very different experiences, and go with a local guide their insight into the history of Rapa Nui and the culture is priceless.
Satisfy your inner photographer by heading out to this amazing site at sunrise, then walk up Poike volcano for views of the whole island... before brunch at Akahena beach.
3 Ways to experience it
Rano Raraku Easter Island
If you can mountain bike it you will greatly appreciate the beauty and wonders of this fabulous site because you will be able to feel the natural landscapes while you reaching nearer to the volcano crater where it...
Lush green hills dotted with Moai, the magnificent stone mountain in the background, as well as incredible views of the coast from the site make this a sensory overload.
4 Ways to experience it
Orongo Easter Island
This is a sacred landscape and archeological site, with the incredible extinct volcano full of unique species, that catches and reflects the rays of the sun in the early moring to midday.
The volcano, the crater and the ceremonial sites that you find gere are just awesome, you can see the blue waters of the pacific and a whole panoramic of Easter sland, Hanga Roa, and the airport Mataveri.
4 Ways to experience it
MIrador Las Torres Torres del Paine National Park
A good round 25 km hike from my campsite..it was simply beautiful for the majority of the hike, stunning views, and a great trail.
Amazing hike, amazing views.
Universidad de Concepcion Concepcion
Best site in Concepcion / Mejor sitio en Concepcion
Valle del Elqui La Serena
We just went for the day, toured the Mistral distillery and saw a couple of the historical sites of famed poet Gabriella Mistral.
From both places we took a lovely walk out into the countryside, with incredible views.
2 Ways to experience it
Ahu Tahai Easter Island
You can feel a special energy if you just sit still; it is like a symphony with the sound of the waves, and the wind in your face while your eyes look at this magnificent view.
Unlike some other areas of restored ahu on Rapa Nui, Ahu Tahai is just brimming with positive energy (mana) and beautiful views of the ocean & sunset.
1 Way to experience it
Desierto de Atacama Antofagasta
Although I did this trip for a work project, I was able to see a wide variety of sights and wonder over the course of two days of driving.
2 Ways to experience it
Laguna San Rafael Puerto Chacabuco
We had a wonderful trip to Laguna San Rafael, even though a very overcast day and not the clearest view of the glacier the floating blue eye was amazing to see.
Yes I meant 'sight' not site, though both words are appropriate.
Planetario Natural Alfa Aldea Vicuna
We loved the experience so much that we decided to go back the next day and view the sun through one of their special solar telescopes.
Mundo Caballo La Serena
It is hard to describe, but the views, horses, colors and fragrances of these mountains make this horseback ride - Just Magical.
As it says "Among the Valleys" we rode up bold mountains and reached high spots to got the view up above the Valleys.
Oficina Salitrera Santiago Humberstone Iquique
I highly recommend going up the hill at the back of the complex as it gives you a panoramic view of the whole complex and just how isolated it must have felt.
Really cool site with amazing history
Carretera Austral Puerto Montt
Is really pretty, you can make this trip by car or bicycle, you are surrounded by the river all the time, you'll haave a wonderfull view all the way.
it's a tough trip but highly recommended thanks to the views, little vilages you encounter on the way.
Ahu Nau Nau Easter Island
Super nice moai site on Easter Island surrounded by golden sand, waving grasses, palm trees, and aquamarine seascape.
Recommend arriving early to get the best view of the petroglyphs before the strong afternoon sun.
Templo Baha'i Santiago
Nestled in the postcard Andean landscape on the outskirts of Santiago, the Temple of Bahá’í boasts serene gardens, stunning city views, an architectural dome marvel temple and a quiet peaceful paradise!
Far away from downtown Santiago, up in the mountains, you will find this amazing peacefull place, with the most amazing view of Santiago.
Ahu Akivi Easter Island
As always, make sure you bring your own water and snacks when visiting the sites on Easter Island.
A Must-See Site on Easter Island
5 Ways to experience it
Barrio Lastarria Santiago
Close by are the Museo de Bellas Artes and the Cerro Santa Lucía, a park with lovely views of the Santiago skyline.
beautiful neighborhood with interesting historical buildings, lots of restaurants and bars and a close walk to many of the sites in santiago.
3 Ways to experience it
Santuario de la Inmaculada Concepcion Santiago
There are multiple ways to get to the top of Cerro San Cristobal to see the Sanctuary of Immaculate Conception and all will give you fantastic views of downtown Santiago!
Excellent to take pictures, If you are lucky go after the rain the most incredible view of the city and the mountains.
1 Way to experience it
Teatro Municipal Las Condes Santiago
Seating in the top rows enabled excellent view of the stage with great acoustics.
1 Way to experience it
Church of Castro Castro
A beautiful landmark in Castro, the colors of the church (yellow and violet) are very original.
Do not miss the opportunity to visit this landmark when in Castro.
1 Way to experience it
Museo Huascar Talcahuano
Chiflon del Diablo Mine Lota
Sistema de Fuertes de Valdivia Valdivia
Mirador de Kari, Piedra del Coyote San Pedro de Atacama
The Mirador de Kari, Piedra del Coyote, has a fantastic view that is high above the Valley of the Moon and the beautiful landscape below it.
The sunset views are breathtaking and I would highly recommend doing this regardless of the amount of people that do it each day.
Rio Calle Calle Valdivia
Costanera Frutillar Bajo Frutillar
Cerro Concepcion Valparaiso
The sights include houses, cobblestone streets, sudden views of the port and ocean, churches, cafes, bars, restaurants and the ubiquitous street art and artists.
We particularly loved all the beautiful murals on the sides of buildings, the overflowing flower boxes and fruitful gardens, the mansions turned hostels, and the splendid harbor views.
17 Ways to experience it