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Hill Inlet and Whitehaven Beach View

Whitsunday Island hill walk to phone hill
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 2.4 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  This is a walk done on a yacht from www.CharterYachtsAustralia.com.au. Hire one today and check out the great sailing and walks the... more »

Tips:  Take camera, resonable footware, water and maybe something to much on at the top.

There is phone reception at the top of this walk.

... more »

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Points of Interest

1. On whitehaven and ready

The start, there are two options here walk around the inlet side of the beach to hill inlet then back to start of hill climb.


Walk through scrub bit straight to the start of the hill climb.

or climb hill and do walk around hill inlet beach back around.

2. Walking the 98% puree silica sand

Stop and look at the pure silica sand at about 98 % this was used to make the hubble space telescope lens.

3. Whitehaven beach desert ;)

Walking across beach on a bright summers day with a love.

4. Hill inlet top spot for a swim :)

On the inlet side walk into the water and if it is mid tide you will sink into the sand about 30cm. This will create bubbles from the sand like a bubble bath.

You will often see stingrays in the shallows here and they are safe and very shy. Also if the tide is right you will see lots of soldier crabs.

5. Close up of the stingrays !!

This is a stop where if the tide is above the mangroves you will see many stingrays. They bury themselves into the sand and sometimes you can only see there tails and magically they appear as you get near them.

6. The hill to walk up

This is the hill and rock face that you will be on when you walk up the hill.

There is a large grove of mangroves to the right that is impressive. Also these things are amaising since the roots filter nearly all the salt out of the water.

7. The start of the walk up the hill

This is the point of start. There are usually sticks stuck in the sand here but sometimes the get blown over or away. See keep an eye out for this spot. GPS is probally the best but a keen eye for the track will work to.

8. Ant lions these things catch ants

antlions are cool they make a trap so when an ant walks in the catch and eat it :) scary stuff.

Watch out there is an overhang of rocks here as you walk past so try not to tread on there traps. They are small indents in the sand.

9. Termite Ant nest

Microcerotermes spp are common arboreal termites found throughout tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

10. This is what you follow little piles of rocks

keep an eye out for these :) The track can be a little hard to follow at times so keep an eye out for small piles of rocks stacked ontop of each other. These form the track.

11. View spot halfway up...what a sight

Just of the track is a rocky point that offers a great little rest stop and the first impressive views down whitehaven beach and back over the entrance of hill inlet.

Carefull here there is a decent drop of the otherside of the rocks so be carefull.

Wow :)

12. a small climbing bit very easy though

There are some stepping over rocks so resonable shoes are recommended. Although not a difficult walk a moderate level of fitness is required.

13. Second lookout spot of whitehaven

This view is another great spot for a sit and watch the wind pass over the water and planes land at the beach. Perfect day :)

14. witchetty grub yum yum :)

you can eat these fellows :( i dont but you can. Tastes like almonds ? Aboriginals loved them for the protein content.

15. Amongst the grass trees

These are grass trees and are rather interesting things. Spread by fire, some species grow upto 600 years and aboriginals used them to make fire and there flower that grows out of them for spears. You can make a drink with the flowers to :) make a type glue and eat insects like witchetty grubs from the base.

16. The reward :)

17. Back at start of hill climb

From here can walk back around hill inlet way. Or follow track straight across sand wash and over onto whitehaven beach.

this is the entrance or exit depending on if you dont want to walk around hill inlet and go straight up the hill.

19. Avoid edges so dont damage dunes

these are corroding and cyclone did major damage be carefull and prevent errosion !!