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Stokes National Park

Picturesque estuary straddling Western Australia's southern coast

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
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Overview :  Stokes Inlet, in Stokes National Park, is one of the most picturesque and interesting estuaries along WA’s southern coast. The inlet... more »

Tips:  The best time to visit Stokes National Park is from spring to autumn. The main entrance is from Stokes Inlet Road, which is gravel... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Benwenerup Campground

Benwenerup Campground is nestled on the banks of Stokes Inlet and sheltered by the paperbark trees.

It is separate to the day use area and consists of 14 sites of various sizes, all suitable for caravans (one is a large pull-through site, and three will accommodate several caravans in one shared area). Facilities include toilets, camp kitchens... More

2. Stokes Inlet day use area

The day use area consists of two large camp kitchens with gas BBQ, picnic tables, food preparation area and sink with running water for washing up (this is rainwater and not suitable for drinking). There is also a toilet block and a boat ramp suitable for launching canoes or small dinghies.

A stairway provides access to an easy 1.5km walk trail ... More

3. Estuary mouth

The mouth of the estuary lies in the middle of Dunster Castle Bay. This is cut off from the sea by a high sand bar, which only breaks every few years, and then only for a few weeks. As a result, the salinity and water level of the estuary varies greatly with river flow and evaporation. Access to the estuary mouth via the 3.5 km walk trail is... More

4. Skippy Rock campground

Skippy Rock campground is only accessible by four-wheel drive.

The campground consists of nine sites. Amenities include a gas barbecue, picnic tables and toilets.

A national park entry fee of $11 per vehicle applies but no camping fees are payable at this campground. Bookings do not apply at this campground. It operates on a first come, first... More

5. Skippy Rock day use area

Skippy Rock is very popular for fishing and provides some spectacular coastal scenery. The day use area has a single gas barbecue and provides stairway access to the beach.

Please leave pets at home. Fox baits are routinely laid in the area. You may not light fires at any time of the year.

6. Shoal Cape

Shoal Cape is an attractive fishing and snorkelling spot only accessible by four-wheel drive vehicles. A toilet is provided.

Please leave pets at home. Fox baits are routinely laid in the area. You may not light fires at any time of the year.

7. Moir Homestead ruins

A short distance from the shores of Stokes Inlet lie the ruins of the Moir Homestead, consisting of roofless limestone walls. Visitors are welcome to visit the ruins but access via Fanny Cove Track is four-wheel drive only.

In 1873, Alexander and John Moir were granted a lease of 14,000 acres around Stokes Inlet, extended by 57,000 acres in 1888.... More

8. Fanny Cove

Fanny Cove campground is only accessible by four-wheel drive. Nestled in coastal heath and only metres from the beach, Fanny Cove is very popular for fishing and provides some spectacular coastal scenery.

There is a sheltered day use area with picnic tables adjacent to the campground. The camping area itself consists of four sites (suitable for... More