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La Terrasse Inn Questions & Answers

Alresford, Hampshire, UK

Why was my brother Robbed in your Inn?

over a year ago Answer

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Property representative
Rodney Bay
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Dear Hans,

  Sorry for the late reply, we just received an email from tripadvisor as a reminder to answer you but did not see your message before.

We wish we knew why he was robbed but the question is not really why but how? We then need to explain you what happened exactly.

We were shocked and more than sorry for what happened to him. Your brother was alone when it happenned as it was on a Tuesday when the restaurant attached is closed. After welcoming him, we went to visit some friends in a nearby hotel that come once a year when we received his call about one hour after we had"left" him, telling us to come urgently as he had been robbed.

  We came right away and two nice women from a close Pizza restaurant were also there, helping him to calm down and relax and also called the Police station. After I called the Police back as they were taking a lot of time, they finally arrived and did their little round in his room and asked him a few questions but unfortunately nothing more could be done by them I beleive(Police here is a lot corrupted and don't really have much power other than beating local thieves or vagabonds when they feel like it)

    From there, we did absolutely our best to help him. First he called with our personnal Skype as long and far as needed for the insurance on his phone and computer and to block his bank cards. After that, we brought him to our own appartment where he could use our personal facebook profile to communicate also with his uncle. We then drove him to a hotel, gave them our personal credit card as a security. We insisted also to give him a bit of money as he told us he would only get some the next day and also a small laptop and extra mobile phone we had(bought some credit too for the phone) until the day he left so he could continue to communicate with his family/friends/insurance etc.... The last time we saw him was on the Friday at his hotel to get our belongings back and tell him goodbye and how sorry we were again!

    This experience was absolutely terrible for us too and you see we did everything we could to help him! That said, if you find our answer too long and detailed is because we always felt strongly that your brother was thinking that WE organised that robbery and by the cold way you are asking us "Why" did it happen makes us feel that our feeling was correct. I still hope it is not true. I really wonder who would be stupid enough to organise a robbery in his own establishment?! Concerning us, we would not organize such thing not even in the other side of the planet and you can see by the reviews we have(more even for the restaurant) that the only thing we are concerned about is the happiness of our costumers and how honnest we can be with them with the quality of our Inn and Restaurant.

  I dont think then that I need to explain you how the robbery happened as your brother probably told you. Nevertheless, we believe he forgot to close his private terrace door while(or not) in the shower and the thief could then unfortunately enter easily and take what he wanted. Again we always felt terribly sorry for him and we wish it would not have happened. We are making our best to secure the place even more and actually put a few weeks after some security cameras besides the high walls with barbwire already present.

      Hoping that answers to your question and doubts, if you need more information please let us know.

    Kind Regards, Claudia and Thomas Ebbesen

over a year ago
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