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A Royally Amusing Family Tour

Palaces, parks and other spots kids will love
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 3 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview :  This mostly walking tour is designed with kids from 6-12 in mind, although teens would probably enjoy it as well. There are plenty of ... more »

Tips:  Make this a leisurely day by letting the kids set the pace for the most part. There are plenty of places along the route to rest, eat ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. St. James' Palace

A great deal older and a great deal smaller than Buckingham Palace down the road, St. James' Palace has housed a great many royals since 1536. Henry VIII decreed it built and both of his daughters (Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth) spent time here. While most of the palace was restored after a devasting fire in 1809, the octagonal turrets on either ... More

The famous British architect John Nash designed Clarence House, which was finished in 1828. Although you can't see the building properly from the Mall, you can watch the two guards in front do their thing before heading up to Buckingham Palace. The ground floor is open to the public in August if you are an avid fan of stately homes.

Not exactly a fairytale castle in the Disney sense, but certainly imposing, Buckingham Palace (all 600 rooms) is the London home of Queen Elizabeth. You'll know she's "in" when you see the royal standard flag flying in the breeze.

Queen Victoria was the first sovereign to call the place home, although it was her uncle, King George IV, who... More

St. James' Park is the oldest royal park in London and my personal favorite. The views are stunning, the lake is peaceful, there is a plentiful array of birds and it's just the right size.

The compact playground at the top of the park is strictly for younger-than 12s; adults aren't allowed in unless accompanied by a child. It's a convenient... More

If you hear the beat of a marching band around Birdcage Walk, follow it to the Wellington Barracks, staff headquarters for the five regiments of Foot Guards soldiers. You'll find the Guards Museum close by, and, even better, the museum gift shop.

Fans of soldiers--real and toy--will be entranced by the exhibits and the model soldiers in the gift ... More

Don't tell the kids, but someone attached a nose--OK, a reasonable facsimile of a nose--to the northernmost arch that separates the Mall from Trafalgar Square. Why? Only the nose knows, but some say it was done by the army to thumb their collective schnozes at the navy. After all, the structure, built in 1910, is named Admiralty Arch. As you walk ... More

There's a great deal of history to Trafalgar Square, but in the main, kids are mostly interested in figuring out how to climb onto one of the lion sculptures flanking Nelson's Column. Do look around for the miniature former police station (pictured) and the fourth plinth (a base for statues, but this one doesn't bear a historical figure) to the... More

This early 18th century church offers a full schedule of free concerts at 1pm many days of the week and regular evening concerts. But for the purposes of this outing, you'll want to go directly to the crypt where you can have lunch, afternoon tea or a snack and the kids can try their hands at brass rubbing. It's a good place to rest before heading... More

Eliza Doolittle's heirs haven't hawked a flower in Covent Garden in more than 50 years, but this bustling area has been home to traders of one sort or another since the middle of the 17th century. There's tons of shopping and in the afternoons you'll usually find street performers on the main plaza entertaining the tourists unless the weather is... More

It's been a long day, and if you decide to bypass this huge and likely crowded toy emporium, it's understandable. If you do go, I recommend placing a time limit on the kids as you could lose them among the countless games, art supplies, dolls, puzzles, etc., and never see anything else of London. Your choice of course.
188-196 Regent St.
... More