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Jennie and Weaver Lakes Loop

A backpacking loop to two subalpine lakes just outside of Sequoia National Park.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 16 miles
Duration: Multiple days

Overview :  This trip does a loop through the Jennie Lakes Wilderness, visiting two subalpine lakes suitable for fishing at the height of summer. ... more »

Tips:  The best trailhead for this hike is the Fox Meadow trailhead (Forest Service Road 14S16) which is dirt but drivable by passenger cars.... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Fox Meadow Trailhead

At the end of unmarked Forest Service Road 14S16 (drivable by passenger cars) is the Fox Meadow trailhead. Sign the trail register here; this is the only way that rangers can track your use of this trail!

2. Fox Meadow

Fox Meadow near the Fox Meadow Trailhead

3. Weaver-Jennie Lakes Junction

At a creek, the trail splits: right and up the hill towards Jennie Lake, left and across the creek to Weaver Lake. For this route, go up the hill and you will return across the creek.

4. Poop Out Pass

The gentle terrain belies the name "Poop Out Pass" but that's what the map says.

5. Jennie Lake

Jennie Lake is a very pretty subalpine lake that is very popular and a good place to camp. It's also the first reliable water since the wilderness boundary.

6. JO Pass

Here at JO Pass, multiple trails converge: the ridgeline trail from Jennie Lake, a trail dropping towards Sequoia National Park and Cahoon Gap, and a northbound trail that heads towards Rowell Meadow and Weaver Lake.

From the pass you can get an excellent view of Mount Silliman and the Silliman Crest.

7. Creek Crossing

This is the first reliable water since Jennie Lake.

8. Boulder Creek Canyon

Boulder Creek Canyon is what the trail drops into; here you have an excellent view of the Kaweah Divide, below which is nestled Jennie Lake.

9. JO Pass-Weaver Lake- Rowell Meadow Junction

After a long, pleasant descent from JO Pass, you reach the junction with the Weaver Lake- Rowell Meadow trail. It is, as the photo shows, rather poorly signed, so make sure you take the correct turn!

10. Boulder Creek

One of several tributaries of Boulder Creek and a good place to get water. There are four major creek crossings during the descent into Boulder Creek Canyon.

11. Weaver Lake

Weaver Lake is smaller and lower elevation but no less pretty than its cousin Jennie. There is decent camping on the south side of the lake.

12. Weaver Lake Junction

From here Weaver Lake is about 0.2 miles south. Go west to Fox Meadow and the route start.