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Beach Park Bike Route - from Harbor to Harbor

Danish title: På cykeltur 4 - Strandparken - fra havn til havn
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 9.693 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  This Bike trip from Hundige Harbour to Brøndby Harbour runs through the beach park and gives a good impression of the landscape and... more »

Tips:  The trip is around 15 kilometres and runs all the way on a solid surface of asphalt or gravel. The trip has not a distinct markings,... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Nature conservation.

Nature conservation. In order to keep the bushes and trees from overgrowing, a conservation plan has been established for the Beach Park. This means that some areas of buckthorn and rose hip are cleared. Other areas are cultivated with grazing animals in order to prevent overgrowth. On some of the salt meadows near where Lille Vejleå terminates... More

2. Jægersø

Especially during autumn and winter, Jægersø is the host to many resting waterbirds. Here you'll see large flocks of swans, tufted ducks, mergansers and coots.

Jægersø har især om efteråret og vinteren mange rastende andefugle. Her ses store flokke af blandt andet svaner, troldænder, skalleslugere og blishøns.

Arken - Museum of Modern Art is not only worth a visit because of the exibitions, but also as a monument in itself. The architect Søren Robert Lund has created a building reminiscent of a ship. Arken is open every day except Monday.

Arken - Museum for Moderne Kunst er ikke kun et besøg værd på grund af udstillingerne, men også som bygningsværk i ... More

4. Store Vejleå

Store Vejleå (Great Vejle river), is with its 12 kilometers one of the longest rivers in the former Copenhagen County. The meadows around the end are kept down with grazing animals. This creates good conditions for birdlife. Here you'll see flocks of greylag geese and in the winter also canada geese. Along the river there are herons all year round... More

5. The Blue Flag

The Blue Flag flies at several locations in the Beach Park as evidence of a clean and safe beach with information on water quality. Park your bike and enjoy water and sand. A view to the east reveals the contours of the Avedøre Power Plant and other large companies on the Avedøre islet.

Det Blå Flag vajer flere steder i Strandparken som bevis for... More

6. Natural playground

Natural Playground. A fine place to stop for the family with children. On the playground are climbing frames in solid wood and other challenges for the playful. Close by are some large granite stones with figures by sculptor Henry Heerup - see if you can figure out what they are!

Naturlegeplads. Et fint sted at gøre holdt for familien med... More

7. The islands in Holmesø

On the islands in Holmesø are some of the largest bird colonies in the Capital Region. In spring and early summer, there is ample opportunity to observe the teeming life on the islands from the trails. The most numerous breeding bird is black-headed gull. In some years more than 2,000 couples breed. There are also common gulls and the county's... More

8. The Western Moat

The Western Moat terminates into Holmesø. The moat is an important part of the 14 km long Western Moat, which was built 1888-1892. You can cycle along the the moat to Utterslev Bog.

Vestvoldkanalen har sit udløb i Holmesø. Kanalen indgår som en vigtig del af den 14 kilometer lange Vestvold, som blev anlagt 1888-1892. Man kan cykle langs... More

9. Infosigns about the landscape, plants and birds

10. Infosigns about the landscape, plants and birds

11. Infosigns about the landscape, plants and birds

12. Infosigns about the landscape, plants and birds

13. Infosigns about the landscape, plants and birds

14. Infosigns about the landscape, plants and birds

15. Infosigns about the landscape, plants and birds