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Lower Great Range

In this epic loop hike you will climb Sawteeth, Pyramid, Gothics, Armstrong, Upper and Lower Wolfjaw grabbing five 46ers
Rating: 3 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 17 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  This is one epic loop climb that will gain you five more 4,000 foot 46er peaks as well as Pyramid Peak on the way to Gothics. You'll ... more »

Tips:  St. Huberts Trailhead:
The parking area is just off of Rte 73 just 7.5 miles west from exit 30 off of I-87. You'll then need to walk... more »

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Points of Interest

1. St. Huberts Parking Lot

This parking lot is just off Rte 73 but you'll need to walk up the road towards teh lodge to meet up with the gated Lake Road into the mountains. Check out the scenery over the golf course as you go.

2. Lake Road Gate

You'll be following the lake road all the way to Lower Ausable Lake

3. Lower Ausable Lake

This is a great view south down Lower Ausable Lake with the Colvin and Blake Range towering above to the east. Look carefully and you may see Indian Head above to the east (rock face that looks like a Native American).

4. Rainbow Falls

There are wonderful views of this 150' tall waterfall on Cascade Brook.

5. Sawteeth Scenic Trail

This part of the trail from the north end of Lower Ausable Lake to the top of Sawteeth is the only part of this gps track that isn't precise but I've copied it as well as I could off a very detailed map. There is only one trail, it is well marked and it will take you directly to the top of Sawteeth. You will hacve spectacular views as you skirt... More

6. Sawteeth Summit

This 4,150 foot summit is the southernmost peak on this route and it's the only one that isn't directly on the Great Range.

7. Weld Trail Junction

Ignore the trail heading downhill called Weld Trail. This is the other way up that most people take, but hopefully from the views you had on the way up you'll agree the scenic trail was worth it.

8. Pyramid Peak

You are at 4,515 feet but because this summit doesn't have enough prominence from its neighbor Gothics it cannot be considered a seperate 46er peak.

9. Gothics Summit

This long broad summit offers amazing 360 degree views of all the surrounding high peaks. You'll be able to look down the broad slides of the western face as well.

10. Armstrong Mountain Summit

You are now at the top of this 4,445 foot mountain. There is a partially open summit here. The trail down from Armstrong towards Upper Wolfjaw is very steep (ladders) as it descends around cliffs and ledges so be careful.

11. Upper Wolfjaw Summit

You are now at the top of this 4,203 foot peak and there are many views from the summit of surrounding high peaks.

12. Lower Wolfjaw Summit

You are now on the final peak of this epic climb at 4,173 feet. The summit is wooded but there are views as you descend it.

13. Wedge Brook Trail Junction

Here you will start your descent.

14. East Branch Trail Junction

Here the Wedge Brook Trail meets the East Branch Trail. You will follow this trail on the opposite side of the Ausable River as the Lake Road you came in on. Near the end of the trail you will see signs to cross the river and exit out the Lake Road back to the St. Huberts parking lot.