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Gjirokaster Castle
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The Castle of Himara
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Butrint National Park
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Skenduli House
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Voskopoje Village
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Penisola Di Porto Palermo e Castello
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Gjirokaster Castle
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Rruga Murat Toptani
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One of the best history lesson you can get if you visit Albania.Don't hesitate to come to Butrint, as you can see one of the most amazing rise and fall of a Roman town during different ages.The view is also amazin...
Highlights include a Roman theater, a 6th century Christian baptistery and basilica, a medieval gate, and a Venetian castle...plus wonderful views around every corner.
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Butrint Saranda
With our cruise friends we were taken by a great guide , Demer, to this incredible historical site a testimony of Hellenistic , Roman , Byzantine , Venetian and Ottoman cultures and civilizations.
... in perfect colors - an idyllic place for a photo shoot for anyone who can appreciate history and archeology... Panoramic views on Lake Butrinti and Vivari Channel... Interesting museum (no pictures allowed).
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We needed our energy to walk the ~1 km perimeter interior walls, stopping at viewpoints of irrigated farmland, Gorica and its 7 arched bridge, and finally perfect views over Old and New Berat.
Beautiful view at the old and new city of Berat and a great tour around the castle with the most kind guide ever (Thank you once again, Tony Simsia!).
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Apollonia Fier
The main sights to see while in the park include Monument of Agonothetes, the city council building (and symbol of Albanian archaeology), The Byzantine Church of Saint Mary in Apollonia and the Museum to the city...
The site was excavated by the French and many of the artefacts are in the on-site museum as well as the archaeological museum in Durres and in Tirana (both of which we visited).
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Rozafa Castle Shkoder
... but it is massive, a peaceful place to explore and walk the stone ramparts, and it offers wonderful views of Shkoder and the surrounding countryside, including the southern tip of Lake Shkoder where it just co...
Situated on a hill above the city of Shkodër, the historical Rozafa castle overlooks the Skadar Lake and gives a perfect panoramic view of the city.
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Skenduli House Gjirokaster
The house itself offered several distinctive features, including several hamams, a covered third-story porch offering commanding views of the old city and mountains, a bunker (originally made to withstand cannon f...
this peninsula is very very close to the road so that it is very very easy to see it,stop to visit the fortess,so that you could see the fortess and have a beatifull view of the peninsula
it has a great view from the terrace up top as well.
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Gjirokaster Castle Gjirokaster
... showcase a medieval castle, an armaments museum (mainly German WW2 artillery, but including the remains of an American cold war spy plane) as well as superb views over the old town and surrounding countryside
Excellent service, very friendly owner and staff, wonderful view, beautiful luxurious rooms, very comfortable bed, high quality linen.
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Kruja Castle Kruje
Kruje castle has magnificent views, plus quiet places to explore, some houses and inns as well as restaurants, plus the great ethnographic museum, the dervish tekke (lodge) with tomb.
Kruja is one of the most beautiful places in Albania, the view from the castle is amazing... Friendly people they can help you and tell you every story of that place....
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This is a fascinating and beautiful site, with lots of history to absorb.
Enjoyed the beautiful views, the hills, the churches.
it was esablished by Ottoman in 1823.it was included to World heritage site at 24 May 1948..it is center of Tiran.it is a small mosque with a single minaret.
One of the oldest sites in Tirana, that resisted to the destruction of the communist regime.
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Zekate House Gjirokaster
one of the grandest examples of Gjirokastra architecture , nice people great house museum nice view .
Fantastic views from the top.
It is situated centrally, closed to all other most important sights of Tirana; It is also allowed to take pictures inside.
... important to visit for anyone who wants to get a good feel for the history and culture of the city and country, and see many of the city's important sites and buildings, many of which are right on it or nearby.
Great views of the National Museum (and of course The Albanians mosiac), the Opera House, Skanderberg, and the National Bank.
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... (but expensive) Hotel Muzaka, which has a fantastic traditional courtyard restaurant, and Restaurant Antigoni - a lovely traditional building with wonderful views from inside (which is heated) and the terrace.
It is just in front of Mangalemi neighborhood and you could have a very nice view of both parts of the city standing in the middle of the Gorica bridge,
Magnificent statue, a famous landmark for Tirana.
Definitely worth a view.
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Lekuresi Castle Saranda
Part of a day trip from Corfu ,travelled up the road from Saranda to the Castle , you are surrounded by an incredible 360 degree view of Albania, it,s magnificent,everywhere you walk around the castle you are pres...
The Lekuresi Castle site was our very 1st stop on our very 1st off-ship excursion during our 12 day cruise of the Adriatic on Holland America's 'Eurodam' - and this stop or any we made in Sarande or Albania really...
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Architecture, icons and Frescoes all collide to make jaw dropping views all throughout the interior.
Gjirokastra Bazaar Gjirokaster
Gjirokastra, also known as Argyrokastro, as it was mentioned in Greek historical resources from the 14th century, is another site protected by the UNESCO.
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Clock Tower Tirana
An easy climb to the top affords a great view of the square and environs.
Great views of the center of Tirana - the crossed axes design of the square is almost recognisable from here.
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Would highly recommend visiting at sunset as the views of the town of Himare and the coast are stunning!
A short drive uphill from Himara town you can have a wonderful view of the sea and admire the ruins of the castle.
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Recently updated with new paving, this boulevard provides a nice stroll through city with cafes and excellent view of the fort and home built above.
There are trees along it and it has nice views of the old town at the base of the fortress hill.
Mes Bridge Shkoder
it is a characteristic albanian bridge, the view and hte surrounding panorama is very beautiful, it is perfect for pictures if you are a photograph lover
The bridge its amazing espetialy when visitted in spring the river is full of deep blue water and the view its amazing.
We went to Durres for sea air and sea views, but found out a well preserved historical site, set among a very interesting artistic area, charming old houses covered with paintings and poems.
At the amphitheatre you are able to wander through the archaeological site and marvel at the construction.
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Because of significant role as the national center of Catholicism is among the landmarks that should be visited in Albania.
Petrela Castle Petrele
The views of the surrounding countryside and Tirana in the distance are breathtaking and it is so incredibly quiet and peaceful.
Beautiful view from the top and very interesting access (no this one is definitely not for weelchairs!!!).