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Melbourne: An Architectural Tour of the City

It's a young city, but Melbourne has more than enough artful design to impress even the most avid fans of architecture
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.3 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview :  OK, so we'll admit it. As a new-world metropolis (it was only founded in 1835) you're not going to be get the span of architectural... more »

Tips:  The only risk one takes in an architectural tour of Melbourne is orbital overload. There is a lot of walking so be sure to wear comfy ... more »

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Points of Interest

The Royal Exhibition Building is located just north of Melbourne's Central Business District. You can plot your route via the handy Melbourne Journey Planner or take the city's free tourist tram, which stops at the Melbourne Museum/Royal Exhibition Building (Victoria Parade stop).

This is perhaps the city's best-known architectural marvel. In... More

Catch the free city tram to Central Station (on La Trobe street). Walk south on Swanston Street for about 450 meters. Turn right onto Bourke Street for about 150 meters.

Walking into this old-world arcade you'd be forgiven for thinking you had just time-traveled into Victorian England.

Designed by Charles Webb (an influential 19th century... More

3. Collins Street: Manchester Unity Building & ANZ Gothic Bank

Take the Little Collins Street exit from Royal Arcade and walk west for about 300 meters until you come to Queen Street. Turn left on Queen Street and walk until you reach Collins Street (about 150 meters).

There are so many great buildings in Melbourne that sometimes it feels like for every one you see, you miss two more. Bourke street, Little ... More

Continue east on Collins Street for about 750 meters, then make a sharp right at Spring Street.

This is another of the Melbourne's architectural gems and it is considered by many to be the city's finest example of Victorian renaissance revival architecture. Adding to its allure is its architect, JJ Clark, who was only 19 years old when he... More

Return to Collins Street and walk west until you reach Exhibition Street, turn left and walk for about 130 meters until you come to Flinders and turn right.

Federation Square is the epicenter of action in Melbourne. It was designed by Lab Architecture Studio in partnership with local architectural firm Bates Smart. When the civic center opened in... More

Across the street is Flinders Station.

Known as one of Melbourne's most iconic images, Flinders Street (as it is colloquially known) is the city's transportation hub and a favorite meeting place for locals. The majestic Victorian marvel was designed by James Fawcett and H.P.C Ashworth of the Victorian Railways Department and completed in 1910.... More