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Siuloid na Cille, Dun Chaoin, Co. Kerry

Spectacular way-marked coastal walk in Dun Chaoin, West Kerry, Ireland. This is one of Ireland's National Looped Walks.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 2.8 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  This looped walk starts and finishes in the Blasket Centre car park in Dun Chaoin. It offers beautiful Atlantic views of the Blaskets ... more »

Tips:  Wear good foot gear and bring rain gear as the weather changes quickly and you can be caught out with little or no shelter.

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Points of Interest

1. Ionad an Bhlascaoid/Blasket Centre

Ionad an Bhlascaoid commemorates the Blasket Island and its people. The Great Blasket Island which is three miles off the coast is famous for the rich body of literature produced by its people including Peig Sayers, Tomás Criomhthain and Muiris O Suilleabhain. The island was abandoned in 1953. The centre is well worth visiting for its exhibition... More

2. An Oige Hostel

Great location for hostel accommodation if visiting the area on a budget. This hostel is run by a local family who can converse with you in the Irish language. This is a popular stop for walkers and hikers. Slí Chorca Dhuibhne/ The Dingle Way one of Ireland's National Way-marked walks passes by the door.

Gheobhaidh tu loistin maith anseo le... More

3. Views of Traigh Chloichir and Ceann Sibeal

Enjoy the great views of Traigh Chloichir and Ceann Sibeal and the rugged coastline to the North.

Ta radharcanna deasa de Thraigh Chloichir agus Ceann Sibeal le feiscint on ait seo.

4. View of Blasket Islands

You can get a ferry into the island from the pier in Dun Chaoin. Ferries run from April to October weather permitting. There is a fine walk in the island.

Is fiu go mor an turas farraige 3 mhile a dheanamh o Che Dhun Chaoin go Slip an Oileain. Bionn na baid ag rith o Aibrean go Deireadh Fomhair ag brath ar aimsir. Ta siuloid bhrea istigh san... More

5. Atlantic waves in Dun Chaoin

Ceann Sratha is the name of this headland. The other headland to your west is called An Dun Mor, the most westerly headland in Europe!

Ceann Sratha a thugtar ar an gceann tire seo. Is e an Dun Mor a thugtar ar an gceann tire ata siar uait. Is e seo an ceann tire is sia siar san Eoraip!

6. Ryan's Daughter school house

This is the old school house which was built for the Ryan's Daughter film. The film was directed by David Lean and was filmed in the area in 1970. The film starred Robert Mitchum and Sarah Miles. Sadly the building is now in a derelict state.

Seanscoil an film Ryan's Daughter e an foirgneamh seo ach e ag titim as a cheile anois, faraoir. Ta... More

7. Sea views of An Cuaisin and An Charraig Dhubh

Enjoy the views to the island from here. You are nearly home now!

Bain sasamh as na radharcanna breatha ar an oilean on lathair seo. Ta tu nach mor ag baile anois!

8. Parking

There are plenty of parking spaces available here.

Ta tarrac ar spasanna pairceala anseo.

9. Tigh Kruger

If you are feeling thirsty after your walk, enjoy a pint in the local pub.

Beidh tart ort tar eis do shiuil. Is feidir piunt a fhail i dTigh Kruger. Bain sup as!

10. Pottery and cafe

Local pottery where you will find wholesome food, gifts and postcards.

Gheobhaidh tu bia brea follain agus rogha bronntanaisi sa photadoireacht seo.