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West End: Toronto Neighborhood Walk

Formerly fusty and nondescript Ossington Avenue is now a Toronto hot spot.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Half day

Overview :  Once a dowdy working-class strip, the West End’s Ossington Avenue has been transformed into a high-style hub for galleries, shops, and... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Jonathan + Olivia

Located in Beaconsfield Village along Ossington Ave., this stylish boutique is known for its luxe tees and sweats, artfully draped dresses and knits, impeccably tailored coats, and chunky handcrafted jewelry. Named after owner Jackie O’Brien's niece and nephew, the gallery-like space is filled with custom and reclaimed fixtures, and O’Brien’s... More

2. Ministry of the Interior

This quirky gallery and boutique is known for its offbeat exhibitions and designer home furnishings. Launched in 2007, MOTI was one of the first upmarket shops to put down roots on this once-gritty strip of now-prime downtown real estate in hipster-centric Beaconsfield Village. Its neighbors include art galleries, vintage-clothing stores, craft... More

Authentic Neopolitan-style pizzas are on the menu at this Beaconsfield Village pizzeria, which uses fresh ingredients and a wood-burning oven handmade in Naples for owners Rocco Agostino and Max Rimaldi. The oven operates at 900 degrees, essential for creating that characteristically blistered, charred crust. Artisanal, in-season, and local... More

4. Virginia Johnson

Located in Beaconsfield Village, Virginia Johnson’s eponymous shop showcases the illustrator and textile artist’s silkscreens on a variety of fashionable media. Formerly an accessories designer at Helmut Lang, Johnson’s women’s wear, bedding, and tote bags are characterized by natural and travel-inspired motifs. A small pouch sporting a... More

This downtown cocktail bar takes its style cues from Manhattan’s circa-1950s and -60s cocktail lounges with sleek black booths and wallpaper featuring old magazine covers. Classic cocktails like Manhattans, sidecars, and mojitos are served alongside more modern concoctions such as el diablo, made with Cuervo Gold, tequila, Chambord, lime juice,... More