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Shopping, Markets, Street Performers and Afternoon Tea.

A jaunt in a horse drawn carriage, vintage clothes, market stalls, buskers, ending with afternoon tea at the Westbury.
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  This tour begins beside St. Stephens Green Park. As you walk you will see a selection of small and large shops, some vintage, some... more »

Tips:  If you are taking a jaunt in a horse carriage, don't be afraid to haggle on the price. Some pubs will serve a hot plate lunch between ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Choose a jaunt in a horse drawn carriage or a Hop on Hop off bus.

The starting point for your walk is here, alongside Dublin's famous St.Stephens Green. This is where you can book a trip on the Hop on Hop off bus, a jaunt in a horse drawn carriage, or a land and water tour in an amphibious craft. But that's for later, this trail is about walking. Head across the road to the top of Grafton Street and walk along... More

2. Luas Line

Dublin's Light Rail Train System. The Green Line starts here. If you need more shopping or if it's raining, hop on this for a trip to the huge out of town Dundrum Shopping Centre passing through Dublin's surburbia en route. However, don't hop on the train for this tour.

Over 100 outlets here. Fashion, restaurants, ice cream, pharmacy and health food. Souvenirs and hair stylists. If you are on a budget, you will find a range of fast food outlets on the first floor at the top of the escalator. There is also Ireland's famous Dunnes Stores here, spread over 4 floors, that sells everything from clothes to homewares.... More

Celebrating over 80 years as a theatre, you can see both matinees and evening performances here.At Christmas time, this theatre stages some great family entertainment.

5. Chatham Street

After you pass the Gaiety Theatre, make a right turn on to Chatham Row and continue to the junction. To your right, you will see the famous Edwardian Neary's Pub. Here you will also find a selection of Italian restaurants serving good food. Head to your left on Chatham Row. As you pass along this street, you might hear student choirs coming from... More

Walk along South William Street until you come to the junction with Coppinger Row. To your right is the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre. Here you will find a selection of restaurants and shopping, including a selection of Art, Craft and Antique outlets on the first floor. This Georgian building was the former home of Richard Wingfield 3rd Viscount of... More

Dublin's first purpose-built Victorian Shopping Centre opened in 1881 that was tragically destroyed by fire in 1892. It was re-opened in 1894 and has been trading here since then. There are approximately 50 tenants trading here today that include Fortune Telling, Memorabilia, Stamps and Coins, Music, Clothes, Art and Jewellery. Exit back on to... More

This building contains a restaurant, a food hall and a wine bar. It is a lovely building that once housed a telephone exchange. It has 20 foot ceilings, old cast iron pillars, parquet flooring and a big skylight that floods the shop with light. Stock up on some fresh fruit here. Turn left as you leave the premises. You are heading toward the Old... More

This pub has been located on this site for over 300 years. Originally a grocery store as well as a pub until the then owner John Cox decided in 1885 that there was more money in selling alcohol than in selling groceries. During the War of Independence, the premises was frequently visited by Michael Collins of the Irish Republican Brotherhood where... More

Located in an old church. Here you can get free information on places to visit and things to do for all of Ireland. Information and accommodation booking service available. Purchase The Dublin Pass, the smart card for Dublin that gives you free entrance to over 30 visitor attractions. Tickets for all theatre, concert, comedy and music venues in... More

Take a picture here alongside Dublin's famous Molly Malone statue. Now head straight across the road toward the junction of Nassau Street and Dawson Street.

As you arrive at this point, you will see the House of Ireland shop on your right. Make a note to return here to shop for the finest Irish Linens, Glass Crystal, China, Clothing etc. Almost directly across the road you will see a side entrance to Trinity College. Enter here if you want to see the Book of Kells and Old Library. Maybe take a stroll ... More

13. Book of Kells and Old Library

The main chamber of the Old Library is the Long Room. Nearly 65 metres in length, it contains over 200,000 books. The Book of Kells manuscript contains the four Gospels in Latin based on a Vulgate text, written on vellum (prepared calfskin). Believed to have been written around the year 800 a.d.

Along this street you will find a bookshop called Hodges & Figgis. Toward the top of the street, you will see the Lord Mayor's residence, called the Mansion House. If you are thinking of visiting Glendalough on a day trip, you can catch the St. Kevins Bus service from opposite the Mansion House.

As you walk up Dawson Street, you will be taking a right turn onto Duke Street, the home of two famous pubs: The Bailey and Davy Byrnes. If you decide to take the next turn from Dawson Street onto St. Anne Street, you will find Kehoes, one of Dublin's trendiest traditional pubs. The bar is decorated in the style of an old Dublin pub, with stylish ... More

16. Westbury Hotel Dublin

As you walk toward the top of Grafton Street, take a right turn on to Harry Street. Your final stop is The Westbury Hotel for a scrumptious afternoon tea. But before you head here, make a note of the pub on your right called Bruxelles, home to a great mix of music.

Across the road there is another pub called McDaids, with an interesting history.... More