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Sonoma Culinary Tour

Pair a drive through this famed wine region with great food.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Multiple days

Overview :  T+L explores this food lover’s paradise, with its rugged coastline cliffs and rolling inland vineyards.

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Points of Interest

An 1892 ranch house with five spacious rooms and one cottage, family antiques, and local art.

11775 Sonoma Hwy.
Glen Ellen, California
United States

(707) 996-6501

2. Cyrus

Sonoma Valley dining doesn’t get any finer than it does here, at this two-Michelin-starred restaurant set in Healdsburg’s Hotel Le Mars. The dining room—where the vaulted ceilings glow with golden light and where natty servers proffer selections from the caviar cart, cheese cart, and truffle humidor—encourages dressing up; and the sublime... More

The resident gardener grows organic fruits and vegetables for the spa’s nourishing Carrot, Carrot, Carrot body mask as well as the Michelin-starred farm-to-table restaurant.

7871 River Rd.
Forestville, California
United States

(800) 464-6642

The food here is simple and fresh, much of it grown on the owner Dan Smith’s farm down the road. He operates a produce market at the restaurant on Sundays.

8050 Bodega Ave.
Sebastopol, California
United States

(707) 824-2030

5. Goat Rock Beach

At Goat Rock beach, in Jenner, the waves crash into large rock formations looming offshore and then race up the sand, retreating with salt foam and seaweed in their wake. This is not the sort of water you swim in, unless you’re a dog, or wearing a wet suit. It’s the sort of water you look at, trying to spot seals or maybe an otter.

Goat ... More

Healdsburg’s historic downtown got a big dose of modern chic when this hotel opened in 2002, right on the main square. The property has a sophisticated, W-ish aesthetic, with common areas (a cavernous, firelit lobby lounge, a glassed-in breakfast atrium, a sleek outdoor pool) that feel luxe and decidedly angular. The 55 guest rooms are more... More

Long considered Sonoma’s ultimate boutique retreat, the Kenwood occupies an elegant, ivy-covered Mediterranean villa that blends harmoniously into the surrounding vineyards. Though the property has 29 rooms—all impeccably turned out with featherbeds and Italian linens, antique mirrors, chandeliers, and private fireplaces—you may feel as though you... More

The menu at this 2008-opened restaurant is eclectic, with crab cakes and a pulled-pork sandwich and a cassoulet. There are also oysters, local sardines, and osso buco. Order the amazing fish stew, with salmon, rock cod, and potatoes in a light tomato-and-fennel broth. The restaurant is run by Andrew Truong and Liya Lin Truong, a young couple who... More

The place is a local institution for dense and crusty sourdough loaves.

140 Bohemian Hwy.
Freestone, California
United States

(707) 874-2938

A casual and self-consciously funky place in Santa Rosa. The narrow room is lively, with copper-top tables and a long bar. The staff is young, tattooed, and coolly professional. The food is remarkable—proudly local (Zazu, as advertised, also has its own farm), with strong flavors and interesting, unfussy preparations.

3535 Guerneville Rd... More