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Margaret River Pines

The Margaret River Pines are a really fun set of bermed singletrack trails that cry out to ridden over and over
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 9.321 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  The current trails were mainly development by the Margaret River Offroad Cycling Association (MRORCA) as part of the 2011 Cape to Cape... more »

Tips:  Ask on the MRORCA facebook page for latest trail conditions and for advise. They have regular club rides where anyone is welcome.

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Points of Interest

1. Green Up Trail

An easy, gentle up trail along the western side of the plantation. Starts from just by the "MRORCA Off the Grid" sign

2. Lilly Trail

A fast, flowing start to the trails. Crosses a couple of fire roads before climbing near the end.

3. Whoop Whoop

Pedal hard through the first few tight corners and then let the brakes off for a straight, fast descent with three nice kickers. Turn right at the bottom to head for other trails or go straight on over the Redbull gap jump if you dare...

4. The End

A fantastic little descent full of table top jumps (one memorable set of 3 in a row) and steep banked berms. This one will have you pedalling back up again to do it again.

5. Noodle Bowl

Mainly a link trail that takes you from the bottom of Whoop Whoop/The End back to the heart of the trail network EXCEPT for the Noodle Bowl itself - a near 360 degree descent which includes the two biggest berms in the forest - the second of which in particular - will spit you out at warp speed.

6. Brown Falcon

A swooping descent with a couple of small jumps

7. Bear Grylls

A twisting climbing trail that lacks real flow but does lead on to Double Espresso...

8. Double Espresso

Short, fast and lots of fun. Fast bermed corners will leave a huge grin.

9. Dirt Jumps

Use caution when riding through this area. These dirt jumps are changed on almost a daily basis. Some are very large.

10. Big Pine

The jewell in the crown of these great trails. Built in 2012 by MRORCA President Dave Willcox, this seriously fast and flowy trails has lots of influences from Rotorua in New Zealand. Turn left at the bottom for a short, steep climb up to do it again. And again.

11. Rock and Root

Tends to be a bit overgrown and much more old skool than other trails in the forest

12. Hoodies

A fast, tight descent all the way to the rail trail

13. Cowaramup Rail Trail

The Cowaramup Rail Trail runs from the south side of Margaret River to Cowaramup and used to be part of the longer Busselton - Flinders Bay Rail Trail. The total length is around 18km.

It can be used as a good way to loop back to Carters Rd, the parking lot or town from the end of Whoop Whoop or the Pine Tree Trail.

It is also a great ride... More

14. Car park

The nearest car park is just off of Carters Rd, slightly to the West of where the Rail Trail crosses. Alternatively park at the Rotary car park on the Bussell Hwy or cycle from town - it's not far.