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Trip List by matwaites

Great Northern Circle with emphasis on Wildlife

8 Sep 2011  Wildlife abundant, and scenery very serene and breathtaking
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Do you want to know what the extreme Northern part of the province of BC is like? If you would like to learn about the hidden gems of the most remote areas of BC, then you will enjoy looking at this.

  • 1. Travelodge Quesnel
    Travelodge Quesnel BC, Quesnel, Cariboo

    This hotel is conveniently located in Downtown Quesnel, and we have stayed at this location multiple times. We are very impressed by the management, and by the cleanliness of this place, and it also provides a free continental breakfast.

  • 2. Mr Mike's Family Steakhouse
    MR MIKES SteakhouseCasual, Quesnel, Cariboo

    Mr. Mikes in Quesnel is a restaurant that we always look forward to going to when we go up to Quesnel. I would highly recommend it for anyone that is wanting good burgers, and also good steak as well.

  • 3. Stork Nest Inn
    Stork Nest Inn, Smithers, British Columbia

    This hotel is conveniently located, and not too far off of the highway. It is located right across the street from Boston Pizza. The rooms are very clean, and some are supplied with jacuzzis in the actual room. They offer a full breakfast including cereal, coffee and tea, pancakes, eggs, sausage and hashbrowns.

  • 4. Boston Pizza

    This is the second time that we have gone to this location, and the waitresses are pleasant, and the time that you get into this location, you're almost instantly given attention.

  • 5. Moricetown

    Moricetown is right off of the yellowhead highway also known as Highway 16. There is a canyon here that is of main interest at this location. A campground is also around here for campers to stay on their way possibly to the Cassiar Highway, or towards Prince Rupert. We saw a black bear family when we were there, so it would be a good idea to be bear aware.

  • 6. Seeley Lake

    This is a small campground that is located just past Hazelton on the way to Highway 37. There are some hiking trails in the area, as well as some good access to the waterfront, but if you're wanting to do the waterfront, you would probably need to go through one of the campsites, as one of the areas are pretty marshy.

  • 7. Meziadin Lake
    Meziadin Lake, Hyder, Alaska

    This is a provincial park that is located right before the turnoff to Highway 37A. The junction that leads down to Stewart. This is a very pretty campground/park, and there are areas that you're able to camp in, and there are also some areas that have RV spaces, as well as a picnic shelter that you're able to barbeque, and have picnics in. Please note in this area to be bear aware, as there were signs posted here to remind people of this.

  • 8. Stewart
    Stewart, Kitimat-Stikine District

    This is a small functional mining town. It has a bunch of older buildings, that are still in relatively good condition, or have been renovated to be in better condition. They have many services, but many of them are combined for instance, Service BC up there, will deal with not only fishing licences, but will also deal with driver's licences etc. Some points of interest right before Stewart is the Bear Glacier, which you will almost see immediately as you're travelling along Highway 37A. It is very scenic, and you cannot miss it. Also as a note for Highway 37A, please use caution in the Bear River Pass area, as there can be a lot of wind on this stretch.

  • 9. Ripley Creek Inn
    Ripley Creek Inn, Stewart, Kitimat-Stikine District

    We stayed at this lodge, and it is one of the nicer places in town. There are three general buildings in this location. There is the main lodge, and then the Kate Ryan Building, as well as the Crows Landing building. The Kate Ryan building in which the Registration Centre is located are those type of rooms equivalent to that of a motel. The room are immediately along a boardwalk. Both the Main Lodge, and the Crows Landing have rooms inside. There are also a common areas in the Main Lodge, as well as the Crows Landing. In addition to a couple of common areas, they also have bicycles, and a fitness room for your use during your stay too. The food restaurant that they have is the Bitter Cafe on the other side of the street. Please note that they are only open for dinner, so you need to find other alternatives for breakfast and lunch.

  • 10. King Edward Hotel
    King Edward Hotel & Motel, Stewart, Kitimat-Stikine District

    We didn't stay in this accommodation, but we ate two of the meals there during our stay in Stewart. When we arrived in Stewart we were very hungry, so we were looking for somewhere that was open for lunch, or for an early dinner. We decided on the cafe style restaurant in this place. We also had breakfast at this place as well the next day. The prices are very reasonable for the food that you get.

  • 11. Hyder
    Hyder, Alaska

    This is a small quaint little town that is located in the boundaries of Alaska and British Columbia. The two main attractions in this small little qauint town is to get "hyderized" at their pub at the Glacier Inn, and then the bear watching platform. For those who are wanting to attempt Hyder, need to have one of the following to prove Canadian Citizenship: a picture ID such as drivers licence, or BC ID, and birth certificate, or a passport to confirm citizenship. You DO NOT need to go through Customs on the way into Hyder, but you need to do so on the way through to Canada.

  • 12. Tongass National Forest
    Tongass National Forest, Ketchikan, Alaska

    The Fish Creek Wildlife Management viewing platform is located within the Tongass Forest approximately 8 km down Salmon Glacier Road from the small town of Hyder. It is a bumpy road with lots of potholes. The cost to get into the viewing platform area is 5$ per adult. The pass that you get is good for 24 hours. Also, those people who have national park passes for the United States, do not need to pay admission, but they need to show this as proof of payment when entering the paid area. If you park in the parking lot that is further from the main area, there is a boardwalk that you need to go down, as bears can walk down to the water from any direction. There are park officials that are located at various portions of this viewing area to ensure that the safety of the public is there, as well as for the bears.

  • 13. Stewart-Cassiar Highway
    Stewart-Cassiar Highway, British Columbia, Canada

    This highway starts at the junction of Highway 16. There are many small towns along the way up to the border of the Yukon. The road does deteriorate somewhat after Dease Lake, and you will find that closer to Tatogga Lake that there will not be any road lines. There are varying elevations on the highway, and drivers should be aware of wildlife that may come out onto the highway, or be on the roadside. Also there are times of adverse weather such as fog, rain, snow etc. and driving should be adjusted accordingly. There are also some native villages that you can access from this highway as well such as the Nisga Villages, Iskut as examples. Also be sure to check your fuel, as there are long stretches between gas stations. There are also some wilderness provincial parks located on this highway as well: Kinaskan Lake, Spatsizi Headwaters, Spatsizi Plateau, Mount Edziza, Stikine River Park and Boya Lake. There are some other recreational areas as well through this stretch.

  • 14. Tatogga Lake Resort
    Tatogga Lake Resort, Iskut, Kitimat-Stikine District

    This is a resort that is conveniently located kilometers within the town of Iskut. It has various services such as adventures travels such as fishing, hiking, flightseeing etc. There is a helicopter, and float planes that are located on the property. There are also RV spaces, as well as some cabins, both ones without electricity, and then ones with electricity. There is also a common area that is near the restaurant. The accommodations are a great place as a base for recreational activities such as hiking, fishing etc. The food is a tiny bit pricey, but is tasty.

  • 15. Stikine River Provincial Park

    The boundaries of this park are located on Highway 37. The part that is on this highway is very high in elevation, so there could be adverse weather at anytime. Be prepared for snow, hail, lightning, sun, rain, in this portion of the highway. Also there would be a good chance of seeing wildlife such as moose etc. if the skies are more or less clear. We didn't get a great chance to see any wildlife, because of the temperature being cool, and the fact that was during hunting season, so probably many of the animals were hiding. I can just comment on the highway portion of this park, as we didn't go into the other portion of this park. The word of advice, for both this park and all the other wilderness parks along this highway, be prepared to be self-sufficient (maps, gps, backcountry equipment) etc.

  • 16. Dease Lake
    Dease Lake, British Columbia

    This town has many ammenties such as food, accommodations and other facilities. This area is also known for the "Pacific/Arctic Divide". We also stopped for breakfast at the Northlands Motel aka as Momma Zora's restaurant. The server was very polite, and was very helpful. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone.

  • 17. Boya Lake Provincial Park

    This is a provincial park right before the Yukon Border, and during the summer would offer a pleasant stop for a swim in the lake. Even when we went there the water felt quite warm. There are also opportunities for camping, canoeing/kayaking and hiking. If you would like a stop before the Yukon Border then this park is for you.

  • 18. Nugget City
    Nugget City, Watson Lake, Yukon

    This accommodation is conveniently located on the Alaska Highway approximately 4 km from the junction of Highway 37 and the Alaska Highway. If you're coming in the direction from Highway 37, you will need to turn left. There are front side cabins which face the highway, as well as some more deluxe cabins that are located closer to the lake. They also have sleeper rooms that only have beds, but you would need to share facilities (shower and bathroom). The also have a gift shop called the Northern Beaver Post. Linda the owner, is really helpful, and she is willing to answer many questions that you may have. Also they have a restaurant called "Wolf it Down". The food is very good, but it is a bit on the pricey side. For those that need Wi-Fi access, will need to pay 5$ an hour, and that is located in the restaurant. The internet is currently on satellite.

  • 19. Watson Lake
    Watson Lake, Yukon

    This is one of the larger towns within the Yukon. It has many ammenities such as food, accommodation, gas and diesel etc. There are also many recreational activities such as hiking, boating, camping, and you're also able to visit the town's sign post forest, as well as the northern lights center to learn about the northern lights, as well as space exploration.

  • 20. Liard Hotsprings Lodge and RV Park
    Liard Hotsprings Lodge and RV Park, British Columbia, Canada

    This accommodation used to be known as Trapper Rays. This lodge is located right on the Alaska Highway, and is situated right across the street from the Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park. The rooms are neat and clean, but just as a word of caution if you go during the warmer times of year, be prepared for no air conditioning, and be prepared to use the fan! The food at this location was very tasty, and reasonably priced. Also, do not bring the towels from this accommodation to the hot springs, as they will charge you for the missing towels.

  • 21. Liard Hot Springs
    Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada

    The hotsprings are located along a boardwalk that is approximately 700 m to the first pool, the Alpha Pool. There is a changing room, as well as showering facilities located at the hotsprings. Please note that if you want warmer temperatures, go to the right, when you are facing from the showering/changing rooms. If you want cooler temperatures, go to the lower part of the pool to the left. Please note that the Beta Pools are closed from late August onwards, as there can be conflicts with wildlife past the Alpha Pools. Also, there is a chance of viewing Moose, Bison, and Bears along the boardwalk, so make sure that you keep children within close quarters. Also, from what one of the signs mentioned, dogs are not permitted past the parking lot, as there is sensitive environment, and possible conflicts with wildlife, etc.

  • 22. Alaska Highway
    Alaska Highway, Delta Junction, Alaska

    The Alaska Highway was built by the American Engineers Corps, as a method of travel from Prince George up to Alaska during World War 2. Like the Cassiar/Stewart Highway, the highway can go quite high in elevation followed by lower in elevations. Along this highway, you will pass a number of lodges, as well as provincial parks, as well as bordering with the Northern Rocky Trench. There is also abundant amounts of wildlife along this stretch such as Bison, Moose, Buffallo, Bears (grizzly, black), Stone Sheep, Wild Horses etc. This road should be taken with caution when there are the yellow signs stating km/hr. Also, even when there are signs stating that there are wildlife in the area, be ready to spot as necessary. There is also ample fishing opportunities along this stretch too. For more detailed information regarding this highway from Dawson Creek to Alaska, refer to the Bells Guide, or type "Alaska Highway" in google, and you will come across the guide. Very helpful information.

  • 23. Northern Rockies Lodge
    Northern Rockies Lodge, Muncho Lake, British Columbia

    This location is conveniently located on Highway 97 aka Alaska Highway. There are RV and camping spots, as well as having the option of staying in their motel, cabins or chalets along the waterfront. They have rooms in their main lodge as well. We stayed in one of the lodge rooms. It was very nice, and the beds were really comfortable. We also ate a few times in their restaurant, and just as a word of caution, if you have a smaller appetite, you should share dishes. You need however, to make sure that you spend at least 8$ a person. So if you share a main entree, have a side salad, or a desert, and it will add up to the 8$/ person minimum. The food is really good, and they specialize in the schniztel. The food can be pricey, but you get well worth the value in food. There are also a lot of activities that can be done around the lodge including: fishing, flightseeing, wildlife viewing, boating etc. This lodge is open year round. Also if you're camping, and there is no room for the lodge sites, they also have two campgrounds located in the Muncho Provincial Park. The two are: McDonald Creek, and Strawberry Flats.

  • 24. Fort Nelson
    Fort Nelson, British Columbia

    This is one of the major towns in Northern BC along the Alaska Highway, and has most the ammenities such as a movie theatre, a few museums, food, accommodations, and also a few campgrounds. There were a couple of restaurants that we went to within Fort Nelson that were good. One was at the Camp Grounds called G Hideway. They have excellent southern fried chicken burgers! Delicious! We then went in the evening for a snack to Dan's Neighborhood Pub, which is located right across from the Bluebell Inn. Very good service, and would return there! In the evening we went to the Phoenix Movie Theatres. Monday is their cheap night at 5.00/person. The concession price is also about 7.00 for the large combo.

  • 25. Fort Nelson Heritage Museum
    Fort Nelson Heritage Museum, Fort Nelson, British Columbia

    This museum was very stunning to look at. It had artifacts from the earlier days of the old city of Fort Nelson, as well as old cars, blacksmith, etc. If you're interested in finding out about the history of the Alaska Highway, or about the history of Fort Nelson, this museum is definitely for you. Please note that this museum always closes in early September due to snowy weather that doesn't happen too much later. So if you want to view this museum, you will need to view it in the spring/summer months like May to about early Sept. Call them if you want further dates of when they open up for sure.

  • 26. Fort Nelson Hotel
    Fort Nelson Hotel, Fort Nelson, British Columbia

    We had breakfast in their cafeteria attached to the hotel. It was a very nice breakfast with their buffet. The service was very good, and the servers were really polite.

  • 27. Blue Bell Inn
    Blue Bell Inn, Fort Nelson, British Columbia

    We stayed in this place in Fort Nelson. This accommodation is located at Petro Canada. The motel is very comfortable, and would return to this location.

  • 28. Kiskatinaw Bridge
    Kiskatinaw Bridge, Dawson Creek, British Columbia

    This bridge was built during the World War 2 by the American Engineer Corps. The bridge still stands today, and is one of the tallest and curved bridges. You have to drive about 1km or so off of the Alaska Highway to view this location. It is located on the old Alaska Highway. Please note that you do not have to turn around after viewing the bridge, as it is a loop road back to highway 97, and there are instructions on signs of how to get back there. There is also a provincial park that is located along this road as well.

  • 29. Dawson Creek
    Dawson Creek, British Columbia

    This city is known as Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway. There are some grain elevators that are located within town. There are a lot of ammenities that are offerred in this city as well.

  • 30. Mr. Mikes West Coast Grill
    MR MIKES SteakhouseCasual, Dawson Creek, British Columbia

    Like all of the other Mr. Mikes Locations, the food is very good at this location, and the price is with par to the rest of the locations as well. Very good service as well, and it has food for everybody's tastes. The most popular dishes though at this restaurant is the ever famous Mr. Mikes burger.

  • 31. Peace Villa Motel
    Peace Villa Motel, Dawson Creek, British Columbia

    This accommodation has very friendly staff working here, and they seem to care for the needs of the customers that use the motel. There is also free wifi, as well as a free continental breakfast. On the flip side, the rooms appear to be somewhat outdated, and the clealiness could be better. Also, as a major note. If you are a non-smoker, ensure that you get a room next to someone who DOES NOT smoke. We stayed in a room, and smell of cigarette smoke wafted through the double door that connected to the next unit, and into our room. It is not very nice for those people who do not smoke.

  • 32. Orion Restaurant
    Orion Restaurant, Dawson Creek, British Columbia

    This restaurant is very nice. They are a rather unique restaurant in the fact that they have steak as well as Chinese Cuisine. The food is very good. They have a smorgasboard as well, but we were not in time for it, so we had to use the menu to order food options. Also, please note for people who would like refills, mention to the waitress, that you would like refills on pop, so they will charge you a dollar extra. I didn't know about this, and it would be 2.00 for a refill of pop.

  • 33. Rockwell pub

    We went here a while after dinner for some drinks, and also to discover what it would be like for night life in Dawson Creek. The pub seemed like it was very busy and popular with the locals. The servers were very nice, and the service was fairly good too.

  • 34. forestry trunk road

    The Foresty Trunk Road, also known as highway 40 up in the Northern Part of Alberta is very interesting. Very scenic. As a word of caution on this road however, is there are many areas of wildlife sanctuaries, where you need to go the posted speed limit, and that you cannot hunt in these areas. On the top portion near Grande Cache, there are some mining/gas operations. This Foresty Trunk Section links up to Hinton AB.

  • 35. Hinton

    HInton is the closest community that is located to the outskirts of Jasper National Park. There is a community of Jasper, but the first part of the park, and up to the park boundaries, the closest community would be Hinton. There are most ammenites in Hinton including accommodations, food, retail, restaurants etc.

  • 36. Ranchers Sports Bar & Grill Ltd
    Ranchers Sports Bar & Grill Ltd, Hinton

    We went to this restaurant last year as well, and just like last year the food was very good. This year we had 35 cent wings for a quantity of 12. They are very delicious. Look for the specials board at the sports bar for more information on when those deals come up. The steak sandwiches there were really good too.

  • 37. Nova Inn Hinton
    Quality Inn & Suites, Hinton

    We stayed at this accommodation for the first time, and it reminds me a little bit of the Sandman Hotel as well as the Holiday Inn Express. Rooms were comfortable and very clean. There was also a pool that you could make use of. For those people who are early risers, breakfast starts as early as 4 a.m. and then goes to 11 a.m. Please keep in mind, that this location is close to the McDonalds and Dairy Queen. They have a sister location which is a lodge, which is located near the Safeway.

  • 38. Jasper

    This is the community within Jasper National Park. There are pretty much all ammenities here including restaurants, food, accommodations, recreational activities etc. Sometimes Elk can be spotted feeding on the grass within the town limits. This is the hub for many recreational pursuits through the park.

  • 39. Mount Robson Provincial Park
    Mount Robson Provincial Park, Alberta

    This is the first provincial park as you go from the BC/Alberta Border. There are many chances of seeing wildlife within in the highway corridor area within this park. Also if you're lucky enough to get a view of Mount Robson on a clear day, then make sure that you take any advantage that you can of it. We happened to get one of those "rare" days of clear weather, and were treated to a clear view of the peak of Mount Robson. The tourist center located near this mountain, has a lot of great information regarding the park, as well as accommodations and other activities through the rest of the province.

  • 40. Yellowhead Highway

    This highway is the one that leads from the Mount Robson Corridor to Prince George known as Highway 16, and then there is a highway known as Highway 5, that leads south towards Kamloops. You need to make sure that you choose the correct option for your travels, as one you veer to the right, and then the route to the south you veer to the left. If you're travelling the Hwy 16 route, you will cover towns such as McBride, Prince George, Vanderhoof, Burns Lake, Houston, Telka, Smithers, Morice Town, Terrace, Prince Rupert. If you go to the south, then you will see towns such as Valemount, Blue River, Avola, Vavenby, Birch Island, Clearwater, Kamloops. Please note from Kamloops, and down, this route is known as the Coquihalla Hwy.

  • 41. Sun Peaks
    Sun Peaks, British Columbia

    This resort makes you think like you're in an European town. It has that Swiss sort of theme. The resort is used for skiing, dogsledding, skating, and tubing in the winter, and then hiking, biking, canoeing/kayaking in the summer. It is similar to that of Panorama Mountain Village, in the ways that they have properties scattered throughout the area. Please be bear smart when you visit here, and if you choose to do hiking, and biking in the area.

  • 42. Hearthstone Lodge

    We stayed in this location when we were in Sun Peaks. The lodge was very nice, and it is pretty quiet when we were there as it was during the off season, meaning, it wasn't during the high peak in the summer, or in the very high peak during the winter. There are a few restaurants that are in this lodge including Mile High Pizza, Bella Italia Ristorante, and then also a coffee bar too. The rooms are very nice, and be prepared to make use of your fan when you're in the rooms, as during the summer it can get quite warm. If you come during the summer, ensure that you open up the window, and then place the back of the fan pointing out the window, and the front part of the fan facing the areas of the room that you're in. This works to cool down the room fairly quickly.

  • 43. Bella Italia Ristorante
    Bella Italia Ristorante, Sun Peaks, British Columbia

    The food was very good in this restaurant. We chose the sphagetti and the bolognese sauce, and it was very good. One thing that I liked about this restaurant is that the pasta was actually hot in temperature, where as many plates of pasta that you get does not retain the heat. We had the donuts and chocolate sauce, and that was really good. The server was also very good, and met the needs that we had in the restaurant for service!

  • 44. Bottoms Bar & Grill
    Bottoms Bar & Grill, Sun Peaks, British Columbia

    This pub was suggested by the server from the Bella Italia Ristorante, and was very good. It looks like most of the locals attend this pub, and there is some good music in there as well. There is a very good bartender, Brian that works there. He is very attentive to the needs of the customers, and it makes you want to go back.

  • 45. Kamloops
    Kamloops, British Columbia

    Kamloops is the hub to almost all of the countless opportunities of recreation within the area. There are many provincial parks, campgrounds, and other attractions around here that are unlimited. There are also full ammenities within this city including food, accommodation, recreation, retail and so on.

  • 46. Merritt
    Merritt, British Columbia

    Known as the Music Capital of the Province, this city is also a hub to the Nicolla Valley area. There are many ammenities in this town as well, and a good stop off for food. This is also the hub for the Okanagan Connector towards Kelowna and other areas such as Tulameen, Princeton etc.

  • 47. Tulameen
    Tulameen, British Columbia

    This is one of the small towns that are near Princeton BC. It is near Otter Lake Provincial Park, and is a small knitted community where people know one another. Fishing and boating are popular activities around here, as well as ATV in the summer, and then snowmobiling in the winter.

  • 48. Manning Park

    This very large provincial park covers quite a bit of ground along the Crowsnest Highway also known as Hwy 3. There is a resort, as well as countless sites such as Cambie Creek, Lightning Lake, Gibsons Pass, Cascade Recreation area, Rhododenron Flats and so on.