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The Bund (Wai Tan)
#1 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
Best time is to visit late in the evening when one gets great views of Shanghai skyline with the river dividing two parts of city with tall n beautiful skyscrapers on both sides .. wonderful view of the pearl towe...
You can get some great shots of the city skyline when you walk along The Bund but my recommendation would be to take a boat trip as we did, absolutely fabulous views along both sides of the river bank!
181 Ways to experience it
Bund International Architecture Exhibition
#2 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
The best way to see The Bund is by river cruise at night Amazing sights and colours From far can get a good grip of the buildings The different styles of the buildings are amazing Walking is good too Sometimes hug...
It is definitely the best view in the city, especially at night time with all the magnificent lights from the skyscrapers and boats crossing the Huangpu River.
77 Ways to experience it
Shanghai Tower
#3 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
Once you reach the summit, the views are truly incredible, especially as Shanghai has such a fascinating variety of architecture.
The view from the top is phenomenal as even though this is the second tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa is tallest) it has the highest public observatory and fastest elevator (atleast at the time of writ...
27 Ways to experience it
Shanghai Circus World
#4 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
... with nexus tour the china 11 day discovery we added this package on but it was money well worth spending the performances were brilliant you are allowed to film and take photos sit anywhere you get great view
You can have great views of the show even in the upper level.
6 Ways to experience it
Pudong New Area
#5 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
An undoubted highlight was our visit to the excellent Shanghai History Museum situated in the lower flower of another landmark construct, the Oriental Pearl Tower.
Great to explore stunning new buildings up close, but you get the best views from the opposite side of the river
54 Ways to experience it
Shanghai World Financial Center
#6 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
Loved it great views took lots and lots of photos loved shanghai especially at night this is a fantastic city to visit
There is a wide variety of buildings to view as well as a lot of tourist activities; bus rides tours, the Pearl Tower tours, or walk to the river front, as well as many others sites to see in this local area.
23 Ways to experience it
Heping Fandian
#7 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
The restaurants on the 8th and 9th floors offer fantastic views of Shanghai and have attentive service and great food at reasonable prices.
We gawked at the tea dancers, whirling around the floor; took in the little museum and saw how many famous people have stayed her and then went to the roof-top lounge to enjoy a fantastic view - including seeing a...
12 Ways to experience it
Longhua Temple
#8 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
It is really amazing and you enjoy wonderful views of the city.
The temple site also has pretty trees and flowers.
7 Ways to experience it
Former French Concession
#9 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
Charming restaurants (BREAD etc,, was awesome french pastry and western style food stop), shopping in Tianzifan, strolling around and taking in the sights including the Plane tree lined streets.
What a treat to roam around the beautiful tree lined avenues soaking up the sites of this historical quarter in Shanghai.
93 Ways to experience it
The Bund City Sculptures
#10 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
Beautiful, charming and fantastic view place.
Fabulous views day and NIGHT !
57 Ways to experience it
Jin Mao Tower
#11 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
Staying at hotel there conferred easy access to the spectacular Bar on 88th floor with views to other Pudong sites and especially, the cross river Bund, a treasured site especially at night.
The views are amazing!
21 Ways to experience it
Shanghai Confucian Temple
#12 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
This is a lovely temple and far less crowded than other tourist sites.
the tea ceremony is free however they would like you to purchase something and keep in mind that all money is given to the on-site school for scholarships for under privileged kids.
18 Ways to experience it
Oriental Pearl Tower (Dongfang Mingzhu)
#13 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
Seeing Shangai from above is a "must-do" activity & the Pearl Tower enables you to view all the other tall buildings as well as gain a great perspective of this vast cityscape.
You could see that the Huangpu river runs along the middle of the city, countless skyscrapers rise sheer from the ground on each side of it, amazing amazing views!
27 Ways to experience it
Zhujiajiao Ancient Town
#14 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
Although it is tourist oriented, there's plenty of beautiful and historic sites to see, and the town is quite large, so there's always the opportunity to escape the crowds.
This site was quite a drive from Shanghai (about an hour) but well worth the visit - even on a rainy day, You can have a lovely little ride on a boat around the canals and see the sights from there.
67 Ways to experience it
Old Town (Nanshi)
#15 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
There's plenty of room to spread with places to stop and enjoy a meal, a snack or a drink, places to pause, meditate and drink in the view, endless touristy selfie opportunities but all very tasteful, authentic an...
This is a short walk from the Bund, and right next to Yu Gardens, so you can hit all three sights in a couple of hours if you are efficient about it, but the pleasure here is just to stroll around.
42 Ways to experience it
Shanghai Circuit
#16 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
The pit lane grandstand, great views of pit activity and the garages from the upper level plus a panoramic view across most of the track. 2 grandstands either side of the hairpin.
The race was exciting with a surprising winner, Ricciardo,...I advise that you get Grandstand tickets if you want a better view of the race including the pit stops.
1 Way to experience it
Jade Buddha Temple
#17 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
had a bit of trouble finding it due to GPS and building sites around but this Temple is beautiful and worth visiting.
In the entrance to the main Jade Statue of God Buddha a pyramid shaped group of carvings gives you a breathtaking view.
55 Ways to experience it
Taikang Road
#18 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
22 Ways to experience it
1933 Old Millfun
#19 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
If you continue walking down along the river you get amazing views of the Pudong skyline.
It was purposedly built as a Slaughterhouse for cows during the Era and now the government is giving the life back to this architectural site by having a function hall, creative spaces, offices, restaurants and ca...
2 Ways to experience it
#20 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
Also walk around the streets of the French Concession, there are various historical sites of interests.
Tons of restaurants and walking around sights.
73 Ways to experience it
Jing'an Temple
#21 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
... i still am memorized by its beautiful everyday, daytime visit is a must, and the area is great for walking around the nearby park and admiring the temple and area from the nearby view points is also suggested.
Jing'an Shi was originally built in 247AD, relocated in 1216 to its current site, rebuilt in the 19th century during the Qing Dynasty, converted into a plastics factory during the Cultural Revolution in the 60s an...
5 Ways to experience it
M50 Creative Park
#22 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
This sprawling collection of warehouse play hosts to 100's of individual studios - some "working" where the artist is there actually creating the art and others which simply provide a means to view and buy.
BONUS: There is a working wet darkroom on site.
6 Ways to experience it
Nanjing Lu (Nanjing Road)
#23 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
Catch the public transportation and wear comfortable walking shoes as you should just spend time walking along this street to soak in the sights (of the well preserved buildings, as well as the people) and to wind...
For hustle and bustle, the lights and sites this is a great free stroll along a pedestrian only street.
53 Ways to experience it
Zhongshan Road
#24 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
Its a nice road to go for a walk to enjoy the view of the Shanghai skyline, which is really remarkable.
Spectacular view.
20 Ways to experience it
Yuyuan Old Street
#25 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
Wow the amazing sites and sounds of this bustling market make it such a vibrant place to visit for shopping - so many bargains!!!
Loved strolling through this area, its historic, crammed with small shops, gorgeous buildings and interesting sights.
64 Ways to experience it
Shanghai World Financial Center Observatory
#26 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
Amazing city view all around - but mostly worth visiting it on a sunny day without clouds or fog, so might be difficult to plan in advance
There are great views of the Shanghai skyline from a variety of angles, including glass viewing panes in the floor.
7 Ways to experience it
People's Square (Renmin Guang Chang)
#27 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
The whole area includes the Shanghai museum and the opera and you can get a great view of it all from the Urban Planning Exhibition Hall.
When you have a hotel near the square it is very convenient to walk to all different attractions, including the Bund, To see the beautiful architecture from the Pudong area and the Huangpo site.
31 Ways to experience it
Shanghai Temple Of the Town God (Chenghung Miao)
#28 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
But the view is definitely worth it, the lakes, stunning landscapes and history.
This landmark is beautiful with lots of fish and historic buildings.
20 Ways to experience it
Shanghai Qibao Town
#29 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
I love this town as it is easy to get to from local trains, the small maze of streets set along the river has some amazing food, crafts and nice bars you can relax and view this water town.
Qibao is Excellent if You Consider the Convenience and Views
7 Ways to experience it
Garden Bridge
#30 of 455 Sights & Landmarks in Shanghai
4 Ways to experience it